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Nation’s or by its full name Nation’s Giant Hamburgers is a fast-food restaurant chain based in California operating largely in the San Francisco Bay Area. This diner chain is well known for its signature pies and creative hamburgers.

Nation’s is a perfect place for a lunch date with friends or for an evening out with your family. Also, this is an ideal place to grab a quick bite to eat. Customers love the take-out menu options, as well.

In the table below you will find the latest Nation’s menu prices, so you can get an idea about how much you should budget for dining there.

Item Size P+A1:C26rice

“The Giants”

Hamburger the original giant hamburger. $4.89
Bacon Cheeseburger 3 thick slices of bacon added! $6.99
Cheeseburger the original plus 2 thick cheese slices. $5.49
Grilled Chicken a large, lean fillet. $5.79
Harvester tasty meatless patty. add zesty pickle slices. $4.99
Wild Salmon wild alaskan salmon patty. $6.29


Bacon 3 thick slices. $1.99
Cheese 2 thick slices. $0.99
Ole 2 mild green chiles. $0.99


Bowl Of Chili rich & meaty. $2.99
Chili Fries always hit the spot. $4.49
Fries cooked in canola oil. $2.79

Filling Favorites

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato 4 thick bacon slices! $4.99
Chili Dog smothered in chili. $4.79
Chili Hamburger open-faced. a hamburger & chili lover’s delight. $6.19
Grilled Cheese with everything… there’s no other like it! $4.29
Grilled Ham & Cheese with everything… a hefty ham portion. $4.29
Hot Dog all-beef franks. $3.59

Thick Shakes & Beverages

Thick Shake vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, java. $3.49 – $4.39
Bottled Water $1.99
Coffee Blends $1.99
Hot Tea / Cocoa $1.89
Milk $1.69
Orange Juice $2.79
Soda / Iced Tea $2.59 – $2.99
Sundae $1.99

Brand history

Nation’s was founded in 1952 by Russ Harvey in San Pablo, California. He sold his 1948 Buick and purchased a six-stool hot dog stand. Eventually, he introduced burgers into the hot dog restaurant’s menu and focused on large portions. This decision proved to be very successful with the customers. So, the name of the restaurant was changed to “Harvey’s Giant Hamburger”.

In 1953 Russ opened another hamburger stand in San Pablo and for a short period of time a breakfast spot named “The Waffle Shop”.

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In 1961 Russ Harvey hired Dale Power as a janitor. He worked at Nation’s while he was studying at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1970 he managed to buy his first restaurant in the Jack London Square District, Oakland and talked to Russ about building their own restaurant chain together. Russ loved this idea and so they built the Nation’s business.

In 1974 homemade pies became a daily menu item and they are still popular even today, with 13 tasty flavors you can choose from.

In 1978 breakfast was offered for the first time at the Newark and San Pablo locations. Also, most of their restaurants offered breakfast all day long.

The famous sandwich Harvester was introduced into the Nation’s menu in 1991.

In 1994 Russ Harvey retired and Dale Power became the president of Nation’s Foodservice Inc.

Nowadays there are twenty-nine Nation’s restaurants located in the Greater Bay Area, Contra Costa County, and Alameda County.

Our review

Nation’s restaurants BurgerNation’s restaurants offer various breakfast, lunch, and dinner options you can choose from. Their burgers and pies are very appreciated by the customers.

You should be prepared to pay around $6 for a hamburger, while the cost of a cheeseburger is almost $7. The Bacon Cheeseburger is priced at $9 and their famous Harvester costs $6.

In case you want something lighter, you can order the Wild Salmon which costs around $8.5 or the Grilled Chicken which is priced at around $7.5.

The Filling Favorites cost anywhere between $4 and $8 and include bacon, lettuce & tomato, chili hamburger, chili dog, grilled ham & cheese, hot dog, and grilled cheese.

The Meal Makers include the Bowl of Chili, fries, and chili fries, and cost anywhere between $4 and $6.

If you want to add extra cheese and bacon to your meal, you should expect to pay another $1.25 to $3.

As for the beverages, you can choose between bottled water, Thick Shake (which comes in flavors such as java, vanilla strawberry, and chocolate), orange juice, sundae, cocoa, hot tea, iced tea, soda, coffee blends, and milk. You should budget anywhere between $2 and $5 for a beverage like these.

Nation’s restaurants FAQs

At what time does Nation’s Giant Hamburgers open?

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers opens Monday through Saturday at 6:00 a.m. Though it may vary from one location to another and it is recommended to visit the restaurant’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Nation’s Giant Hamburgers close?

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers closes every day at 12:00 a.m. But again, it depends on the location and day of the week. So, you should verify this information on their official website.

Where do Nation’s Giant Hamburgers restaurants get their pies from?

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers restaurants prepare their pies from scratch at their own bakeries.

What pies do Nation’s Giant Hamburgers have?

Some of the whole pies you can find at Nation’s Giant Hamburgers include the apple pie, the banana crème pie, the chocolate crème pie, the berry pie, the cheesecake with cherry topping pie, the cheesecake pie plain, the cheesecake with blueberry topping pie and the coconut crème pie.

Are Nation’s Giant Hamburgers restaurants franchised?

No, Nation’s Giant Hamburgers is proud to be a family-owned business since 1952 and they have plans to expand beyond Northern California.

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