Petsmart Dog Training Cost

Petsmart Training Cost

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Having a dog as a pet is a real joy, but it also involves a number of responsibilities. Among other things, the training of the puppy should start at an early age for the new member of the family, so that he can adapt as easily as possible to his new home and learn what he is allowed and what he is not allowed to do.

The training of the puppy is done with a lot of gentleness, patience, and understanding. Only in this way the pup will adapt easily and become receptive. In today’s article, we will go over dog training classes offered by Petsmart and their costs.

How much does Petsmart training cost?

The Petsmart costs are very competitive and offer a great value for your money if you are looking for training classes for your pet. There is something for every type of dog owner, regardless of whether it is one class or more.

Will be done in a personalized environment, and will teach you how to achieve specific goals according to your dog’s behavioral needs
4 hours $240
1 hour $100
30 mins $55

Class Offerings

The Petsmart company offers many different training courses for your beloved god, regardless of whether it is a puppy or an adult.

Puppy Education

As a puppy owner, you should invest in his training so it will be easier to control him as he grows up. Petsmart offers puppy education classes specially designed for puppies aged 10 weeks to 5 months.

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The aim of the class is to teach the puppy the basics of training and takes over a period of six weeks. These classes will cover the essentials like setting up a good behavior and you will create a bond with your pet. This will help you with future training classes and build a stronger connection with your dog.

Beginner Education

If your dog is more than 5-months-old or has no prior training, you should sign him up for the Beginner Education course that takes 6 weeks. Dogs that don’t have any basic training skills will be taught commands such as “leave it”, “sit” and “come”. You will be shown how to deal with basic house manners and problem-solving situations. You will notice that your dog is well-behaved and more attentive after 6 weeks of training.

Intermediate Education

The Intermediate Education course takes six weeks and is designed for dogs that already know the basic commands. There are various training courses available at Petsmart and the intermediate is the best way to improve the behavior of your pet.

After this course, your dog will be able to take cues for longer periods of time and from larger distances. It is a well-known fact that dogs are distracted very easily and the aim of this course is to teach the dog how to respond to commands even though there are distractions around him. Also, he will learn new commands like “got to bed”, “heel” and “wait”.

Click-a-Trick Education

Another great training course offered by Petsmart is the Click-a-Treat class, which takes six weeks. The aim of this class is to strengthen the ability of the dog owner to communicate with his pet.

Petsmart dog training reviewWhen using a clicker, it is easier to teach the dog new behaviors and to better communicate with him. Dogs understand the commands and respond to them much better through a clicker. This is a great tool to use to train your dog.

Advanced Education

If you really want to improve the overall training of your dog, you should go for the Advanced Education class. This takes six weeks and is addressed to dogs with intermediate training skills. This training course costs around $200, which is less than $35 per week.

This class will cover and improve all the behaviors and cues learned in the previous classes. Some new tricks will also be learned.

Your dog will receive a well-earned graduation degree after the completion of this class. This will showcase the level of training that they have learned.

Potty Training Seminar

Your dog will learn the basic of house manners with the six weeks Potty Training Seminar. This course is recommended to be taken as soon as possible because this way you will protect your house from a destructive and messy dog.

Also, with this class you will receive a free potty-training workbook that is valued at around $5. Moreover, this seminar costs just $15 and is perfect for any new dog owner.

Private Dog Training

If you have a particular issue with your dog and need a personalized environment specially designed to meet your dog’s needs, Petsmart offers private dog training.

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