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Pamela Anderson’s Net Worth

Pamela Anderson Net Worth

Pamela Anderson is a Canadian-American actress, model, author, and producer. Anderson is best known for the films “Home Improvement”, “Baywatch”, as well as “V.I.P.”. For a while, she was also known as Pamela Anderson Lee or Pamela Lee. This was the case after her marriage to Tommy Lee. Pamela Denise has dual citizenship, both Canadian and American.

What is Pamela Anderson’s net worth?

At the time this article is written, the Canadian-American actress and former showgirl, Pamela Anderson has a net worth of $20 million.

Key facts

  • Pamela Anderson did not earn any money off her outrageous adult home movie
  • She earned $300,000 per episode at the peak of “Baywatch”, which resulted in $6.6. million per episode
  • She earned $12 million per each “Baywatch” season, after adjusting for inflation
  • Pamela bought a house in Malibu for $1.8 million in 2000 and she spent $8 million on renovations
  • She rented the house for many years for $50,000 per month
  • In 2021 Pamela sold her home for $11.8 million

Childhood and teenage

Pamela Denise Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada on July 1, 1967. Her family has Finnish roots. Pamela’s great-grandfather is a Finn who arrived in Canada in 1908. His original name was Juho Hyytiainen, but he later decided to change it to a version that was easier for Canadians to remember, so he chose the Anderson option. As for Pamela, she does not come from a family with an artistic background. Her mother, Carol, was a waitress, while her father, Barry, repaired ovens.

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Ever since she was a teenager, Pamela Anderson loved to have an active life, so she played sports. She was a member of the volleyball team while studying at Highland Secondary School in Comox. Then, after graduation, Pamela worked as a fitness instructor in the 80s until she became famous.


Pamela Anderson became famous thanks to a series of happy circumstances. In 1989, when she was 22, she was attending a CFL game at BC Place. She was filmed with a camera playing scenes from the stands and putting them on the table before the match started. The moment she appeared on the screen, Pamela was applauded, and the organizers even invited her to the field. Then she was also noticed by the Canadian beer company Labatt, which offered her an image contract on the spot. Thus began her rise.

Before becoming famous around the world, Pamela decided to have breast augmentation surgery. Over time, she gradually changed her look, from makeup and clothes to other cosmetic surgeries.

This ended up making Anderson have a completely different look, much more relaxed. In the images from the early 90s, Pamela often appears dressed in t-shirts and comfortable pants. Her blonde hair, which has become a well-known feature, was left loose and the star often opted for more natural makeup.

“Home Improvement” is the first series in which she appeared consistently. Since 1991, Pamela Anderson had a small role in this sitcom. She could be seen in 23 episodes until she decided to quit. She made this decision because she got an offer to appear in the series Baywatch. Between 1992 and 1997, she starred in 76 episodes of “Baywatch”, a series that marked her career. Her name was always attached to this production, which is why in 2017, when the “Baywatch” movie came out, she received an invitation and starred in it as well.

Her career with Playboy magazine lasted 20 years (1989–2009) and she appeared in more editions than anyone else.

Baywatch salary

Pamela Anderson made $300,000 for each “Baywatch” episode, which means around $6.6 million per season.

Personal life

Pamela Anderson CloseupAt the end of January 2022, Pamela Anderson and her husband, Dan Hayhurst, announced that they were divorcing after a year of marriage. The two decided to unite their destinies on Christmas Eve 2020. She was previously married to Tommy Lee, then married and divorced Kid Rock. The star then married Rick Salomon twice, the first time in 2007, which ended in an annulment, and again in 2013.

Pamela Anderson loves to have fun, and one of the ways she does it is at casinos. The actress was often seen in casinos playing at slot machines.

She is vegan and fights for animal rights. Pamela made this decision after seeing her father in action, who was passionate about hunting. She later became a vegetarian and then a vegan. In addition, Pamela supports animal rights and has participated in several events of this kind.

Although she played a lifeguard in “Baywatch”, Pamela Anderson stated that she does not like swimming. Even so, she made this sacrifice and loved the role in Baywatch. Furthermore, she revealed that she still has the original lifeguard outfit from the TV production.

Pamela Anderson Foundation

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson launched her own charity foundation in 2014, after years of campaigning for animal rights and other environmental issues.

Pamela Anderson has been a longtime supporter of several charitable organizations, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), but also of some ecological foundations. The actress went to France to launch her charity foundation during the famous Cannes International Film Festival, where she hosted a special event to mark the launch of The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

Real estate

Pamela Anderson bought a house in Malibu for $1.8 million in 2000. She spent another $8 million on renovations and improvements.

In March 2013 Pamela listed her house for sale for $7.75 million but didn’t find a buyer, so she decided to rent it for $50,000 per month.

In 2021 she listed her $14.9 million Malibu house for again for sale but sold it for $11.8 million.

Pamela also owns a six-acre waterfront property in Canada, on Vancouver Island.

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