Perkins is an American casual dining restaurant chain, which is well-known for its value meals called Great Plates and its pastries. It is one of the kid-friendly family restaurants in the United States. Their menu includes a set of meals for kids but you can also order breakfast, lunch, and dinner from them as well.

In the table below you will find the latest Perkins menu prices.

Food Size Price

Just For Starters

Cheeseburger Fries $7.99
Chorizo Flats $8.29
Ultimate Nachos $7.99
Build Your Own Sampler (4 different items) $10.99
Build Your Own Sampler ( 3 different items) $9.79
Fried Pickles $6.59

Big Biscuit Breakfasts

Country Sausage Biscuit Breakfast $9.19
Southern Fried Chicken Biscuit Breakfast $9.39

Fifty Five Plus All Day Breakfast

55 Plus Two-Egg Omelet $6.79
55 Plus One-Egg Benedict $6.69
55 Plus One-Egg Traveler $6.29
55 Plus One-Egg Classic $6.49
55 Plus Continental $5.49
55 Plus Potato Pancakes $6.29
55 Plus Griddle Greats(Buttermilk Pancakes) $5.69
55 Plus Griddle Greats (Blueberry Pancakes ) $6.19
55 Plus Griddle Greats ( Ooh-La-La French Toast) $5.99
55 Plus Soup and Salad $6.19
55 Plus Sandwich ‘n Such (Roasted Turkey) $6.69
55 Plus Sandwich ‘n Such ( Ham & Cheese) $6.69
55 Plus Butterball Turkey & Dressing $8.89
55 Plus Grilled Chicken Breast $7.99
55 Plus Chicken Strips Dinner $8.59
55 Plus Country Fried Steak $8.39
55 Plus Tilapia Grille $9.79
55 Plus Grilled Pork Chops $9.19
55 Plus Double Catch $7.99
55 Plus Meatloaf Dinner $7.99

Sweet Starts

Strawberry & Cream
Cheese Crispers
Pancake Dippers $5.49
Cinnamon Roll $3.19
Mammoth Muffin $3.09

Perkins Perfect Platters

Brioche French Toast Platter $8.79
Brioche French Toast Platter (A La Carte) $7.89
Ooh La La French Toast Platter $8.29
Ooh La La French Toast Platter (A La Carte) $7.89
Belgian Waffle Platter $8.79
Belgian Waffle Platter (A La Carte) $7.89
Lemon Blueberry Pie Pancake Platter $8.89
Lemon Blueberry Pie Pancake Platter (A La Carte) $7.99
Pancakes (Buttermilk) $6.39
Pancakes (Blueberry) $7.39
Pancakes (Potato) $7.79
Blueberry Banana Pancake Breakfast $8.79

3 Egg Omelets

The Everything $9.89
Mediterranean $9.89
The Farmer $9.89
Granny’s Country $9.89
Build Your Own $9.49

Fresh Cracked Classics

Hearty Man’s Combo $10.79
Tremendous Twelve $9.59
Country Fried Steak & Eggs $11.19
Steak Medallions & Eggs $12.59
Wrappin’ Granny $9.99
Twice as Nice Combo $7.99
Classic Eggs Benedict $9.39
The Skinny Scramble $8.49
Spinach & Mushroom Scramble $9.59

Meet The Smashers

The Big Country $9.19
The Everything $9.39
The Mediterranean $9.39
The Granny’s $9.19

Hearty Extras

Applewood Smoked Bacon $3.39
Sausage Links $3.39
Sausage Patties $3.39
Chicken Apple Sausage Links $3.79
Grilled Ham $3.39
Smoked Sausage $3.39
Hash Browns $3.39
Breakfast Potatoes $3.39
Tots $3.39
Quaker Oatmeal $3.39
Buttered Toast $3.09
English Muffin $3.09
Biscuits (2) $3.09
Fresh Baked Mammoth Muffin $3.19

Salads And Soups

Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch $9.99
Southwest Avocado $9.79
The Classic Cobb $9.99

Burgers And Chicken

The Tangler $9.79
The BBQ Bacon Supreme $9.79
The Classic $9.59
Garden Salad & Soup $7.19
Chicken Noodle Soup Bowl $4.39
Chicken Noodle Soup Cup $3.49
Tomato Basil Soup Bowl $4.59
Tomato Basil Soup Cup $3.39


Patty Melt Pile On $10.19
Chicken Strips Melt $9.99
My Little Chick-Adilla $8.29
The Ultimate Club $9.99
Wrappin’ Granny $9.99

