Nothing Bundt Cakes Cost

Nothing Bundt Cakes Cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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Nothing Bundt Cakes was first established by Mara Fortin, who had a vision for the best bundt cakes in San Diego. While Mary Fortin may have been the one to open up Nothing Bundt Cake’s franchise there, she took her ideas from Dena Tripp and Debra Schwetz-the original founders of this iconic brand, which started out as an idea with recipes borrowed from their mothers’ kitchens.

How much does Nothing Bundt Cakes cost?

The cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes are always priced differently depending on what you want to buy. A mini-cake can be as cheap as $3.99, but a larger decorated tiered bundt cake could cost upwards of $67. For more precise pricing and information about ordering make sure to check their official website.

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You can also check out our table below for average prices you might stumble upon at your local franchise:

Type of Cake Average Price
Mini-cakes (Bundtlets) $4
Dozen Bundtlets $47
8-inch cake (8–10 servings) $21 frosted in a bakery box

$30 decorated

10-inch Cake (18–20 servings) $31 frosted in a bakery box
$40 decorated
Tiered Bundt Cake (an 8-inch cake over a 10-inch cake). $67
Bite-sized Bundtinis $18.75 per dozen
Bundtlet towers $6 for one
$10 for two
$15 for three

Keep in mind that these are only the average prices. As you might notice yourself, all locations will have their own prices, but usually, they will be very close to the ones we have gathered in our table.

The Nothing Bundt Cakes located in Sherman Oaks, CA, as an example, offers individual serving cakes for $3.99 and larger size bundts at a cost as high as $69, and as low as $21. There will be some differences within pricing depending on the location you visit but most of them should follow this pattern.

Details on Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt CakesNothing Bundt Cakes is your one-stop-shop for everything cake. They offer the following items: bite-sized bundtinis, a single serving bundlet, bundlet tower (a display of three or more cakes on stacked tiers), 8-inch cake, 10-inch cake, and tiered cakes to fit all occasions. In addition, they also sell party accessories such as balloons and gift baskets which make any celebration that much sweeter.

Ordering a cake is easy and you can do it by phone, online, or in person. Bundt cakes are an old-fashioned favorite that has come back to popularity recently because of how versatile they are for any occasion from birthdays to weddings.

With 10 regular flavors to choose from, like lemon, red velvet, chocolate, and more and special flavor variations on the menu such as lemon raspberry, there is a little something for everyone at this bakery.

The bakery will top all of its cakes with a generous swirl of cream cheese frosting and they are also adorned by crème cheese icing fingers that drip down the cake. All these bundt cakes come in an elegant white box, tied up with yellow ribbon.

Any extra costs to consider?

A theme bundt cake is a very special treat for any occasion. It will have an elaborate center, as well as other themed items and a card to make the package complete. These cakes are wrapped in cellophane before they leave the store and cost more than what you see on this table above. For example, An 8-inch Bundt Cake with one of three themes can range from $29-$34 while 10-inch ones may go up to $39 or higher.

Important tips to remember

Bundt cakes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are more expensive than others depending on where you buy them from, but they’re all worth the price because of how delicious each one tastes. You can see a photo gallery either online or in physical form, in each of their bakeries, showing off some of their best cakes.

Monday through Friday the bakery is open from 10 am to 7 pm; Saturdays are available starting at10 am with a closing time of 5 pm.; Sundays Nothing Bundts opens up for business between 11 am-4 pm.

Is there any way to spend less?

Nothing Bundt Cakes offers great deals on delicious bundts, and you can even find coupons for them online. Join the official eClub to receive exclusive discounts.

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