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Last Updated on February 28, 2023
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Quiznos is an American fast-food restaurant chain based in Denver, Colorado, that is specialized in serving toasted submarine sandwiches. But their menu also includes soups, salads, flatbreads, desserts, and others.

At some point in time, this restaurant was the largest sub sandwich eatery after Subway, with more than 4,000 locations all over the world in countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Brazil.

The prices charged by Quiznos for the food they serve tend to be a little higher than those you can find at Subway, but that depends on how you compare the two considering the sandwich sizes differ. In the table below you will find the latest Quiznos menu prices, so you can get an idea about how much you should budget for dining here.


Turkey Subs

Basil Pesto Turkey Small $5.75
Basil Pesto Turkey Regular $8.05
Basil Pesto Turkey Large $9.78
Chipotle Turkey Small $5.75
Chipotle Turkey Regular $8.05
Chipotle Turkey Large $10.35
Turkey Bacon Guacamole Small $5.75
Turkey Bacon Guacamole Regular $8.05
Turkey Bacon Guacamole Large $10.35
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Small $5.75
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Regular $8.05
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Large $10.35
Ultimate Turkey Club Small $5.75
Ultimate Turkey Club Regular $8.05
Ultimate Turkey Club Large $10.35

Deli Subs

Classic Italian Small $5.75
Classic Italian Regular $8.05
Classic Italian Large $10.35
Honey Bacon Club Small $5.75
Honey Bacon Club Regular $8.05
Honey Bacon Club Large $10.35
Italian Meatball Small $5.75
Italian Meatball Regular $8.05
Italian Meatball Large $10.35
Lobster & Seafood Small $6.33
Lobster & Seafood Regular $8.63
Lobster & Seafood Large $10.93
The Traditional Small $5.75
The Traditional Regular $8.05
The Traditional Large $10.35
Tuna Small $5.75
Tuna Regular $8.05
Tuna Large $10.35
Veggie Guacamole Small $5.75
Veggie Guacamole Regular $8.05
Veggie Guacamole Large $10.35

Steak Subs

Black Angus Steak Small $6.33
Black Angus Steak Regular $8.63
Black Angus Steak Large $10.93
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Small $6.33
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Regular $8.63
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Large $10.93
Peppercorn Steak Small $6.33
Peppercorn Steak Regular $8.63
Peppercorn Steak Large $10.93
Steak Bacon & Swiss Small $6.33
Steak Bacon & Swiss Regular $8.63
Steak Bacon & Swiss Large $10.93

Chicken Subs

Baja Chicken Small $6.04
Baja Chicken Regular $8.34
Baja Chicken Large $10.64
Carbonara Chicken Small $6.04
Carbonara Chicken Regular $8.34
Carbonara Chicken Large $10.64
Honey Mustard Chicken Small $6.04
Honey Mustard Chicken Regular $8.34
Honey Mustard Chicken Large $10.64
Mesquite Chicken Small $6.04
Mesquite Chicken Regular $8.34
Mesquite Chicken Large $10.64
Pesto Caesar Chicken Small $6.04
Pesto Caesar Chicken Regular $8.34
Pesto Caesar Chicken Large $10.64

Salads & Wraps

Peppercorn Caesar – Salad Half $4.6
Peppercorn Caesar – Salad Full $8.05
Lobster & Seafood – Salad Half $4.6
Lobster & Seafood – Salad Full $8.05
Honey Mustard Chicken – Salad Half $4.6
Honey Mustard Chicken – Salad Full $8.05
Apple Harvest Chicken – Salad Small $4.01
Apple Harvest Chicken – Salad Half $4.6
Apple Harvest Chicken – Salad Full $8.05


Chili Small – 6 oz. $2.88
Chili Regular – 10 oz. $4.6
Chili Large – 16 oz. $5.75
Chicken Noodle Small – 6 oz. $2.88
Chicken Noodle Regular – 10 oz. $4.6
Chicken Noodle Large – 16 oz. $5.75
Broccoli Cheese Small – 6 oz. $2.88
Broccoli Cheese Regular – 10 oz. $4.6
Broccoli Cheese Large – 16 oz. $5.75

