Palm Reading Cost

Palm Reading Cost

Last Updated on December 28, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Palm reading is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries. Palm readers believe there are many symbols in the lines on your hands and each person’s hand tells a different story about their life, love, career, health, or any other area of concern you have! Palm reading is also called palmistry.

How much does a palm reading cost?

A palm reading will usually cost anywhere between $1 and $25 per minute, depending on how popular the palm reader is. To get a general idea, get ready to spend anywhere from $40 to $70 or more for half an hour of reading, or almost double this price if you’re getting an hour’s worth of reading.

Celebrities and those palm readers seen on television have the privilege of charging much more than others, with rates usually at $700 per hour or higher. However, their reputation, as well as experience, will determine if they are worth it to be doing this full-time.

Finding a palm reader that meets your needs, whether it be for their rates or skills can often come with hefty prices. Looking for palm readers online will get you to the conclusion that most will charge anywhere between $1 and $6 per minute. If you’re looking to find someone who charges less than the average person, AskNow’s (a popular online palm reading website) $10 per session might work out nice for you.

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Palm readings can range from free to $800 or more, but most psychic mediums charge about $120 an hour for a session, according to

Details on palm readings

Palm reading is a fascinating art that captures your innermost self. A palm reader will cover the basics about you and then decipher what’s going on with finances, health, symbols – all to tell you more about yourself. Some readers might include extra information while others won’t; before they start though, if they don’t ask, you should tell them exactly what you want them to talk about. Is it the financial area? health? love? The palm reading session will then be tailored to your needs.

Palm DetailsThe lines and shapes of your hands and fingers, the color of your skin, how big or small the hands are, all tell an expert palmist what kind of personality type they’re dealing with. It’s also common for them to study where certain calluses appear on one’s hands as well as other features such as knuckles size and shape in order to determine things like health status or even occupation aptitude based on these factors alone.

The vast majority of schools have hand shapes that signify your personality traits.
The four most common shapes are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. The qualities associated with these types sometimes include intelligence (Earth), creativity (Air), emotional stability (Water), and independence or spontaneity/self-reliance (Fire).

The lines found on the palm are one of the most important features to be analyzed by a professional. These lines will include heart, life, and head-lines which have different meanings for each person depending on their lifestyle or personality. The first line that is examined during this reading is usually your love/heart line, which can signify how you perceive relationships in general as well as what to expect from future partnerships. This key feature can also determine whether or not you’re looking for companionship now. You will find this line on top of your palm, just under your fingers.

Some people consider the life line to be one of the most controversial lines on a person’s hand. The life line is often found at about an inch or so from where your thumb meets your palm and it travels like an arc just below that point. This particular part of our hand can indicate how healthy we are, what major changes have taken place in our lives (either good or bad), and lots more personal things such as injuries sustained during our lifetime.

The head line is found at the end of a palm, just underneath your pointer finger and slides beyond to the outer edges. Oftentimes, this line joins with the other called “the heart line” because belief says that it correlates with how one’s mind works.

There are many lines for palm reading, but the most common ones include the sun line and the Girdle of Venus. The two connect at your wrist. There are also union lines that show how much love is in a relationship; mercury lines which help reveal someone’s natural sense with money – and don’t forget about travel and Apollo Lines too.

Palm readers can read more than just your hand. They can also tell what your child’s future may be like by reading their palm, or they could even help you figure out who is the best person for you to marry based on how compatible with each other both of your hands are.

Important things to consider

Skeptics often doubt whether palmistry can be done without resorting to “cold reading,” but there are many ways in which people have proven they’re capable of predicting someone’s future just from studying their hands.

Being one of the most popular palm readers, John Edwards has been said to have a waiting list, with people lining up for eight years before they can see him.

Is there any way to spend less?

Get in-depth palm reading knowledge with books that teach you how to read your own palms and the ones of others and you will save by doing everything yourself.

With most services, you get what you pay for. When it comes to palm readings though, higher prices won’t reflect a higher quality; that’s the conclusion of Psychic Readings Guide after talking with celebrities and lower-priced psychics alike. they once paid $700 to talk with one celebrity medium but didn’t seem to be worth it in terms of the readings that they received.

Some newbies in the field might want to read your palm free. They do this because they’re still learning and would like some practice before people will pay them for a reading. gives out a simple 5-minute hand reading for free.

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