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Panda Dog Cost

Panda Dog Cost

A panda dog is any type of toy dog whose hair has actually been dyed so that the color of its fur looks like that of a panda bear. This kind of pet has actually taken Japan by storm and its origins can’t be more interesting.

The panda dog trend started in 2005 when an abandoned pet dog by the name of Colombo was taken in by Kensuke Hirakawa, a former beauty consultant and animal shopkeeper, who chose to make Colombo look better. He made use of pup safe hair color to make the pet dog look more like a panda bear. This unusual trend caught on rapidly and has actually spread out all over the world ever since. The cost of a panda dog will depend upon the type of dog that you have actually colored, the breeder, and its age.

With all of this being said and done, there is no such thing as a “panda dog breed”.

Just how much does a pet Panda dog cost?

Considering that the panda dog style can be applied to almost all toy breeds or any dogs with longer “poofy” fur, the cost for panda dogs is typically based upon the actual breed before anything else. Among the most popular breeds that you can acquire is the Maltese, which can cost anywhere from $500 to $900.

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Another kind of dog that can be made to look like a panda dog is the poodle, which can cost approximately $500 to $1,300.

Because of its exceptional similarity to the panda bear, the chow chow and the Tibetan mastiff, which are typically used to be made into panda dogs in China, are among the most popular pets to take part in this trend. Chow chows can be bought for $650 to $975, depending upon the pureness of the breed, its breeder, and the geographical location where you get it from. A Tibetan mastiff, depending upon the quality, might cost upwards of $2,500 per young puppy.

According to the site PetHelpful, the expense for this type of dog can vary anywhere from $600 to as much as $1,300. As specified above, the Panda dog actually isn’t a genuine breed of dog, however, instead, it’s more of a novelty where family pet owners will color their pet’s coat.

Panda dog details

Depending upon the seller, they might offer the pet dogs for sale with the look already done. If the design of the “panda” isn’t added, a specialized breeder/person can color the pet for an extra charge.

The procedure will mean cleaning your pet 24 hours before the color is added. As soon as the dog is cleaned, the pet dog’s coat will be laced with Vaseline in locations that will not be colored. As soon as it is done, the color will be added in shapes, typically a bigger oval, on the spots you wish to have colored. The color will be left to dry, and usually, the dog will have to wear a cone to prevent them from licking the colored locations. As soon as the color has dried, the coat will be cleaned and the process will be done.

Buying this kind of dog, no matter the type or breed, from a breeder must come with all the needed medical documents, registration, health insurance, and current date vaccinations. If the pet is registered with any known organization, this would also be included.

What are the expected additional expenses?

When you purchase a dog that does not have a panda color mix on them yet, you can purchase a dog safe hair dye to color the pet’s fur and turn it into a panda dog. The hair color can be acquired for $20 to $40 per bottle. If you need a specialist to apply the panda colors, you will need to bring them to a dog beauty salon. Here, the services can vary from $80 to $350 depending upon the size of the pet dog and the professional supplying the color.

Tips to know

Panda Dog From Chow ChowJust like any other dyes, some can have harmful chemicals and can lead to inflammation if exposed to your pet’s skin or eyes. Some pet dogs might also show signs of an allergy, discomfort, or serious itching. If your dog has any delicate or damaged skin, it’s extremely recommended you try to avoid utilizing hair dye.

To some pets, the procedure of having their fur colored can be problematic, and in fact, some might growl or become pretty overwhelmed, resulting in a great deal of tension for the dog. If your dog does not like baths or any sort of normal washes, this process should be avoided as much as possible.

How can you save some money?

Turning your pet into a panda dog is not a must. You should try to appreciate the way your pet dog looks as they have a natural charm that will please you even without the extra layer of color painted onto them.

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