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Ocumetics Bionic Lens Cost

Ocumetics Bionic Lens

The Ocumetics™ technology Corporation is on a mission to provide the world with an intraocular lens that will restore your eyesight at any distance. With their unique, patented design and promising results in clinical trials, they may have already achieved this goal.

The corporation is developing an advanced intraocular lens, known as the Bionic Lens™ that will restore clear vision at any and all distances without needing to use contact lenses or eyeglasses. The company’s research team hopes this new technology can prevent many of the common visual problems associated with current accommodative and multifocal designs by using a uniquely biocompatible material that mimics natural eye anatomy for improved comfort.

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To date, the Bionic Lens™ is a trademark that applies to an array of patented intraocular lens designs. The lenses are able to auto-regulate themselves inside your eye so they can focus at various ranges – such as distance, intermediate, and near distances.

The cost of the Ocumetics bionic lens

At the time of this writing, it’s believed that if all goes well with clinical testing and FDA approval, they may be able to release their innovative lens in a few years. Early adopters will have to pay about $3200 per eye for one pair excluding surgery costs, which are estimated at an average price of around $3000 each. It is projected that when these lenses hit the shelves, without insurance coverage, we could see prices as high as close to $6,000 per eye due largely because using cataract surgery technique would raise costs substantially over traditional LASIK or PRK procedures.

The cost of the lens is not yet known, so we are estimating based on what other publications have reported. Once it’s available to buy, we can talk to some customers, and their customer service team can answer questions about the price for us, then we will update this post accordingly.

The price for your procedure can vary depending on where it takes place and who is performing it – but there are other factors that may affect this as well. For instance, complications will sometimes result in an exponential rise in costs.

What is the Ocumetics™ bionic lens?

Ocumetics Bionic Lens CostThe Ocumetics™ bionic lens is essentially a dynamic lens that can be implanted via cataract surgery and restore your vision at all distances, without any contact lenses or eyeglasses needed. It achieves this by restructuring the light with high-quality optics to correct for visual impairment. This groundbreaking lens will be able to auto-regulate within the eye, using its muscles to help change the natural curvature of our eyes’ lenses. This is responsible for helping it focus at different ranges. In addition, since this lens uses a fraction of energy as compared to our body’s own lens and requires 1/100th effort from patients when focusing – they won’t have any worries about eye strains.

The lenses are designed to make your eyesight three times better than 20/20 vision. They allow you to see at greater distances with a clear, sharp image that is well beyond what the natural eye can do on its own. As BigThink puts it, this lens allows you to look at a sliver inside of your finger and be able to get all the cellular detail.

The technology in this lens system is so advanced that it’s possible to add additional components to the lens at a later date. For example, you may be able to install a projection system inside of the lens which would allow for your phone screen’s resolution when focused on an object or person without disrupting its surrounding environment.

The procedure will be a painless and quick one, taking only about eight minutes. The Tech Times reports that you’ll never have to worry about an overnight stay in the hospital or anesthesia for this surgery.

The procedure is like cataract surgery, where the lens can be implanted into your eye by replacing the natural lens with an artificial one. Placed in less than 10 seconds using a saline solution-filled syringe, this new folded-up lens folds over and fits nicely inside of your eyeball as it’s inserted.

Important tips to remember

This lens will not be able to help people with cloudy corneas, color-blindness, severe macular degeneration, or a torn/damaged optic nerve.

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