Petco Grooming Cost

Petco Grooming Cost

Founded in 1965, Petco is one of the best pet grooming companies in the United States of America. They offer the best quality grooming services for your pet at an affordable and reasonable price.

How Much Does Petco Pet Grooming Cost?

The sum of money you are going to pay for grooming your pet at Petco will be affected by factors such as the size of your pet and the amount of fur it has. Be prepared to spend anywhere between $35 and $100 for standard grooming. Also, they offer online and offline grooming courses. The cost of an offline grooming course would be anywhere between $3,000 and $6,200, while for an online course, you will have to pay much less.

A full grooming package would include a haircut and bath. Some other services that come at an individual cost may include nail buffing, ear cleaning, gland expression, teeth brushing, paw balm, and fanny, feet, and face trim.

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Here we are going to talk about the costs of different pet grooming services, so you can get an idea about how much you should budget for getting your pet a new fresh look.

The cost of a bath by dog size

In the table below you will find the average costs of a dog bath, depending on your pet’s size.

Size Cost (Bath)
X-Large breeds Starts at $42
Large breeds Starts at $37
Medium breeds Starts at $33
Small breeds Starts at $29
X-Small breeds Starts at $25

The cost of dog grooming by size

You should expect to spend up to $100 for full grooming for your dog. However, the costs depend on the size of your pet, as you can see in the table below.

Size Cost (Grooming)
X-Large breeds Starts at $70
Large breeds Starts at $61
Medium breeds Starts at $51
Small breeds Starts at $46
X-Small breeds Starts at $42

The cost of walk-in services offered by Petco

The costs of walk-in services are the same as those charged for standard trimming and bathing. In the table below you will find the prices for walk-in services at Petco.

Express service $13
Gland expression $11
Teeth brushing $13
Face, feet, and fanny trim $16
Nail trim and Buffing $16
Nail trim $11
Mini Make-Rover $27

Packages offered by Petco

The overall cost of pet grooming may increase if you want to add more specific services and spa upgrades.

The specific packages offered by Petco include:

  • Soothe and Repair;
  • Shed Release and Shed Release Plus;
  • Clam and Refresh;
  • Essential Plus and Flea Cleanse.

Petco grooming cost vs Pet-smart grooming cost

One of the main competitors of Petco is PetSmart. They also offer great quality services all over the country.

In the table below you will find a price comparison for the services offered by these two companies specialized in pet grooming. We should mention that the costs of Pet-smart are for the smallest breeds such as Chihuahua and Siamese.

Package/Service Petco cost Pet-smart cost
Bath and brush for cats Stats from $43 Starts from $37
Bath and brush for dogs Starts from $28 Starts from $22
Ear cleaning Starting from $13 Starting from $12
Full grooming for cats Starts from $58 Starts from $71
Full grooming for dogs Starts from $48 Starts from $34
Nail trimming Fixed $13 Fixed $13

The cost of a dog grooming course

PetCo Grooming ServicesThere are pet grooming schools that are offering offline and online courses. These courses, where you will learn how to groom your dog, will take anywhere between a few weeks and six months, or even more.

In the table below you will find the average costs of different courses for dog grooming.


Which is the best grooming option for my dog at this moment?

Right now, Petco is the best pet groomer and retailer for your dog, with a history in this industry.

How can I make an appointment at Petco?

In order to make an appointment at Petco, you should visit the company’s website and call the hotline numbers provided on their main page. Also, you can contact the nearest Petco retailer.

How long does a grooming take?

It depends on your dog’s size and the additional services you want. A minor grooming service would take anywhere between five and ten minutes.

How much do a bath and a haircut for my dog cost?

The cost of a bath and a haircut for your dog depends on the grooming package you choose and the size of your pet. In general, the cost of a bath and haircut would be anywhere between $40 and $70. For a puppy, you will have to pay around $50.

What is the total cost of a medium-sized dog grooming?

You should be prepared to pay around $75 or more for a medium-size dog grooming. This would include bath, fur trim, hair, nail buffing, and other standard grooming services.

Final words

As the cost of dog grooming depends on the size of your pet and the service you choose, you should select and calculate according to the price list available on Petco’s official website page. Also, the cost may be affected by the condition of your dog and if there are available any promotions at that time.

Each grooming service can be personalized according to your dog’s needs. A pet grooming stylist or a salon expert would select the bathing, brushing, nail trimming, and other services.

It is recommended to contact your nearest pet grooming center or go to a retailer to find out how much would you have to spend exactly for grooming your dog.

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