Fork Worthy Entrees

Fresh Baked Chicken Pot Pie $10.39
Chicken Strips Dinner $10.49
Grilled Chicken with Mushrooms & Asparagus $9.79
Grilled Salmon $12.49
Jumbo Shrimp Dinner $10.19
Country Fried Steak $10.19
Butterball Turkey & Dressing $10.99
Monterey Shrimp Pasta $10.99
Monterey Shrimp Pasta (Grilled Chicken) $10.19
San Francisco Stir Fry (Shrimp) $10.99
San Francisco Stir Fry (Chicken) $10.19
San Francisco Stir Fry (Steak) $12.19
Grilled Tilapia with Shrimp $10.89
Steak Medallions with Mushrooms $14.49
Steak Medallions with Mushrooms (Add Fried Shrimp) $3.19 Extra
Ragin’ Cajun Pasta $10.59

On A Side Note

Garden Salad $3.19
Grilled Asparagus $3.19
Green Beans with Bacon $3.19
Fresh Broccoli $3.19
Buttered Corn $3.19
Fresh Sautéed Spinach $3.19
Herb Rice $3.19
Real Mashed Potatoes $3.19
French Fries $3.19
Tots $3.19
Baked Potato $3.19

Fit Favorites

Blueberry Banana Pancake Breakfast $8.79
The Skinny Scramble $8.49
Spinach & Mushroom Scramble $9.59
My Little Chick-adilla $8.49
Grilled Chicken with Mushrooms & Asparagus $9.79

Brand History

The history of the Perkins restaurant chain starts back in 1957 when Ivan and Matt Perkins open their first location in Cincinnati, Ohio called Smithies Pancakes House. The chain expanded as a franchise in 1958.

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Perkins Restaurant Menu ItemsIn the beginning, the Perkins menu included a large variety of waffles and pancake options, but through time more items were introduced such as a juicy burger, salads, soups, hearty steak plates, breakfast dishes, and many handcrafted handhelds options.

In 1967 Wyman Nelson, a franchisee from Minnesota introduced an expanded menu and run an aggressive advertising campaign. Nelson consolidated the Perkins restaurant chain from 1969 until 1978.

In 1979 the founders of the company retired and sold their interest in the business, so Perkins became a wholly owned subsidiary of Holiday Inns, Inc. based in Memphis. Also, the headquarters have been established in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Perkins in-store bakery was established in 1986 and since then customers kept coming back for the delicious pies and cookies.

In 1987 the company was renamed as Perkins Family Restaurants and was organized into a limited partnership that had interests that were publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1988 Perkins went international and opened its first location in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Nowadays, there are more than 320 Perkins restaurants in 32 states in America and in two provinces of Canada.

Our review

The Perkins menu has everything for everyone, from breakfast items to burgers, steaks, salads, soups, and desserts. From their in-store bakery, you can purchase many scrumptious cookies, dreamy pies, fruit pies, and cream pies. Their signature bakery item is the Mammoth Muffin.

If you are going to eat at Perkins, plan on spending $7 to $9 for an omelet, $7 to $10 for a breakfast specialty, eggs classics cost $6 to $10, pancakes are priced from $5 to $7 and the soups and salads cost $4 to $10.  For a steak you will have to pay around $13 and the pies cost anywhere between $3 and $10.

The atmosphere in Perkins restaurants is simple but cozy with comfortable seats and tables set for families.

The Perkins best seller items are the pastries, the Fabulous Five Breakfast, and the Big Bacon BLT Sandwich. Also, the Mushroom and Swiss Omelet is one of the customers’ favorites.

The service from this restaurant is great and pretty fast. The staff is friendly and attentive and will bring your food and drinks to the table in only a few minutes.

Perkins FAQs

At what time does Perkins open?

In general, Perkins opens at 06:00 a.m. every day. However, it may vary from one location to another, so it is recommended to verify the opening hours of the restaurant you are interested in on their official website.

At what time does Perkins close?

Most of the Perkins restaurants close at 10:00 p.m. every day, but it may depend on the day of the week and location. So, you should verify the closing hours of the location you are interested in on the official website of the restaurant.

How many Perkins restaurants are there?

There are more than 320 Perkins restaurants located in 32 states in America and in two provinces from Canada.

Does Perkins serve breakfast all day?

Yes, you can order breakfast at Perkins all day as this is one of their specialties.

Does Perkins have a breakfast buffet?

No, Perkins does not have a breakfast buffet, but you have a wide range of choices with such an extensive breakfast menu.

Does Perkins have a children’s menu?

Yes, Perkins features the Kid Perks menu, which includes meals for kids that are served along with a free Crazy Cookie and a free drink.

What is the most popular item on the Perkins menu?

It is pretty hard to narrow down to just one item with such an extensive menu, but their buttermilk pancakes are very popular among customers.

Does Perkins accept reservations?

You can make a reservation at Perkins only from Monday until Thursday. If you would like to go to Perkins on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday you will see that the guests are seated on the first come first serve principle.

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