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How Much Does a Panda Dog Cost?

Last Updated on May 31, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The panda dog has taken Japan with full force and it has a really interesting story about its origins. But first, you should know that there isn’t a particular “panda dog breed”. Instead, a panda dog is basically any toy dog that had its fur dyed so that it has a color that matches that of a panda bear.

It was in 2005 that an abandoned dog known as Colombo was first adopted by Kensuke Hirakawa. He was a popular beauty consultant and animal shopkeeper. He chose to improve Colombo’s looks, unknowingly creating the panda dog trend, which is currently in high demand.

He made the pet dog look more like a panda bear, using hair color that was safe for dogs. As it was very unusual, the trend was rapidly picked up by many people and it soon spread all around the world. When it comes to the price of a panda dog, this will likely vary based on several factors, including the breed of dog that you have colored, its age, and the breeder.

How much does a Panda dog cost?

As you can apply the panda dog style to basically any dogs that have longer “poofy” fur, and especially to toy breeds, the cost of a panda dog is somewhere between $600 and $2,000 and will depend on the type of dog you get.

The Maltese is one of the popular breeds that most dog lovers want to turn into a panda, and the cost of a Maltese pup that has been dyed in this way is between $600 and $1,000.
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The poodle is another very popular type that people like to turn into a panda dog. The price of a poodle panda will be between $600 and $1,500.

The Tibetan Mastiff and the Chow Chow breeds are among the most common dogs to be turned into panda dogs in China due to their uncanny resemblance to the panda bear.

Depending on the quality of the pet, the Tibetan Mastiff can cost $2,500 or more per puppy, while Chow chow dogs are cheaper, costing just around $700 and $1,000 per pup. Their cost will depend on factors like your geographical location, the breeder, and the appearance of the dog.

The website PetHelpful has an article about this, in which it notes that you can find panda dogs for anywhere between just $600 and $1,300 or more. Keep in mind that, as stated above, there is no Panda dog breed, as it’s more about pet owners dyeing the dog’s coat, which is a style novelty.

Panda dog details

The cost of a panda look can be split into the price of the dog and the fee of the specialized breeder that will dye the dog, or you can look for a seller that will sell the dogs with this look already added.

If the dye has to be applied after the adoption of the pet, then the pup will have to be washed 24 hours before the procedure.

After it has been washed, the coat will have to be laced with Vaseline in all places that you don’t want to have dyed. After this is done, the dye will have to be applied in shapes and markings directly on the areas that need to be colored.

The dye won’t be removed right then and there. Instead, you will have to wait for it to dry out. While it is drying, the dog will have to wear a cone that prevents it from licking the dyed areas. As a final process, the coat will have to be washed after the dye has dried.

When you purchase this particular type of dog, regardless of its breed, you should also get from the breeder up-to-date vaccinations, a health guarantee, and necessary medical and registration paperwork.

What are the extra costs?

If you only buy the dog without this iconic panda look on it and want to give it the design yourself, you will still have to buy a dog-safe hair dye to color the fur of the dog and turn it into a panda dog. You will be able to purchase hair dye for around $25 to $65 per bottle.

If you don’t want to try a DIY project and you want a professional to give the dog the panda look instead, then you will have to visit a dog salon. An appointment at the salon for this procedure will usually cost somewhere between $80 and $400, depending on the services needed and the size of your dog.

Important things to consider

Panda Dog From Chow ChowJust like in the case of humans, there are dyes that contain toxic chemicals. These will irritate the dog’s eyes or skin. There are also dogs that develop allergic reactions, severe itching, or even pain. If you know you have a sensitive dog or one that has already damaged skin, then it would probably be a lot better to avoid using dye.

Some dogs have a really hard time going through the process of having their fur dyed, and some will become overwhelmed or even growl. This leads to a lot of stress not only for the professional grooming it but for the dog as well. This is surely not a process for your dog if it is the type that doesn’t like to take baths or washes in general.

How can I save money?

Turning your dog into a panda dog is not always necessary.  Try to appreciate the look of your dog as they have natural charms that will please you even without the additional layer of design painted onto them.

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