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Porto’s Bakery and Café is a famous bakery franchise in the United States of America, well known for its freshly made flavorsome Cuban desserts and pastries. Their menu includes pies, freshly baked cookies, cakes, croissants, strudels, and cheese rolls. Also, they have a breakfast menu consisting of classic items such as French toast, cheese omelette sandwiches, and breakfast wraps. Plus, they offer plateaus, salads, and soups, making Porto’s Bakery a good choice not only for breakfast, but also for lunch and, why not, dinner.

In order to get an idea about how much you should budget for enjoying one of Porto’s Bakery and Café meals and desserts, in the table below you will find their latest menu prices.

Food Size & Price


Pineapple Empanada $2.01
Cinnamon Coffee Cake $11.9
Cranberry Orange Scone $2.99
Quesadilla $5.23
Cinnamon Citrus Bun $2.88


Mixed Berry Muffin $2.88
Chocolate Chip Muffin $2.88
Blueberry Muffin $2.88

House-Made Soup

Black Bean Soup Cuban-Style $5.98
Caldo Gallego $5.98


Almond Croissant $2.88
Baked Ham and Cheese Croissant $3.74
Butter Croissant $2.59
Chocolate Croissant $2.99
Chocolate Twist $2.99

Whole Cake

Box – Tres Leches Cake Loaf $13.17
Carrot Cake Round $34.33
Chocolate Raspberry Cake Round $38.7
Fresh Fruit Tart $38.7
Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake $37.72
Mango Mousse Round $37.72
Milk’N Berries Round $45.94
New York Cheesecake $32.32
Parisian Chocolate Cake Round $38.7
Red Velvet Round $38.7
Tiramisu Round $38.7
Tres Leches Cake Round $31.34


Brioche Buns $4.43
Cuban Crackers (Galletas) $3.74
Egg Bread $5.12
French Baguette $3.11
Multigrain Batard $5.41
Sourdough Baguette $3.39
Sourdough Batard $5.41
Walnut Raisin Batard $5.41


Cubano (Cuban Sandwich) $10.18
Feta Sandwich $8.8
Ham and Cheese Croissant Sandwich $8.8
Medianoche (Midnight Sandwich) $9.78
Pan con Lechón (Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich) $10.52
Ropa Vieja Sandwich (Cuban-Style Stewed Beef) $10.52
Spicy Chicken Milanesa Sandwich $11.16
Turkey and Candied Bacon Sandwich $10.52
Turkey and Cheese Croissant Sandwich $8.8

Sandwich from the Grill

Available After 10am

Chicken Torta $11.16
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $11.16
Steak Torta $12.59


Cilantro Caesar Salad $9.78
Grilled Chicken Cilantro Caesar Salad $11.96
Rustic Chopped Chicken Salad $12.59


Available after 10am

Plato de Lechón (Slow-Roasted Pork) $13.74
Plato de Pollo (Grilled Citrus Chicken Breast) $13.74
Plato de Ropa Vieja (Cuban-Style Stewed Beef) $13.74


Plantain Chips (Mariquitas) $4.6
Pork Tamale $3.57
Seafood Potato Ball (Seasonal) $2.13

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Guava Smoothie $6.5
Mango Smoothie $6.5
Passion Colada Smoothie (Coconut, Mango, Passion Fruit) $6.5
Strawberry Banana Smoothie $6.5

Fresh Fruit Juice and Handcrafted Tea

Guava Lemonade Freshly-Squeezed $5.81
Orange Juice Freshly-Squeezed $5.81
Strawberry Mojito $5.52

Cold Sweet

Carrot Cake Slice $4.6
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry $3.45
Fresh Fruit Tartlet $5.41
Parisian Chocolate Cake Slice $4.6
Tiramisu Cup $5.12

Cold Brewed Coffee

Horchata Cold Brew $6.79
Porto’s House Cold Brew $6.79

Bottled Beverage

Materva $3.34
Malta India $3.34
Apple Juice $2.7
Bottled Water $2.76
Iron Beer $3.34
Non-alcoholic Cuban root beer with herbal and fruity notes.
Inca Cola $3.34
Peruvian lemon verbena soda, is often compared to cream soda.
Sparkling Water $4.14
Topo Chico® Mineral Water
Coca Cola $4.14
Bottled Coca Cola
Diet Coke $4.14
Bottled Diet Coke

