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Last Updated on February 28, 2023
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Primo Hoagies is an American fast-food restaurant chain specialized in serving sandwiches on hoagie-style bread, in three sizes: whole, Primo, and small. Also, they offer catering packages that are enough to feed up to twenty-five persons or more.

The prices charged by Primo Hoagies are similar to those you can find in other sub-sandwich restaurant chains. However, depending on where you live, they could be a little higher. In order to get an idea about how much you should budget for eating and drinking at Primo Hoagies, this table will give you their latest menu prices.

Food Size Price

Our Specialties

All Primo® Size Hoagies Are Available in a Low Carb or Whole Wheat Wrap or o Hoagie In A Bowl (No Bread). All Small Size Hoagies Are Available On Our Signature Wheat Roll

Turkey Schwartzie Small $8.61
Turkey Schwartzie Primo® $10.91
Turkey Schwartzie Whole $26.44
Turkey Breast & Cheese Small $6.89
Turkey Breast & Cheese Primo® $10.34
Turkey Breast & Cheese Whole $22.99
Tavern & Swiss Small $6.89
Tavern & Swiss Primo® $10.34
Tavern & Swiss Whole $22.99
Suprimo Small $8.04
Suprimo Primo® $10.91
Suprimo Whole $25.29
Sulmona Small $8.61
Sulmona Primo® $11.49
Sulmona Whole $28.74
Sopressata & Sharp Small $7.46
Sopressata & Sharp Primo® $11.49
Sopressata & Sharp Whole $24.14
Soprano Small $7.46
Soprano Primo® $10.91
Soprano Whole $25.29
Sicilian Small $7.46
Sicilian Primo® $10.34
Sicilian Whole $24.14
Sharp Italian Small $6.89
Sharp Italian Primo® $10.34
Sharp Italian Whole $22.99
Schwartzie Small $8.61
Schwartzie Primo® $10.91
Schwartzie Whole $26.44
Roast Beef Schwartzie Small $8.61
Roast Beef Schwartzie Primo® $11.49
Roast Beef Schwartzie Whole $26.44
Roast Beef & Cheese Small $8.04
Roast Beef & Cheese Primo® $11.49
Roast Beef & Cheese Whole $26.44
Pal Joey Small $8.04
Pal Joey Primo® $10.91
Pal Joey Whole $25.29
Old Italian Small $7.46
Old Italian Primo® $10.91
Old Italian Whole $25.29
New Yorker Small $8.04
New Yorker Primo® $11.49
New Yorker Whole $25.29
Nellie Small $8.04
Nellie Primo® $11.49
Nellie Whole $25.29
Napolitano Small $8.04
Napolitano Primo® $11.49
Napolitano Whole $25.29
Mild Sharp Italian Small $6.89
Mild Sharp Italian Primo® $10.34
Mild Sharp Italian Whole $22.99
Mild Italian Small $6.89
Mild Italian Primo® $10.34
Mild Italian Whole $22.99
Italian Small $6.89
Italian Primo® $10.34
Italian Whole $22.99
Ham & Cheese Small $6.31
Ham & Cheese Primo® $9.19
Ham & Cheese Whole $21.84
Gianna Small $8.04
Gianna Primo® $10.91
Gianna Whole $25.29
Crusher Small $8.61
Crusher Primo® $11.49
Crusher Whole $26.44
Corned Beef & Swiss Small $8.61
Corned Beef & Swiss Primo® $10.91
Corned Beef & Swiss Whole $26.44
Bologna & Cheese Small $5.74
Bologna & Cheese Primo® $8.61
Bologna & Cheese Whole $21.84
Big “T” Small $6.89
Big “T” Primo® $10.34
Big “T” Whole $22.99
Audie Small $8.61
Audie Primo® $11.49
Audie Whole $24.14
American Small $6.31
American Primo® $9.19
American Whole $21.84
Abruzzi Small $7.46
Abruzzi Primo® $11.49
Abruzzi Whole $24.14
“R” Special Small $8.61
“R” Special Primo® $11.49
“R” Special Whole $28.74

Cutlet Combos

Chicken Paired with Primo Delicacies. Substitute Grilled Chicken for any Cutlet Combo below.

