Jellyfish Cost

Pet Jellyfish Cost

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Jellyfish are often referred to as “Sea Jellies” or “Jellies.” They can be found in every ocean around the world, and while some species have been known to survive in fresh waters, most prefer life around the surface level of oceans. Jellyfishes grow anywhere from 7-25mm in diameter with there being many different varieties available. The jellyfish’s cost will depend entirely on their breeders’ pricing structure which differs based on the age and quality.

How much does a pet jellyfish cost?

A pet jellyfish will usually cost somewhere between $25 to as much as $150, depending on its type. You should expect to pay between $60 and $80 for a Large Moon Jellyfish, while a more common pet, like the Small Moon Jellyfish will only cost $25 to $65. 

The jellyfish starter kit can cost anywhere from $150 to $400. This will usually include a pair of jellyfish and some food. For example, sells live jellyfish for as little as $30-$55. From there you are also able to purchase a beginner package that comes with frozen food which would only set you back about $150.

Jellyfish type the cost
Amakusa $60 to $75
Atlantic Sea Nettle $70 to $100
Australian Spotted $50 to $75
Blue Blubber $55 to $80
Flame $40 to $60
Ghost $40 to $60
Purple Striped $60 to $90
Red Cross Blubber $55 to $75
Small/Medium/Large Moon $30 to $65
Spotted Lagoon $50 to $75

Pet jellyfish details

The three most common types of jellyfish you will see on the market are large, medium, and small moon jellies. The largest ones can be about 3 inches in diameter upon delivery.

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The jellyfish is an aquatic animal that has no bones, and relies on its gelatinous body for buoyancy. They are characterized by their distinctive saucer-shaped bell with four leaf shaped stomachs of different colors to help them camouflage in the water. When night falls they can glow under any light that touches them, due to their translucent body.

Jellyfish are still a novelty pet that many people purchase online or from specialized stores. For anyone looking for some fun and unusual creature, they’re the perfect choice.

Any additional expenses to consider?

Jellyfish With Beautiful ColorsThe jellyfish tank is going to be a very complex setup when compared to other aquariums. Jellyfish need round corners and constant water flow in order for them not to get dizzy from the lack of balance they experience when floating around normally, so we’ll have to include these features with our design. In addition, you should also have a great filtration system inside your aquarium.

The price of a jellyfish tank can be prohibitive for beginners. For those just starting out, it is recommended that they purchase tanks from the breeder in order to get started with their first aquarium setup, which could cost anywhere between $100 and $300+.

Deciding on the proper lighting system for your jellyfish tank can be tricky. Some jellyfish are sensitive to light, so you may want a jelllyfish lamp or other accessories. Keep an eye out during setup because some species of jellyfish require air pumps, substrate and filters.

A typical jellyfish diet includes brine shrimp, cyclopeeze, and plankton. Feeding a single one of these creatures for an entire month will cost about $10 to $35.

One would think that shipping jellyfish across the country is an easy job, but it’s not. Shipping costs will be anywhere from $30-$75 depending on where they are being shipped and who is the breeder.

When you purchase a jellyfish, it might be a good idea to also buy an animal that can clean up after them. Either snails or hermit crabs will usually eat leftover food as well as algae or other debris from your tank.

Important things to consider

Jellyfish are one of the more delicate creatures in this world. Without proper care, they can have a short life-span and not grow to their full potential size or weight – which is why it’s essential that you buy them food as well as an environment where they’ll be able to live out long, healthy lives.

It is important to be mindful of where jellyfish can be shipped before purchasing. For example, cannot deliver to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.
Moon jellyfish are the most common species purchased as a pet and they do not sting humans.

The lifespan of jellyfish depends on the species, but they generally die sooner than you would expect because they are seasonal animals. Jellyfishaquarist says that when in the wild, jelly fish will die and bloom every year; however even if taken care of properly with a good diet and proper aquarium habitat design (i.e., away from direct sunlight), their life expectancy is limited to only a few years in captivity as well. Therefore it’s important to find an environment most conducive for growth or else these fascinating creatures won’t be around much longer at all-despite your best efforts.

Is there any way to spend less?

A magical jellyfish tank is a toy that can be enjoyed by all ages. These tanks are great alternatives to the work and cost of owning live jellyfish, with some magic aquariums costing as little as $10 and others more than $55 depending on what type you decide to purchase.

Purchasing jellyfish in bundles may bring the individual cost down, but you need to be careful and do your research. We recommend checking out Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for anyone who might have older equipment they’re looking to get rid of. You’ll also want to check that all items work properly before purchasing them so that your new setup goes smoothly.

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