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How Much Does Office Trailer Rental Cost?

Last Updated on February 5, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Renting an office trailer can provide convenient and flexible temporary workspace on a construction site, for a special event, or to supplement an existing office building.

But how much does it actually cost to rent one of these portable modular office units? The price can vary quite a bit based on the size and features of the trailer, rental duration, delivery fees, and other factors.

This article will break down the typical costs associated with office trailer rentals to help you budget for your temporary office needs.

Renting an office trailer offers businesses, organizations, and contractors an affordable and customizable temporary office solution. Trailers like construction site office units and modular office buildings allow you to quickly set up functional workspace almost anywhere. But rental costs can add up, so it’s important to understand what impacts the price.

How Much Does Office Trailer Rental Cost?

The average monthly rental cost for an office trailer ranges from $150 for a basic 8′ x 20′ construction site trailer to $2,500+ for a large customized modular office building. Generally, here are the price ranges you can expect:

  • Construction office trailers – $150 to $1,200 monthly
  • Portable site office trailers – $400 to $1,500 monthly
  • Modular office buildings – $1,200 to $2,500+ monthly

Short-term rentals for just a week or a month often cost more on a pro-rated daily or weekly basis. Long-term leasing for a year or longer typically offers lower monthly rates. The duration of your rental agreement can significantly impact the overall cost.

Renting an office trailer provides a flexible, fast temporary office solution without the hassle and long-term commitment of leasing traditional commercial space. But there are many factors that influence the rental price you’ll pay. lists the following prices:

  • 10′ mobile office rental: $300 every 4 weeks + delivery.
  • 20′ mobile office rental: $220 to $400 per month + delivery.
  • 20′ office trailer with bathroom rental: $400 to $800 per month + delivery.
  • 40′ office trailer with bathroom rental: $600 to $1,200 per month + delivery.

According to Mobile Modular, the cost of renting an office trailer varies based on the size, location, and duration of the rental. Single-wide portable office trailer rentals are available in standard floorplans, with prices ranging from $300 to $900 per month.

WillScot offers a range of portable office trailers for rent, with prices varying based on the size and features of the trailer. Here are some examples:

  • 20′ x 8′ office trailer rental: $350 to $500 per month.
  • 24′ x 8′ office trailer rental: $400 to $600 per month.
  • 30′ x 8′ office trailer rental: $500 to $700 per month.
  • 32′ x 8′ combo office/storage trailer rental: $600 to $800 per month. 

What Affects the Rental Cost?

The exact monthly or weekly cost to rent an office trailer depends on several key factors:

Size, Features, and Customization

Larger office trailers with more amenities and upgrades cost more to rent. Simple construction site trailers tend to have the lowest rates, while customized modular office buildings with high-end interiors and features have the highest. Optional add-ons like furniture, storage, restrooms, and tech can add to the monthly rate too.

Rental Duration

Short-term office trailer rentals for a week or month have higher daily or weekly rates. But you can save with lower monthly rates on long-term leases of a year or longer. Longer rental terms tend to offer the best value.

Location and Delivery

Where the unit will be installed and delivery costs also affects pricing. Trailers in high-demand urban areas tend to have higher rates. And any required long-distance transportation and professional delivery charges add to the total rental cost.

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Setup, Utility Hookups, and Site Prep

Some providers include basic setup and installation. But any electrical, plumbing, internet cabling, or extensive site preparation needed will involve additional fees. These utility hookup and setup costs can really add up.

Additional Office Trailer Rental Fees

Aside from the base rental rate, office trailer leases often involve extra mandatory fees for things like:

  • Security deposit – Typically 1-2 months’ rent
  • Insurance costs – Either your own policy or one through the provider
  • Maintenance fees – For any repairs, cleaning, snow removal, etc.
  • Accessibility compliance – ADA ramp installation, parking upgrades, etc.

When comparing rental providers, clarify exactly what fees are included and which are extra. Get a complete cost breakdown before signing a rental agreement.

Choosing the Right Office Trailer

Office Trailer InsideTo get the features you want at a price you can afford, focus on choosing the right type and size of trailer. Consider:

  • Your specific workspace needs – Number of staff, amenities wanted, tech needs, etc.
  • Expected rental duration – Short-term or long-term
  • Accessibility requirements – Ramps, restrooms, parking, etc.
  • Utility hookup needs – Electricity, plumbing, internet, etc.

Ask potential rental providers detailed questions about all pricing factors – especially fees that may not be obvious upfront. And inspect any available photos, floorplans, and amenity listings closely to ensure the trailer fits your business needs.

Final Words

While renting an office trailer can provide an affordable temporary workspace solution, the total cost involves more than just the monthly rental rate.

Carefully factor in additional fees for delivery, setup, customization, utilities, insurance, maintenance, and any required accessibility modifications. Being informed upfront ensures there won’t be any surprises when you rent a mobile office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile office trailer?

A mobile office trailer is a portable, standalone workspace that can be towed to a location and quickly set up. These modular units go by names like construction trailers, site offices, and portable offices. They provide a flexible temporary office space option. Mobile office trailers can serve as:

  • A construction site office
  • Temporary office space when a company is relocating or renovating
  • A supplemental workspace during busy seasons
  • An event registration office

Office trailers are available in a range of sizes from small 8′ x 20′ units up to large customized modular buildings over 50′ long. They can be outfitted with amenities like furniture, lighting, restrooms, storage, and tech capabilities.

How much does an office trailer weigh?

The weight of an office trailer varies based on its size and construction materials, but a typical single-wide portable unit weighs between 5,000-10,000 lbs empty. For example, a common 10′ x 40′ office trailer can weigh approximately 8,000 to 9,000 lbs without any interior furnishings or equipment inside.

Larger office trailers and multi-section modular buildings weigh more, sometimes up to 50,000 lbs when fully loaded and equipped. The manufacturer provides maximum load capacity specs to ensure proper towing by a heavy-duty truck and safe installation on a level site. Weight is an important consideration when renting and transporting an office trailer.

What is the width of an office trailer?

Standard office trailers range from 8′ to 14′ wide, with 8′, 10′ and 12′ widths being the most common. Here are some typical exterior width dimensions:

  • 8′ wide office trailers – 92-96 inches
  • 10′ wide units – 116-120 inches
  • 12′ wide units – 140-144 inches
  • 14′ wide units – 164-168 inches

So a 10′ x 20′ single-wide office trailer will measure about 10′ tall x 10′ wide x 20′ long. The width has to conform to road transport regulations. Multi-section modular buildings can be expanded to 24′ wide or more by joining additional units side-by-side.

The interior width is slightly less, since the walls and insulation take up some space. Always verify the interior dimensions with the office trailer rental company if space is a concern.

The width also impacts what type and quantity of furnishings and equipment can be accommodated inside. Some mobile offices are made in double-wide trailers.

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