Photo Kiosk Cost

Photo Kiosk Cost

Picture processing has made strides in becoming a do-it-yourself activity. As the number of photo processing centers declines new kiosks are popping up all over, providing instant and convenient service for everyone to enjoy at an affordable price.

Photo kiosks have become common sights inside drug stores, department stores, retail outlets – you name it. They offer convenience without compromising quality or affordability.

Details About Photo Kiosks

Photo kiosks are a great way to grow your business. With standalone and countertop versions, they can be equipped with features such as internet access, magnetic card readers, scanners, or advanced laser printers for increased functionality at the convenience of customers on the go.

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To get people to stop at the photo kiosk, place it in a high traffic area of the store such as next to where shopping carts are parked. Introduce new customers with deals on prints for the first few weeks and advertise this information through circulars or other forms of marketing available.

Average costs of photo kiosks

Photo Kiosk in StoreYou should get a photo kiosk if you’re looking for an investment that will make your money back many times over. The initial cost ranges anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 depending on the features and machine type but this is just one of those investments which pay off big time.

A Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk with a 17-inch monitor is usually priced at $8,500 to $10,000. The Kodak G4XE Picture Kiosk with a 24-inch monitor can retail for up to about $13,000-$15,500 depending on the features it has like printer and scanner capabilities. Another option would be the big daddy of them all – an amazing 36-inch screen that includes printing capability! Prices range from as low as around $15,000 to nearly $18,000 for this one bad boy.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider buying refurbished photo kiosks. They usually cost half the original price and come with six-month or one-year warranties! A refurbished Kodak G4 with a 24-inch monitor might be available for $8,000-$10,500 depending on screen size and warranty length. If you want something cheaper, then think about getting a refurbished Kodak G4 with a 17-inch monitor for around $5,000. It will usually come with a one-year warranty.

Additional costs that come with photo kiosks

If you’re interested in a kiosk, make sure to budget for the cost of supplies like paper and ribbon. A complete kit with all the things you need usually costs $400 to $600; replacement kits for the paper are more affordable at $100-$200 each. If you’ll need to replace the ribbon, then you will surely spend another $100 to $150.

The more features and capabilities you want, the higher your budget will need to go. For example, if you choose Facebook access or pet eye retouch modules in addition to a facial retouch module, you will usually spend $100 – $200 extra per feature.
You should also be prepared to spend on installation, staff training, and initial setup. You might find some dealers that will include these services in the final expense, so be sure to ask what you’re getting with your photo kiosk before committing to one.

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