Perfect Sleep Chair Cost

Perfect Sleep Chair Cost

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Perfect Sleep Chair has been made to enable people to relax while standing up, laying flat, and everything in between. The company behind it states that it is the best option for people that have heart issues, backaches, or heartburn, but also for normal people that simply need a way to fully relax.

Some people also call it a medical recliner chair, lift chair, or sleeper chair, depending on where they find out about it. It is made from an amazingly breathable material which is ultra-soft, called Duralux Microfiber. This makes it possible for you to recline in basically any position you might think of.

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The company behind the sleep chair goes as far as to say that you won’t need another recliner chair after you purchase their product, regardless of whether you need it to use its zero-gravity features for better sleeping or tension releasing or simply want to enjoy watching TV while sleeping on a cloud-like chair.

How much does The Perfect Sleep Chair cost?

Based on our research, which involved the screening of multiple marketplaces and calls to the official company, the cost of The Perfect Sleep Chair will be somewhere between $2,399 and $2,999, while having it shipped to you will cost an extra $199. This is the price you will pay regardless of the materials you pick or the place you buy it from. Of course, depending on your specific location, you might need to factor in the sales tax as well. If time is vital for you, you have the option of going for fast shipping which will incur an added fee.

THe product was available on Amazon for some time but currently, no version of the chair is available on the marketplace. Instead, the company behind the Perfect Sleep Chair offers you the possibility of buying it on ShopJourney for $2,399 to $2,999 depending on the model, regardless of the material or the color you go for. You will then have to spend another $199 for shipping.

The prices for the three models of the Perfect Sleep Chair are as follows:

Perfect Sleep Chair Model Price
Deluxe 5 Zone “Infinite Positions $2,999
Deluxe 2 Zone $2,699
Petite 2 Zone $2,399

What should be included in the price?

As we already said, this reclining chair is made to be long-lasting and breathable, being made from either a Duralux Microfiber material or a Microlux microfiber material. The chair itself will be overstuffed to ensure maximum comfort.

According to the company that made the chair, it is not only made from premium materials but is made tough as a whole, having very heavy gauge springs and a powerful hardwood frame, made in whole within the United States. You can pick between the Duralux material or the genuine italian leather, Microlux alternative for the same price.

The chair itself will come equipped with a push-button remote control which is very user-friendly and intuitive, giving you flexibility and access to all functions. It is created to work even when the power goes down, with the help of a battery backup control. You can adjust this chair in any way you want to, making it easy for you to recline in a sleeping position, sit back, or even sit upright. You can offer optimal relief to any body parts that might be in pain, going for either a lay-flat position or an upright one, or something in between.

Usually, the chair will come with an adjustable massage and head function that is intended to relax your muscles and keep you warm, all a the push of a button.

And that’s not all. Aside from the features we already went over, all chairs will come in different color options, with no-sag back springs, side pockets where you can store things, a footrest, and an overstuffed biscuit back style.

Regardless of who you buy the chair from, you will spend around $199 on shipping, which will involve a white glove shipment service. This shipment service is designed to not only unload the chair but also check it and then place it in the room you want it. They can even take out any leftover product packaging after unpacking the chair for you.

The color alternatives

Regardless of whether you’ll go for the Duralux or the Microlux material, you currently have four color options to pick between:

  1. Burgundy
  2. Blue
  3. Tan
  4. Chocolate

Keep in mind that according to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the official website, the company is working on releasing new colors for the product.

Product Highlights

  • Improves blood circulation by elevating your legs above the heart
  • Removes any fatigue, soreness, or muscle tension from the body
  • Will allow you to breathe deeper while being more relaxed
  • The foam supports the back and neck
  • Zero gravity position
  • Quality hardwoods
  • Hand stitched & hand sewn
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Under a limited lifetime warranty

Tips to keep in mind

Try the Perfect Sleep ChairAccording to the company, you can clean this chair pretty easily, with the help of a simple combination of water and soap.

Based on the official product description, the chair’s dimensions are 20′ high, 21.5″ deep, and 20″ wide. The top of the seatback itself is 29″ from the seat.

Developed to last, the weight capacity is 375 pounds and is constructed for those up to 6′ 5″. If you’re of smaller stature, the company does offer the “Petite Perfect Sleep Chair“, which can accommodate those who are 5′ 2″ and shorter.

A lifetime service warranty is included with the purchase, which covers the power lift frame and the recline system. The electronic elements are covered for the first 3 years.

These chairs will not rock like rocking chairs nor do they rotate like conventional rocking chairs.

As all chairs are developed on order, the typical shipment time can vary anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, but if you go for the “fast shipping” option, then it might get to you in just 4 weeks.

If you wish to check out the chair in person, they, sadly, do not have any physical locations you can go to. Rentals are not offered, either.

Currently, the chair has 4.5 stars on The ShopJourney website, but while it was sold on Amazon, it had a 3.3 star rating.


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  1. Woody Woods
    Woody Woods says:

    A 3.3 out of 5 is not really a good rating for a $2000 chair. It’s actually just below a fair rating that I can get from anything from IKEA. BTW, I have never been to an IKEA, but I hear from my kids that they like it.

    What are you doing wrong, and what are you doing to remedy this problem??


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