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Pet Bird Cost

Pet Bird Price

It is quite common for people to keep birds as pets. They are beautiful, have the ability to interact with people, and can sing. You do not require a large space to keep them, which is why when people contemplate keeping pets, birds are the first option that often springs to mind.

Cost of buying a bird

The cost of pet birds varies depending on their beauty, personality, and breed.

Male canaries that are red, white, bright yellow, or rose in color are highly popular and well known for their singing. They are available at the cost of around $45 to $125. Female canaries cannot sing, so their cost is around $45 to $95. Those canaries that can sing amazingly well or have some unusual colors can be bought for over $190.

Finches are another breed of birds that can sing and have rather bright colors such as yellow, green, brown, or red. They can be bought for about $10 to $35.

Parakeets, which are part of the parrot family and are quite bright-colored, make for rather attractive pets, they live for around ten years and interact well with people. Their prices can reach up to $275.

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More than 300 species of parrots are available. Their prices vary depending on their color and sociability. Some are available in the range of $450 to $800, while others can be purchased for around $230 to $850.

Additional costs to be kept in mind

If you keep pet birds, you would need to also buy a cage. If you purchase more than one species, you will need a cage for each species. The cage you buy should also be in accordance with the species of bird you get. For example, canaries tend to require a large place to fly, so for them, you would need a large cage.

Small cages that can hold around two birds are available in the range of $75 to $250, depending on the additional features that they are equipped with. You will also come across designer stainless steel cages that can hold macaws and African gray parrots among other breeds, which can cost you around $900 to $1,700.

The bird food can cost you around $450 per year. This depends on the number of birds you have and their breed.

If you want to create an aviary, where you can house many birds, it can cost you anywhere in the range of $500 to $1,000. Large-sized aviaries can reach up to $10,000 in cost, depending on the material used in their construction and design.

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Pet Bird Great for KidsYou would also need to get your hands on toys, with which birds would be able to keep themselves entertained. They would cost somewhere between $20 and $100. Perches for the birds can be bought at the cost of around $12 to $30.

If you opt for a ladder or swing for the birds, your cost can increase. A ladder would cost you somewhere between $8 and $18, while swings can be purchased within the range of $10 to $40. A play stand for the bird is available in the market in the price range of $30 to $200.

You will also need to get your hands on accessories required for taking care of the birds. Accessories such as nail clippers, wing scissors, and styptic powders would cost you around $10 each, while the cleaning supplies can be purchased at a general cost of $30.

Birds would also require veterinary examinations, which can cost you anywhere between $50 and $200, depending on the doctor/clinic and your location.

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There are a lot of expenses that need to be considered before you purchase a bird. The overall cost of a pet bird would depend on the species you opt for and the number of birds you keep. Keeping birds as pets would require a certain level of monetary commitment on your part, so you need to ensure that this is something that you would be able to afford.

On a brighter note, a bird can be a great companion if you’re feeling alone and doesn’t require a lot of attention, making it perfect for someone that has a job, goes to school or simply doesn’t have the necessary time to take care of a more demanding pet. This means that you should think carefully and weigh all variables before you purchase a bird and keep it as your pet.

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