How Much Does Porta Potty Rental Cost?

Last Updated on February 28, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Renting portable toilets for events or construction projects is an essential part of proper sanitation planning. However, determining the right number of units and anticipating costs can be challenging.

This guide will walk you through the key factors that influence porta potty rental pricing, so you can budget and prepare appropriately.

Whether you’re organizing a festival, managing a building site, or hosting a backyard wedding, safe and adequate restroom facilities are a must-have.

Portable toilets provide a flexible, cost-effective sanitation solution for both short-term and long-term needs. As you weigh options and compare rental companies, understanding rental rates and related fees will ensure your guests and crew are comfortable.

How Much Does Porta Potty Rental Cost?

Porta Potty rental costs anywhere between $75 and $300 per unit depending on whether you go for a standard unit, an ADA-compliant unit, or a deluxe or luxury restroom trailer.

Standard Units

These are the basic porta potty units suitable for most applications. Standard portable toilet rentals typically range from $75 to $150 per unit for a single-day event. Rates are lower for longer rentals.

The units provide the essentials: toilet seat, urinal, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. While not fancy, standard porta potties get the job done for general crowd control.

Deluxe Units and Luxury Restroom Trailers

If you want a more upscale rental for guests, deluxe porta-potty units with sinks, mirrors, lighting, and flushing toilets are ideal. Expect to pay $150 to $250 per unit.

For more permanent restroom solutions, such as at a construction site office, luxury restroom trailers offer a portable bathroom experience similar to a site-built restroom. These have ceramic fixtures, multiple stalls, hot water, and heating/air conditioning. Rental costs are $300 to $500 per day.

ADA-Compliant Units and Additional Features

For accessibility, you must have ADA-compliant porta potties with wheelchair ramps and grab bars. These specialized units cost slightly more, at $200 to $300 per unit.

You can also add handwashing stations, interior lighting, or family restroom units to any rental order for an additional daily fee starting at $50 per add-on.

BigRentz notes that a standard porta potty in South Bend, Indiana costs $198 for a weekly rental. A two-stall portable restroom trailer in South Bend, Indiana on the other hand. costs $900 for a week.

PortaPottyRentalGuide.com writes that standard porta potty rental in Lynchburg, VA costs about $100 with weekly cleanings included.

According to Pot-O-Gold Rentals, Porta potty rental costs vary from $75 to $435 every 28 days with a single weekly service

Factors Influencing Rental Pricing

Several key variables impact how much you’ll pay for porta potty rentals for your event or project.

Duration of Rental

Longer rentals usually have cheaper per-day costs. A single-day event will have higher rates, while a 1-week rental drops in per-day price. Month-long rentals on construction sites yield the lowest daily costs.

Quantity and Location

Ordering units in bulk (over 10 units) typically results in per-unit quantity discounts. The location also affects pricing if delivery fees apply for remote drop-off. Rentals in busy metro areas are more in demand, so rates may be higher.

Delivery, Maintenance, and Cleaning Services

Delivery/pick-up fees range from $50 to $100 roundtrip and may depend on distance. For long-term rentals, arrange required pumping maintenance at $50 to $100 per service. For events, add professional cleaning services starting at $50 per unit. Factor in these additional services when budgeting your total rental costs.

Planning and Budgeting for Your Rental

Carefully evaluating your needs and seeking deals can help minimize rental costs.

Estimating Your Needs

For events, plan for 1 unit per 10-15 guests, or more if alcohol is served. Have at least one ADA-compliant unit. Order extra units as a buffer.

Construction sites usually have 1 unit per 10-15 workers. Have separate women’s units. Order a few extras to accommodate demand shifts.

Seeking Package Deals and Discounts

Many rental companies offer discounted package pricing if you order multiple units or add extra services. Inquire about deals on your total order.

Nonprofits and government agencies may get discounted rates of 10-25% off. Ask if special pricing is offered for your type of event or project.

Understanding the Rental Agreement

When comparing rental companies, pay close attention to each contract’s terms and fees. Clarify provisions on deposits, damages, cancellation policies, and insurance obligations before finalizing your rental.

Also read about the cost of adding a bathroom, Bath fitter, and Roto-Rooter services.

Additional Considerations

Permits and Regulations

Porta Potty CostMost areas require permits to place portable toilets in public spaces. Check with your local municipality on permit needs, zoning laws, and health codes for events.

Construction sites may need approved toilet plans and inspection. Follow all building department and OSHA regulations for worker health and safety.

Environmental and Accessibility Considerations

Look for eco-friendly porta potty options with water-saving features or solar-powered lights. Renting ADA-compliant units and placing them accessibly shows your event welcomes all guests.

Partnering with rental companies committed to sustainability and social impact is another way to reduce the environmental footprint and expand accessibility.

Final Words

Renting portable sanitation solutions demands upfront planning and cost awareness. This guide outlines the key variables affecting porta potty rental pricing so you can set an accurate budget for your unique event or project.

With smart calculations and early reservations, you can provide vital amenities that keep guests, workers, and the community safe and comfortable. Don’t cut corners on sanitation – proper facilities are always worth the investment.

Start researching rental options and estimating your unit needs well in advance. Be sure to inquire about bundled pricing packages and discounts you may qualify for. Check-in with local permitting offices to allow adequate lead time for required approvals.

Most importantly, partner with a trusted, responsive rental company that can meet your project goals and timeline. With the right portable toilet rentals, you can host a smooth, successful, and sanitary event!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many porta potties per person?

For general events, plan on providing 1 porta potty for every 10-15 guests. The ratio can go up to 1 for every 8 guests if alcohol is served. For weddings, you may want 1 unit for every 50 guests during the reception. Adjust as needed for longer events.

How many toilets do I need for 50 guests?

For a 4-hour event with 50 guests and no alcohol, 4 standard porta potties should be sufficient. Increase to 5 units if the event involves alcohol. Having extra units allows shorter lines and offers a buffer in case of need.

How often should a porta potty be emptied?

Porta potties for a 1-day event should be emptied at least once, preferably mid-way through longer events or celebrations when usage is heavy. For multi-day festivals or construction sites, plan on professional pumping service every 3-5 days depending on the number of units and usage levels.

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  1. Victoria Addington
    Victoria Addington says:

    Thanks for providing the estimated costs of portable toilet rentals. My husband and I are planning to throw a backyard party for my seven-year-old daughter’s birthday. It’s good to know that one porta potty unit is enough for every 10 to 15 people who will be in attending the event. Since you noted that it’s $75 a day per unit, I guess I shall then rent at least two.

  2. Alice Carroll
    Alice Carroll says:

    You made a good point that having a contract to sign is an important part of renting portable toilets. I plan to teach my kids how to camp someday but I’d like to start with a meadow that’s relatively near our home so that we don’t have to stray much. Having portable toilets for that will help keep things quite clean.

  3. kingsserv
    kingsserv says:

    One important aspect of portable toilet maintenance relates to preparing the tank for future use. Refilling the tank with an additive that breaks down and disinfects waste is the usual procedure.


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