NiacinMax Cost and Review

With NiacinMax, you will get the kind of performance that will leave you impressed. This supplement works by increasing your red cell production and enhancing the blood flow. This, in turn, maximizes the nutrient and oxygen delivery to the muscles, thereby leading to improved energy levels. Thus, you will find that fatigue is reduced to a large extent and you can reach your peak physical performance with ease. The supplement also enhances the levels of the human growth hormone levels by over 600% and as a result, the recovery phase of the workout is boosted. Fat burning and muscle growth are also enhanced, thereby ensuring that you are able to attain your desired physique at a much faster rate.

It increases the oxygen flow to the brain, due to which an improvement is brought about in the focus and concentration. Hence, faster reactions are enabled, and you can take decisions quickly during competitions. This gives you an edge over your competitors.

NiacinMax is a rapidly dissolving tongue strip that is infused with liposomal encapsulation technology that delivers up to 75mg of pure niacin directly into your bloodstream, thereby providing you with the niacin supplement which is fast-acting as well as powerful.

The advantage over the other options

NiacinMax provides you with an edge over other niacin supplements out there. Most of the conventional supplements are available in the form of pills, powders, and liquids. These have poor bioavailability and as a result, they are not absorbed efficiently into the blood. The supplements have to pass through the digestive system before they can enter the bloodstream and reach the cells. However, more than 90% of the supplement fails to reach the bloodstream because it is destroyed by the acids in the digestive system. Hence, you fail to acquire the full benefits that niacin is capable of providing you with. This is not a problem that you would have to face with NiacinMax. This supplement avoids the digestive system completely. The thin strip is dissolved rapidly under your tongue, which then releases 75mg of niacin straight into your bloodstream. Since it is bio-structured with liposomes, you will find that it is protected until it reaches your cells. Hence, there is no reason to worry about the acids affecting it. Thanks to this targeted and shielded delivery system, NiacinMax has a higher bioavailability than any other option out there and you will get the most of the niacin with this supplement.

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There are quite a few benefits that you stand to attain if it is NiacinMax that you make use of. For one thing, you can take it anywhere without any liquid, which provides you with a lot of ease and convenience. It is fast-acting as it is absorbed within minutes, thereby ensuring that you do not have to wait long for the results. You get 75mg of niacin in a single strip. It has a pleasant citrus taste, which ensures that you do not have to compromise on your taste to avail of the benefits of niacin. It does not have any side effects, so you can give it a try without having to worry about any risk.

The Ingredients

The Niacin Max product contains just one ingredient, and that’s pure Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin. The strip that you have to melt in your mouth contains 75 milligrams of this vitamin. The new technology used, called liposomal encapsulation, is one of the factors that make this product better than anything else on the market. This, combined with this great delivery system make the product be more effective than higher doses of pills of the same vitamin. Although this is a great product, featuring some amazing results, you must follow all written instructions for using it if you want to get all the positive results you’re looking for.

Cost of NiacinMax

You will find that NiacinMax is the most cost-effective niacin supplement available in the market. One strip is equivalent to 45 ordinary 45mg pills. Hence, you will be able to save a lot of money if it is Niacin Max that you make use of.

Furthermore, NiacinMax also comes with a money-back guarantee. The people behind it have full faith in the product that they have manufactured, which is why NiacinMax comes with a money-back guarantee within 67 days. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can send the NiacinMax that you did not use along with the original packaging within 67 days of purchase and you will get a full refund barring the shipping charges that you had paid.

If you visit their official website, 30 strips of Niacin Max can be purchased at the cost of $31.6. The retail price for the same is $42.5. You can buy 60 strips for $65.4 with the retail price being $130.8. With this package, you will also get 30 strips free of cost. 90 strips can be purchased at the cost of $98.2 with the retail price being $218.16. You will also get 60 strips free of cost in this case.

order nowThis is a great product, but to ensure that you get the real deal it’s always a great idea to buy NiacinMax from their official website. This way you will be sure you get the real product with the right components and at the smallest price.

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