Whacked Chicken Small $8.04
Whacked Chicken Primo® $11.49
Whacked Chicken Whole $27.59
Chicken Suprimo Small $8.04
Chicken Suprimo Primo® $11.49
Chicken Suprimo Whole $25.29
Chicken Parmigiana Small $8.04
Chicken Parmigiana Primo® $10.91
Chicken Parmigiana Whole $25.29
Chicken Collete Small $8.04
Chicken Collete Primo® $10.91
Chicken Collete Whole $25.29
Buffalo Cutlet Small $8.04
Buffalo Cutlet Primo® $10.91
Buffalo Cutlet Whole $25.29
Bada Boom Small $8.04
Bada Boom Primo® $10.91
Bada Boom Whole $25.29
Bada Bing Small $8.04
Bada Bing Primo® $10.91
Bada Bing Whole $25.29

The “Diablos”

Spicy, Yet Cool – Made With Our Original Blend of Spices

AuDiablo Small $8.61
AuDiablo Primo® $11.49
AuDiablo Whole $26.44
Beef Diablo Small $8.61
Beef Diablo Primo® $12.64
Beef Diablo Whole $28.74
Big “T” Diablo Small $6.89
Big “T” Diablo Primo® $10.34
Big “T” Diablo Whole $22.99
Chicken Diablo Small $7.58
Chicken Diablo Primo® $10.34
Chicken Diablo Whole $25.29
Ham & Cheese Diablo Small $6.89
Ham & Cheese Diablo Primo® $10.34
Ham & Cheese Diablo Whole $22.99
Italian Diablo Small $7.46
Italian Diablo Primo® $10.34
Italian Diablo Whole $24.14
Pork Diablo Small $7.46
Pork Diablo Primo® $10.91
Pork Diablo Whole $22.99
Tuna Diablo Small $6.89
Tuna Diablo Primo® $10.34
Tuna Diablo Whole $25.29
Turkey Diablo Small $6.89
Turkey Diablo Primo® $10.34
Turkey Diablo Whole $22.99
Veggie Diablo Small $6.31
Veggie Diablo Primo® $9.76
Veggie Diablo Whole $21.84

Meatless Delights

A Delicious Treat Without the Meat

Cheese Deluxe Small $5.74
Cheese Deluxe Primo® $8.61
Cheese Deluxe Whole $21.84
Italian Tuna Small $7.46
Italian Tuna Primo® $10.34
Italian Tuna Whole $25.29
Knuckle Sandwich Small $5.74
Knuckle Sandwich Primo® $9.19
Knuckle Sandwich Whole $22.99
Milano Small $5.74
Milano Primo® $9.19
Milano Whole $22.99
Nonna’s Veggies Small $6.31
Nonna’s Veggies Primo® $9.76
Nonna’s Veggies Whole $21.84
Pescara Small $8.04
Pescara Primo® $11.49
Pescara Whole $25.29

Healthy Choice

Lower in Fat or Sodium Content

White Tuna Small $6.31
White Tuna Primo® $9.19
White Tuna Whole $21.84
Tuna Delight Small $7.46
Tuna Delight Primo® $10.34
Tuna Delight Whole $25.29
Slim “T” Small $6.89
Slim “T” Primo® $10.34
Slim “T” Whole $22.99
Healthy Ham & Cheese Small $6.89
Healthy Ham & Cheese Primo® $10.34
Healthy Ham & Cheese Whole $22.99
Healthy Cheese Small $5.74
Healthy Cheese Primo® $8.61
Healthy Cheese Whole $21.84

Primo Hots

Eggplant Parmigiana Small $6.31
Eggplant Parmigiana Primo® $9.76
Eggplant Parmigiana Whole $21.84
Old Fashioned Meatball Small $7.46
Old Fashioned Meatball Primo® $10.34
Old Fashioned Meatball Whole $24.14
Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage Small $7.46
Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage Primo® $10.34
Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage Whole $24.14
Old World Style Meatball Small $7.46
Old World Style Meatball Primo® $10.34
Old World Style Meatball Whole $24.14

Sandwich Toppings

Stuffed Pepper Shooters Small $1.25
Stuffed Pepper Shooters Primo® $2.29
Stuffed Pepper Shooters Whole $5.74
Schwartzie Dressing Small $0.56
Schwartzie Dressing Primo® $0.91
Schwartzie Dressing Whole $1.83
Roasted Red Peppers Small $0.56
Roasted Red Peppers Primo® $0.91
Roasted Red Peppers Whole $1.83
Italian Long Hot Peppers Small $0.79
Italian Long Hot Peppers Primo® $1.48
Italian Long Hot Peppers Whole $2.86
Bruschetta Small $0.91
Bruschetta Primo® $1.83
Bruschetta Whole $3.44
Broccoli Rabe Small $0.45
Broccoli Rabe Primo® $0.91
Broccoli Rabe Whole $1.83

