How Much Does Profile by Sanford Cost?

Last Updated on February 21, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Profile is a weight-loss program made by the researchers at Sanford Health that makes it easy to lose weight, through easy-to-follow steps, personalized for you. The meal plans are backed up by the nation’s largest health system so they’re guaranteed healthy and sustainable.

It’s hard to find a diet with the simplicity, sustainability, and effectiveness that Profile by Sanford offers. With personalized plans based on your specific needs as well as scientifically proven products full of all the essential vitamins and minerals you need daily for healthy living, this program will offer you an easy solution for weight loss.

How much does Profile by Sanford cost?

The cost of the Profile by Sanford program depends on what you sign up for. The “Employer Partner” or “Physician Referral” will cost $150 a year, which is about $3 per week to be an active member. If you don’t have a physician or registered employer referral, then your membership could go as high as $300 (about $6 a week).

They’re one of the companies that offer considerable discounts, which is a huge incentive. For instance, the biggest discount they’ve offered was the $300 membership for only $49 on Groupon, but they often have this membership discounted to about $99.

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These profile plans will include individualized coaching, exercise tips, and stress management strategies. They’ll also offer nutrition plan advice with the purchase of a program. The only thing not included in this fee are the meal products which are an additional cost for members to consider when they join.

You should know that the program gives you up to a 20% discount on meal products if bought through them. With their exclusive membership program, you should set aside around $40-$100 per week, which will cover your food needs.

The program offers a variety of products across its many categories. From breakfast foods to entrees, shakes, and desserts you will be able to find something that fits your taste buds perfectly. A good part about this program is the affordable prices; each product costs $2-$4 so it won’t break the bank. While enrolling in membership for these incredible deals may seem tempting, anyone who does not want monthly commitment fees has an option as well – anyone can buy these products from the official website, even without a membership. You can expect these weight loss plans to be low-carb-based and high in protein.

Megan Carter’s BlogSpot blog notes that while this weight loss program offers many different grocery foods to choose from their prices are not as cheap as they might seem: a 7-serving meal shakes pack costs around $17 and boxes of snacks cost over $14.

How will the profile plan work?

Profile by Sanford ProgramWith a personalized meal plan that includes protein shakes and bars, you’ll never feel like your Profile by Sanford diet is too restrictive or bland. You will get the support of an expert health coach to help you reach body weight loss goals and stay on track with healthy eating habits year-round.

The program offers one-on-one coaching calls for as long as need be in order to give members all they need from day 1 until their goal has been reached – without any extraneous costs. As soon as you join, the program will provide discounts on more than 100 Profile-based products and a smart body scale with a home link bridge.

So, what does the Profile by Sanford program do? Well, it works in 3 phases: Reduce, Adapt, and Sustain. The first phase is designed to put your body into ketosis by eliminating carbohydrates and sugar (aka a “carb-less” diet). Phase 2 is when you are transitioning from losing weight to help maintain this new weight loss that has been achieved through reduced food intake.

And finally, there’s s stage called sustain which means making all nutrition modifications as well as any lifestyle changes permanent so the results don’t go away after coming off the program! These three stages work hand-in-hand for an effective Profile diet plan tailored just for you.

As an active member, you have access to a team of coaches who can help guide and advise every step of the way. You’ll be able to meet with your Profile coach in person or virtually through video chat for reassurance on any goal-related questions that are keeping you awake at night.

You can read a detailed journal in Women’s Health Magazine, which gives you an insight into how the program works for one week.

Reviews on Profile by Sanford

With physical locations around the United States, We only found two actual locations with reviews on Yelp, even though this program has physical locations all around the country. One in Frisco, Texas, and one 1 hour away from Sioux Falls, South Dakota are the two locations that were available for review and both had five-star reviews.

From the reviews, it is clear that many people are in love with the coach provided by this program and have seen life-changing results. In fact, the general rating on their official Facebook page is 4.8/5. Many of them loved the way in which this program stimulates them to be a better version of themselves. One person even wrote about how they were able to get off medication for a heart issue after losing more than 100 pounds.

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