The Satisfire

The Satisfire $6.04
Lobster & Seafood
Mac & Cheese with Lobster & Seafood Pasta $8.05
Lobster & Seafood Salad Ciabatta Regular $8.63

Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese With Chicken & Bacon Pasta $6.9
Mac & Cheese Pasta With Chicken $6.9
Mac & Cheese Pasta $5.75

Desserts & Sides

Chips Bag $1.5
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.94
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Small $1.02
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie $1.94
Fudge Brownie $1.94


Includes Small Drink, Activity & Chips or Kids Cookie

Kids Ham & Cheese Sub $4.6
Kids Turkey & Cheese Sub $4.6
Triple Cheese $4.6


Apple Juice Bottle $2.63
Fountain Soda Regular $2.06
Fountain Soda Large $2.29
Gatorade Bottle $2.63
Izze Clementine or Blackberry Bottle $2.63
Sobe Drink Bottle $2.63
Soda Bottle – 20 oz. $2.63
Tea or Lemonade Regular $2.06
Tea or Lemonade Large $2.29
Tropicana Fruit Punch Fountain Regular $2.19
Tropicana Fruit Punch Fountain Large $2.42
Water Bottle – 20 oz. $2.76

Catering Grilled Flatbread Box Lunch

Includes Chips & Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Baja Chicken Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $10.35
Classic Italian Flatbread Box Lunch 2 Pc. $10.35
Honey Mustard Chicken Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $10.35
Mesquite Chicken Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $10.35
Traditional Flatbread Box Lunch 2 Pc. $10.35
Turkey, Ranch, & Swiss Flatbread Box Lunch 2 Pc. $10.35
Ultimate Turkey Club Flatbread Lunch Box 2 Pc. $10.35
Veggie Guacamole Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $10.35

Catering Ciabatta Trays

Chicken Ciabatta Tray Regular – Serves 5 $40.25
Classic Ciabatta Tray Regular – Serves 5 $40.25

Catering Trays

Chicken Sub Tray Regular – Serves 5 $40.25
Chicken Sub Tray Large – Serves 10 $69
Classic Sub Tray Regular – Serves 5 $40.25
Classic Sub Tray Large – Serves 10 $69

Catering Sub Box Lunch

Includes Chips & Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Baja Chicken Sub Box Lunch $10.35
Classic Italian Sub Box Lunch $10.35
Honey Mustard Chicken Sub Box Lunch $10.35
Mesquite Chicken Sub Box Lunch $10.35
The Traditional Sub Box Lunch $10.35
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Sub Box Lunch $10.35
Ultimate Turkey Club Sub Box Lunch $10.35

Catering Party Sub

Chicken Party Sub $69

Catering Grilled Flatbread Trays

Classic Grilled Flatbread Tray Regular – Serves 5 $40.25
Classic Grilled Flatbread Tray Large – Serves 10 $69
Chicken Grilled Flatbread Tray Regular – Serves 5 $40.25
Chicken Grilled Flatbread Tray Large – Serves 10 $69

Catering Salad Bowls

Fresh Garden Salad (For 10) Bowl $28.74
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Bowl $34.5
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Bowl $34.5
Peppercorn Caesar Salad Bowl $34.5

Catering Salad Box Lunch

Includes Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Lunch Box Full $9.2
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Box Lunch Large $9.2
Apple Harvest Chicken Wrap Box Lunch $9.2
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Box Lunch Full $9.2
Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap Box Lunch $9.2
Peppercorn Caesar Chicken Salad Box Lunch Full $9.2
Peppercorn Caesar Chicken Wrap Box Lunch $9.2

Catering Sides

Fresh Garden Salad Serves 10 $28.75
Assorted Chips Serves 10 $13.8
Brownie Tray Serves 10 $16.1
Cookie Tray Serves 10 $16.1
Assorted Dessert Tray Serves 10 $16.1
Bottled Beverages Serves 5 $9.2
Bottled Juice Serves 5 $12.65

Brand history

The Quiznos business was founded in 1981 by Todd Disner and the experienced chef Jimmy Lambatos. The first restaurant was located at the corner of 13th and Grant Streets in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.

