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Personal Fitness Trainer Cost

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on January 7, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

A personal fitness trainer or fitness instructor is the one who conceives for his customers’ individualized training programs according to the needs of their bodies, advises them on nutrition, and gives them constant psychological support. A personal fitness trainer is with his client throughout the whole training, supervising him to perform the exercises correctly and safely. Also, he monitors the client’s progress, which will motivate him to continue the training until he achieves the desired results. The personal trainer’s services are chargeable.

A personal trainer charges an average price of $60 – $70 per session.

A workout with a personal trainer has many advantages:

  • He will establish an efficient training program adapted to your body, physical condition, but also to your wishes;
  • He will help you plan your workouts, and their effects are quickly notable just because the relationship between you and your trainer becomes a major motivation;
  • You will work in a steady/sustained pace, which guarantees an effective training;
  • Training will not be boring – besides the fact that your trainer will vary your exercises to avoid monotony to interfere, he will speak with you constantly, he will distract you so as you won’t concentrate on the fatigue you may feel during the exercises, he will instill you confidence and will stimulate you to work;
  • The risk of injury is minimized;
  • You can choose where the training takes place – in the gym, at home or outdoors – and exercise efficiency is preserved.

Typical costs:

Gym trainer photoAs the president of the National Board of Fitness Educators said, Dr. Sal Arria, a personal trainer’s average hourly rate is about $60 – $70 per session. Depending on their experience and geographical location, a personal trainer can charge a minimum of $25 per hour or may earn about $15,000 for a six–week session.

Your Location has a great influence on the trainer’s fee. According to a lifestyle guide, A Healthy Me!, the charges are lower in a smaller town than in a metropolitan area.

According to Dr. Sal Arria, there are differences between the cost of a personal trainer at the gym and a personal trainer at your home. Another advantage of a personal trainer is the fact that he brings his own equipment and shows you how to use it at maximum.

What should be included:

Usually, at the beginning of the first session, the personal trainer asks you what you hope to accomplish. He asks for information on your general health, but also about specific problems like mobility limitations, past injuries, or cardiovascular – because of these types of problems you might not be able to perform some exercises.

For toning sessions and muscle building, you will normally work with free weights or weighted balls in order to increase your body’s core strength, but also the strength of any other muscle group, like the legs, the back, or the arms.

If you train to lose weight you should regularly do a cardiovascular exercise using stationary bicycles, treadmills, or low-impact elliptical machines, and of course a personalized diet. It is frequently seen for a personal trainer to encourage the client to keep a fitness journal.

Should the average working Joe or Jane get a personal fitness trainer?

A personal trainer will have a noticeable impact on your monthly budget, but that doesn`t mean that you should simply ignore this option. Especially if you live in a smaller town, finding a cheaper fitness trainer shouldn`t be an issue. It`s all a problem of how much you really need to lose weight.

Getting a personal trainer is especially advised if your weight is starting to affect your health or wellbeing.

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