Poodle Cost

Poodle Cost

Last Updated on September 14, 2021 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on December 28, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

The Poodle is among the smartest and most popular breeds of pet dogs worldwide. Its origin is still commonly hypothesized, with popular opinion presently divided between either France or Germany.

Something that everybody can settle on is that the Poodle was initially a kind of water retriever utilized mainly for duck searching. It can be found in 3 sizes – standard, mini, and toy.

This breed is popular today for taking part in numerous shows and competitions in addition to its great looks.

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With a coat of curly hair cut in weird styles to mirror 18th Century French nobility, the Poodle is a sure head-turner at any party.

One-Time Poodle Expenditures

AKC’s registered breeders offer Poodles for approximately $2,000 as seen on the current 30 listings.

PuppySpot’s younger puppies will cost a bit more, at approximately $2,800 based on the current 30 listings.

If you choose an adult dog, opting to adopt one is a great idea. The adoption charge for a pet dog (6 months and older) at the Champaign County Humane Society shelter is around $115.

You’ll surely need a license for your pet. The expense differs from one state to another and can be paid wholesale for a lifetime deal or every year. For neutered pets, in New York City, a license costs $8.50 each year; while in California, it is $16 each year.

Registration with a club is likewise a nice addition, although it isn’t necessary. The AKC provides bundles valued at $30 to $59.99, while the UKC’s price is $24 to $60.

The perfect-sized pet cage for your poodle is 24″ L x 18″ W x 21″ H (small) for toy and mini, and 42″ L x 28″ W x 31″ H (bigger) for the standard size. Our suggestion is the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel for standard poodles which costs $149.95 or the smaller-sized toy variation for $47.95.

Microchips are required to guarantee the safety of your animal. They will be as big as a grain of rice and are injected by a certified veterinarian into your Poodle with very little to no pain. The rate of a Single Indigo ISO Microchip at AKC’s shop is $15.95. A registry like HomeAgain costs $19.99 annually to register your pet dog’s chip.

Sterilizing is a practice typically seen as useful by a lot of humane societies and veterinary associations. The expense of surgical treatment at the Pasadena Humane Society varies from $95 to $185 depending upon the gender and weight of the pet dog.

Routine Expenses

Here are some extra amounts that you should be ready to pay for your precious Poodle:


If you have actually seen the beautiful barbering work that goes into making the Poodle’s royal appearance, you definitely need to know that prepping its curly fur for competitions is no easy task.

Grooming and clipping to comply with breed requirements are lengthy and daunting for newbies, which is why services like Pink Poodles’ are commonly made the most of. Costs vary from $45 to $100 depending upon the dog’s size.


Just as babies have to be consulted by a pediatrician once in a while to see how they’re doing, your pet dog must get consulted by a veterinarian just as often, particularly if it’s showing any signs of health issues. VetCare’s Animal Center in California charges $30 for basic workplace consultations.

The leading reasons for sickness-related death in Poodles are cancer, GDV (Stomach Dilation Volvulus), and heart illnesses.


Medications are important to a stable constitution and strong body immune system. These consist of vaccinations and deworming medication, amongst numerous others.

Medications ought to always be administered to a pet by a certified practicing vet. An 8-in-1 Safe-Guard Canine De-Wormeronly costs $12.90 at Chewy.

The core vaccinations that include Parvo, CD, and Liver disease cost around $60 to $70 on average. For a more extensive bundle that includes shots for Parainfluenza, Bordetella, and Leptospirosis, the expense leaps to about $100 overall.

Bear in mind that the shots will have to be taken once again after a particular period of time, so do not hesitate to double these numbers in your budget.


There are some specific kinds of pet dog food that are in fact made particularly for Poodles. Some excellent choices are the Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Poodle Dog Food ($38.69 for 10-lbs) and EUKANUBA Adult Dry Pet Food ($29.99 for 16-lbs).

Transportation and Shipping

Whether for trips or business reasons, family pets will have to be delivered or carried sometimes. It’s suggested that you utilize your Poodle’s main dog crate during the trip to save some money and lower expenses that come with renting or purchasing a brand-new one.

Working with a pet transport business such as Happy Tails Travel to get your family pet from A to Z is a great deal of work and leads to a justifiably high cost. Its rates vary from $1,000 to $2,050 depending upon numerous elements such as your airline company of choice, the size of your pet, the distance to the location, and whether you have special managing instructions.

Poodle Cost Additions & Purchasers’ Guide

Numerous breeders typically offer extra additions to sweeten the deal. The following are possible giveaways offered by sellers at the point of sale that will aid to decrease your overhead expenses:

Crate/Dog House – ($33.99)
Collar/Harness – ($15 to $30)
AKC Registration – ($30 to $79.99)
AKC Pedigree – ($34 to $129)
Micro-Chips – ($15.95)
Preliminary Vaccinations – ($35 to $75)
Dog Food – (quantity can differ)
Vitamins – (the amount can differ)
The primary element that will affect the rate of a poodle is its type, whether it’s a mini, toy, or standard type.

Likewise, you should know that numerous deceitful sellers will try to utilize a poodle’s color as a trick to increase its market price. This is a sure sign of a dishonest breeder and you would be smart to avoid them at all cost.

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