The restaurant began franchising after two years and in 1983 offered its first franchises under the name Quiznos American, Inc. Twelve Quiznos locations were opened in the United States by the year 1987.

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In January 1991 Quiznos chain was bought by Rick Schaden and his father Richard Schaden, who renamed it Quiznos Franchise Corp.

In February 1994 Quiznos went public with an initial public offering of one million shares of stock at the price of $5 per share. 103 Quiznos restaurants were opened by the end of 1995.

With 278 locations in the United States of America and Puerto Rico, Quiznos became the number-three submarine sandwich restaurant chain in the world, in 1997. Ten years later, in 2007 Quiznos was at its peak, with more than 5,000 locations.

However, Quiznos decreased from 4,700 U.S. locations to less than 400 between 2007 and 2017. In a decade the franchise lost 90% of its units due to a bad business model, a leveraged buyout, a devastating recession, and tough competition.

In 2018 Quiznos was purchased by California-based High Bluff Capital Partners and maintained its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Currently, more than 350 Quiznos locations are opened all over the world, around 180 international locations, and around 170 in the United States. Most Quiznos locations in the United States are in California.

Our review

Quiznos restaurants are set up in such a way that the kitchen is open and the clients can see how their food is prepared. The sandwiches come with a wide variety of refreshing toppings you can choose from and the bread is always fresh and tasty.

Depending on the size (small, regular, or large), the cost of a chicken sub such as Pesto Caesar Chicken, Mesquite Chicken, Honey Mustard Chicken, Carbonara Chicken, or Baja Chicken is anywhere between $7.50 and $14.50.

In the same price range are the steak subs, which include options such as Peppercorn Steak, Chipotle Steak & Cheddar, Black Angus Steak, and Steak Bacon & Swiss; the deli subs, including Classic Italian, Honey Bacon Club, The Traditional, Veggie Guacamole, Lobster & Seafood, Tuna, and Italian Meatball; the turkey subs, that come in versions such as Basil Pesto Turkey, Turkey Ranch & Swiss,  Ultimate Turkey Club, Chipotle Turkey, and Turkey Bacon Guacamole.

The salads and wraps are priced from $6 to $10, depending on tQuiznos Menu Itemshe ordered size, and you will be able to choose between the Apple Harvest Chicken salad, the Peppercorn Caesar salad, the Lobster & Seafood salad, and the Honey Mustard Chicken salad.

For a soup such as Chicken Noodle, Chili, or Broccoli Cheese you will have to pay $5 to $9, depending on size (small, regular, or large).

The Quiznos menu also includes a Kid’s section with items such as Kids’ Ham & Cheese Sub, Kids’ Turkey & Cheese Sub, and Triple Cheese, which cost around $7 each.

The dessert options include Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Fudge, and Chocolate Chunk Cookie, and cost around $3 each.

The client’s orders are made on the spot, but the waiting time will not be a burden as the staff is friendly and efficient.

Quiznos FAQs

At what time does Quiznos open?

Most Quiznos restaurants open at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday and at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. However, it will vary from one location to another and you should visit their official website to see which are the opening hours of your nearest location.

At what time does Quiznos close?

The majority of the Quiznos restaurants close at 09:00 p.m. every day. But again, it depends on the location and you should verify this information by visiting the restaurant’s official website.

How many Quiznos locations are still open in the United States?

Currently, there are around 170 Quiznos restaurants opened in the United States.

What is Quiznos known for?

Quiznos is easily recognized for its toasted subs.

Does Quiznos toast all of their sub sandwiches?

Yes, every sub sandwich at Quiznos is toasted.

What type of bread does Quiznos offer?

Among Quiznos’s artisan breads, the wheat bread, white bread, flatbread, jalapeno cheddar bread, ciabatta, and rosemary parmesan bread are included.

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