Catering Hoagies Trays

Assorted Tray (Feeds 8–10) $68.99
Deluxe Tray (Feeds 12-14) $91.99
Diablo Tray (Feeds 8-10) $80.49
Healthy Tray (Feeds 8-10) $68.99
Mini Tray (Feeds 5-6) $45.99
Old Italy Tray (Feeds 12-14) $97.74
Specialty Tray (Feeds 8–10) $80.49
Super Deluxe Tray (Feeds 18-20) $110.39
Super-Duper Tray (Feeds 22-25) $133.39
Vegetarian Tray (Feeds 8-10) $68.99

Catering Sampler Platters

Cheese Sampler Small $29.89
Cheese Sampler Large $57.49
Italian Sampler Small $45.99
Italian Sampler Large $80.49
Pepperoni & Cheese Sampler Small $29.89
Pepperoni & Cheese Sampler Large $57.49

Catering Primo® Cookies

Cookie Platter 12 Pc. $13.79
Cookie Platter 18 Pc. $19.54

Brand history

Founded by Colleen and Richard Neigre in July 1992, Primo Hoagies started as a small restaurant on Ritner Street in South Philadelphia serving hoagies. Even though Philadelphia is famous for its superabundance of sandwich stores, clients appreciated the fact that Primo Hoagies was committed to the Italian roots of genuine Philadelphia hoagies. So, pretty soon more locations were opened all over Philadelphia. All of these were successful, which determined the business expansion.

Encouraged by the success in Philadelphia, the company opened a new location outside of this region, in south Jersey. They opened two other successful restaurants in New Jersey and in 2002 decided to start franchising. In ten years since franchising, Primo Hoagies expanded to six states in the Northeast area of the United States of America.

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Even though they expanded to new markets, they stayed true to their roots and still pride themselves on preparing their food only with the freshest ingredients and Thumann’s gourmet meats. They never make sandwiches ahead of time and offer catering platters in all their restaurants.

In 1996 the company won the “Best Hoagies” award from the South Philly Award and since then it has received many awards and recognitions every year.

In the last years more and more restaurants that claimed to be Primo Hoagies’ have appeared, but couldn’t offer the same service and quality food. However, this didn’t affect the franchise’s success and they are permanently looking for locations that are trying to copy their ambiance and menu.

Currently, there are more than 95 Primo Hoagies restaurants you can find in seven US states including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Delaware, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Our review

Primo Hoagies SubThe Primo Hoagies menu focuses mainly on sandwiches and you may have the impression that they have a limited offer, but their selection is very large and there is something for everyone anytime. Most of the sandwiches are served in the authentic Italian style, cold, while some are served hot. Also, they offer many vegetarian options you can choose from.

You can choose to quit on bread and serve your “sandwich in a bowl” or you can choose a low-carb bread or a whole wheat wrap. Also, all the sandwiches come in different sizes. The most wanted are the sandwiches made in the authentic Italian style. The most popular is their “Italian” sandwich which is stuffed with hot capicola, salami, provolone, and prosciutto.

The prices are reasonable and affordable. Expect to pay anywhere between $8 and $10 for a small sandwich, $11 to $15 for a medium-sized hoagie, and around $25 for a Primo sandwich, which is the largest size. The hoagies are ready in a matter of minutes even during the busiest times.

Primo Hoagies restaurants are open and clean, and clients can order at the counter. The staff will prepare your order quickly and serve it in hassle-free paper packing. Plus, the employees are very friendly and helpful with your special demands. They keep the place good-looking permanently and clean the tables as soon as the clients leave.

Primo Hoagies FAQs

At what time does Primo Hoagies open?

Most Primo Hoagies restaurants open at 10:00 a.m. every day. However, it may vary from one location to another and you should check what are the opening hours of the location you are interested in by visiting the restaurant’s official website.

At what time does Primo Hoagies close?

In general, Primo Hoagies restaurants close at 08:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and at 09:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. But again, it depends on the location.

What meat brand does Primo Hoagies use?

Primo Hoagies prides itself on using only Thumman’s meats to prepare its sandwiches.

Where is the original Primo Hoagies located?

The first Primo Hoagies was opened in July 1992 on Ritner Street in South Philadelphia.

Who founded Primo Hoagies?

Primo Hoagies was founded by Colleen and Richard Neigre.

Who owns Primo Hoagies?

Primo Hoagies is owned by Nicholas Papanier Jr. who is also the CEO and president of the company.

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