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These days, everyone wants to ensure that they capture every exciting moment of their life. With so many portals available to share pictures with your friends, you would want to make sure that you get the best click at all times. Podo can prove to be highly beneficial in this regard as it offers exactly what you are looking for.

A useful piece of equipment for outdoor activities

The Podo is able to shoot photos and videos without you having to be inhibited by the length of your arm or being missed from the moments. All that you need to do is set any interval, and the Podo will capture everything automatically. It is designed with advanced software and is portable, thereby ensuring that you can carry it around with you at all times with a lot of ease.

With this camera, you would get the opportunity to capture any moment from any perspective without facing any restrictions for the same. Thanks to the Podo app, you will have complete control over every shot taken by the camera.

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You will find it to be a rather worthy replacement of a selfie stick. With this camera, you would not have to face any trouble fitting everyone into a group picture as the task will be done with a lot of ease. It can also be used as a backup cam for cars.

With this equipment, you can follow your passion. It will be a valuable ally if it is photography that you are interested in. When you go on trips, you would not have to look for a third person to take a picture of you. You can also check out your outfit from all angles and record your performances. All in all, you will find it to be just the right camera to aid you in pursuing your passion.

The camera also works in an impressive manner when it comes to covering events such as weddings and concerts. It is particularly appealing because there is no hassle of any cables, which could otherwise have tripped someone.

Features of the Podo

The Podo has a large pixel size, better than many smartphones. As a result, it collects more light, thereby leading to an enhanced dynamic range, paving the way for improved low light performance and producing a better quality picture.

It is equipped with a micro adhesive sticky pad, due to which you can stick it anywhere with a quick press and then easily peel it right off. The camera grips to the wall, thereby ensuring that it does not wear out. You don’t have to think twice before cleaning it with water. It does not require any clips, stands or mounts. A Podo alone is sufficient.

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The price of the Podo

The Podo is available at the cost of $49, which is quite an impressive amount considering all the features and benefits that you attain from the camera. To make the Podo more interesting, you can also opt for accessories, but this would increase the cost.Podo Size

These accessories include a drawstring bag, which would make it easier for you to carry the Podo with you at all times. A carrying case is also available for the purpose, which is manufactured from a profound quality of Santoprene and is highly durable. With this case, you would be able to hang the Podo on your bag or belt as per your convenience.

Upgrades to waterproof cases, a free hard shell gear case, and increased memory cards are available as well.

All these accessories and upgrades will add to the cost of the Podo that you will have to bear, but even in this situation, the cost is unlikely to increase to an alarming rate and render it out of your budget.

Should the average working Joe get the Podo?

Podo is a worthy purchase. You would not have to burn a hole in your pocket for Podo, and it is capable of providing you with a whirl of benefits. Hence, you will find it to be worth every cent that it comes at. You would not be disappointed with what it has to offer.

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