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The secret of perfect curls

No matter how hard you wish to have your hair full of curls, sometimes you quit before you begin. Most people say that it’s exhausting, complicated and usually an unsatisfactory result if you weren’t born with a talent in handling it. This is only a preconceived idea because, in reality, you can learn to make your perfect curls. Find out the secrets of curling irons and how you can get the desired curls home.

First of all estimate the realistic time you’ll need for the entire operation. It should take between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your hair length and texture.

To get perfect curls with a curling iron you must choose its diameter depending on the results you want to get. If you want loose curls, the best curling iron for you is one with a diameter between 3 and 5 cm. For smaller and better-defined curls, choose a curling iron with a diameter between 2 and 2.5 cm. Plus, if you have very long hair you have to wrap it several times around the curling iron. You’ll really get more curls, but you’ll lose time.

Temperature is another important factor for your hair. Fragile or dyed hair shouldn’t be curled at a temperature higher than 90 C. If you have healthy hair, with thick hair-breadth, you can use curling iron up to 150 C.

The material the curling hair is made of is also important. The best ones are ceramic curling irons, but they cost more. Chrome is the simplest and cheapest, but you can burn your hair.

How to prepare your hair

Never use a curling iron on wet or damp hair. Always dry it well before you start waving it. You can use a spray for volume and one to protect hair from heat.

How to get fluid curls

Large and fluid curls, a very popular summer look is obtained by dividing the hair into large sections, with the base 5 cm.

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For soft curls, you can brush your hair after curling with a natural bristle brush.

To get small and dense curls, proceed as above, but choose a thinner curling iron hair and much thinner strands. If you want small curls, do not brush, comb or go through them at the end, just shake slightly your head to detach them from each other.

How do you maintain your curling iron

To enjoy the results of curling hair, keep it clean. Do not forget to clean your curling iron after every use if you applied styling products on your hair before using it.

After you unplugged and is completely cooled, wipe it with a damp towel.

Proper use and care of your curling iron will help you get every time the desired curls. Curling irons are very practical, affordable, easy to use, and stored, leading to savings of time and money. Here are some products of its kind that can be purchased online:

  1. Rotary Brush Rowenta CF9220D0 – power 1000 W, 2 speeds, hot air styler, ionic function, function for drying/styling long hair, function for styling short/medium hair, 2 directions of rotation, coating ceramic brushes (2 brushes 30 and 50 mm included), size 275 x 99 x 380 mm, 780 g.

Rotary Brush Rowenta

Price: 60$.

  1. Curling iron Philips HP 4657 – power 25 W, curling strength, power cable 1.8 m, cool tip for safe, PTC ceramic heating element, the indicator “ready to use”, suitable for fragile, thin or thick hair, pliers 15 mm, dimensions 299 x 46 x 64 mm, weight 170 g.


Price: 15$.

  1. Curling iron Philips HP 4674 – power 1000 W, 3 speeds, 3 levels of temperature, hot air styler, ionic function, power cord 1.8 m, switch on / off ion for ion therapy, accessorized with bristle brush from natural materials for volume and brightness/diffuser for a concentrated airflow / retractable brush / big brush with ventilation for loose curls, size 255 x 55 x 60 mm, 300 g.

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Price: 50$.

  1. Braun AS 530 – power 1000 W, hot air curling iron with 3 speeds, 3 levels of temperature, power cable 2m, a steam system for moisturizing hair styling, cold air spray, filter for long life, accessorized with devices for root volume / 18 mm round brush for small curls/ 38 mm round brush for large curls.


Price: 44$.

  1. Curling iron Remington Ci151 – coated in ceramic material, Teflon and tourmaline with triple protection for a uniformed heat distribution/hair easy slip / antistatic and shinning effect, power cable 1.8 m, temperature setting up to 180 degrees C, cold peak, variable control heat for any type of hair, fast heat (1 minute), the indicator “ready to use”, automatic stop after an hour, support heat-insulating, thermal resistance case.


Price: 33$.

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