Iced Coffee

Iced Americano $3.68
Iced Cold Brew $4.83
Iced Dulce de Leche Latte $6.15
Iced Latte (Café con Leche) $5.87
Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte $6.15
Iced Mocha $6.15

Iced Blended Coffee

Blended Mocha $6.31
Blended Dulce de Leche Latte $6.31

Hot Coffee

Americano $3.39
Dulce de Leche Latte $5.69
Hot Chocolate $4.82
Hot Tea – Chamomile $3.34
Hot Tea – Earl Grey $3.34
Hot Tea – English Breakfast $3.34
Hot Tea – Turmeric Ginger $3.34
Latte (Café con Leche) $5.52
Matcha Green Tea Latte $5.69
Mocha Latte $5.69

Signature Shake

Mamey Shake $6.5
Oreo Shake $6.5

 Brand history

Porto’s Bakery and Café Menu ItemsPorto’s Bakery and Café started from Rosa Porto’s dream to share her delicious pastries and cakes with her family and friends. She was born on the island of Cuba and grew up with the taste and sweet smell of her mother’s baking goods. Rosa liked to spend time in the kitchen from a young age, surrounded by the flavors of vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon.

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In 1960, due to political changes, Rosa and her family had to leave their home in Manzanillo, Cuba, and move to Los Angeles. When they arrived there, they had nothing else but their clothes. Rosa’s husband, Raul, managed to get a job as a janitor and Rosa started to bake cakes at home and sell them to her neighbors. After a few years, you could see clients staying in line in front of Rosa’s small house to pick up pastries and cakes.

In 1976 Rosa and her family took a small loan and opened their first bakery on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, California. A few years later, in 1982, they moved to a large location on Brand Boulevard in Glendale. Soon Porto’s Bakery became very popular for Cuban pastries and cakes, guava-and-cheese strudels, meat pies, empanadas, and potato balls. Also, it became a touchstone for Cuban immigrants in Los Angeles.

Nowadays six Porto’s Bakery and Café locations are opened in Buena Park, Burbank, Downey, Glendale, West Covina, and Northridge. A seventh location is going to be opened in the Downtown Disney District.

Our review

Porto’s Bakery and Café locations are decorated in an elegant way, with vibrant and vivid colors. In general, there are plenty of clients, especially during peak hours. But the staff is very efficient and friendly, and you will not have to wait too long for your order.

All of their breads and pastries are freshly taken out of the oven. It is recommended to try their cakes, which are always downy; the cheese rolls, which are soft, flaky, and not too sweet; and dulce the leche besito cookie.

You should be prepared to pay around $22 for a dozen of cheese rolls, potato ball, chicken empanada, or meat pie, while for fifteen pieces of dulce de leche besito cookie, you will have to pay $21. A cake such as Parisian Cake Round or Milk’N Berries Cake Round costs $45.

Even if you are not living in California, you can enjoy Porto’s Bakery’s most popular cakes and pastries with their Porto’s Bake at Home service, which offers delivery all over the country.

Porto’s Bakery and Café FAQs

At what time does Porto’s Bakery and Café open?

Most of the Porto’s Bakery and Café locations open at 06:30 a.m. Monday through Sunday. However, it may vary from one location to another, so you should visit their official website to check this information.

At what time does Porto’s Bakery and Café close?

In general, Porto’s Bakery and Café stores close at 08:00 p.m. But again, it depends on the location and you should verify this information by visiting their official website.

What is Porto’s Bakery and Café famous for?

Porto’s Bakery and Café is well known for its savory and sweet Cuban food.

How long do Porto’s Bakery and Café pastries last?

You can enjoy Porto’s Bakery unbaked pastries within almost thirty days if you kept them in the freezer. On the other hand, the cakes should be consumed within three to five days if kept in the freezer.

How many Porto’s Bakery and Café locations are there?

There are six Porto’s Bakery and Café locations in California, United States. A new location will be opened in the Downtown Disney District.

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