Pure Barre Prices and Fees

You have probably already seen a Pure Barre location if you are living in a large city or its surrounding suburbs in the United States of America. This is a gym where the total-body barre workouts have been inspired by ballet, Pilates, and Yoga, and will transform you both mentally and physically.

Pure Bare gym is specially made to offer women, regardless of their age, a way to complete low-impact workouts, but ones that still have a strong effect. This unique workout program uses different parts of Pilates, yoga, and ballet and includes the use of the barre, exercise balls, and light weights.

Rates charged by Pure Barre are affordable and you will not need to become a member in order to participate in one of their classes. They offer you the possibility to buy individual classes along with bulk classes. In the table below you will find the prices and fees charged by Pure Barre for their services.


Pure Barre Single Class $25.00
First Class $15.00
New Client Special $120.00
One Year Unlimited $1,600.00
Intensive Class – Without Current Package $30.00
Brides: Commit to Fit $400.00
Baby on Board – 3 Months Unlimited (No Contract) $400.00
Mommy Bounce Back – 3 Months Unlimited $400.00
3 Months Unlimited (No Contract) $500.00
6 Months Unlimited (No Contract) $950.00
Pure Barre 5 Classes $110.00
Pure Barre 10 Classes $200.00
Pure Barre 15 Classes $275.00
Pure Barre 20 Classes $350.00
Pure Barre 40 Classes $600.00
Pure Barre Passport – 1 Week Unlimited $60.00
Pure Barre Passport – 3 Class Pack $50.00
1 Month From First Use (new client special) $220.00

Brand History

Pure Barre was founded in 2001 by Carrie Dorr. She started with a small boutique studio in Michigan, but with no intentions to franchise her business. This was until people started to ask if they can open their own gym under this name. So, new locations were opened on the East Coast and on the West Coast. By the year 2012, there were 71 Pure Barre locations opened in 23 states in America.

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Carrie needed liquidity and new infrastructure in order to grow her business, so in 2015 she set up a partnership with WJ Partners. In 2018 Pure Barre was bought by the Xponential Fitness Inc. company.

Nowadays there are more than 200 Pure Barre locations all over the United States and the company continues to expand.

Our review

Pure Barre EquipmentWith the affordable prices charged by Pure Barre, you have access to a wide variety of programs where you can work on different parts of your body. Each session offers a full-body workout which is ideal for beginners, through the use of Pilates, yoga, and aerobic weight training. An average workout class takes 55 minutes starting with a warm-up, followed by a lower-body workout and in the end, a core sculpting will be done. But there are also workouts that take longer, 75 minutes, and are specially made to work on “problem” body areas like the buttocks area, thighs, and abdomen.

Pure Barre offers you the option to choose between a “lite” class which offers a slower-paced workout so if you are new to the program, you can build endurance and strength, and an introductory class that includes all of the moves.

Pure Barre does not apply fees like for traditional membership dues, but these are applied on a class basis. If you want to see if the workout program is for you, you can pay for just one class and the price is $15. In case you like this workout, you can purchase one week of unlimited classes for $60 or one month of unlimited classes for $200. For an individual class, you will have to pay $22. There are different prices for women who want to get in shape in a short period of time for their wedding or for new mothers and these are on average $380 for three months.

Pure Barre FAQs

Can I transform my body at Pure Barre?

At Pure Barre, you can give your body a toned and lean look, strengthen and build your muscles and improve your posture and core strength. Previous customers said that they have seen results after just eight workout sessions.

What does a Pure Barre class look like?

A Pure Barre class is musically-driven and focuses on high-intensity, low-impact movements that tone and strengthen your body. One class takes anywhere between 50 and 75 minutes.

How difficult are Pure Barre classes?

The 55 minutes classes are not that intense, but these are sneaky-hard. You will have to do exercises using a rubber playground ball and 2 to 3 pounds weights for your arms.

What does Pure Barre do for your body?

At Pure Barre, your metabolism is speeded up. Even though these workouts may not look that difficult, you will build lean muscle and burn fat.

Is Pure Bare worth it?

Pure Barre is the ideal option and it will be worth it if you are looking for a low-impact workout that will help you to get toned.

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