Real Wigs Cost

Real Hair Wigs Cost

Wigs made of natural hair or synthetic fiber are a handy option for many women who face hair loss or who have undergone various treatments (medical or cosmetic) and are looking for a solution that will make them feel beautiful again. If you choose a real hair wig, of premium quality, no one will know you’re wearing a wig.

How much do real hair wigs cost in the US?

The cost of real hair wigs is affected by various factors such as the wigging/construction process and the type of human hair used for the wig, as each hair type is sourced differently. For example, there are virgin, Brazilian, and Remy hair wigs, with the Remy hair wigs being the “premium” type and the most expensive.

The final cost of a real wig is also affected by the whole effort and expenses to get the cap, hair, and other machinery/tools, as well as building up the human hair bundles into a wig. These expenses and efforts will vary from one wig to another, from one country to another, and from one store to another.

Considering all these factors, you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $650 and $5,500 for a real hair wig. Of course, you can find real hair wigs that cost less than $650 or more than $5,500. Though, a wig that costs more than $5,500 (for instance, $10,000) could be just a scam. Also, a wig that costs around $25 most probably is not made of real human hair. And, even if it is, it could be a mix of factory-produced, synthetic hair or its quality could have been compromised.

How much does a real hair wig cost in the UK?

If you want to get a real hair wig in the UK, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between $400 and $4,000. This price range is so wide due to the factors mentioned above, the workmanship, and the source of the hair.

Real hair wigs overview

The hair from which natural hair wigs are usually made comes from China, Europe, India, or Indonesia.

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From the point of view of the degree of processing, human hair used in the manufacturing of natural hair wigs is divided into two categories – raw hair or Remy and processed hair or non-Remy.

Remy hair, or, as it is also called, raw hair, is the veiled hair ornament from the willing donor, preserved whole, with the cuticles overlapping downwards, giving the impression that they are growing from the head. In this way, the hair has a natural appearance, giving you the possibility of easy brushing.

On the other hand, processed hair, used in making natural wigs, involves its processing technique. Processing can be understood as any action done on the hair used for the wig – coloring, chemical separation of the cuticle, and covering of the remaining hair with silicone.

Obviously, processed hair is much more fragile and tangles much faster than raw hair.

Important things to consider

Real Hair WigIf you have decided to buy a natural hair wig, you should know that it requires careful, thorough care, just like you would take care of your own hair. The more attention and care you give to it, the longer the life of your natural hair wig. Specialists advise that if you decide to purchase such a wig, when you want to take care of it, you should use special products for its care.

When you wash your real hair wig, do it with cold water and a special shampoo. Also, after washing, you can use a hair conditioner from the same range. When washing, be careful not to rub too hard, and make gentle movements without rubbing.

Once the natural hair wig has been washed, it is recommended to place it on plastic support, also special, after which gently dab it with a fluffy cotton towel. Or, just as well, you can let them dry by themselves.

As long as the wig is wet, don’t even think about combing it. Combing it will only damage the hairs. Only after drying you are allowed to arrange and/or style it.

The shape of the face is a very important criterion when choosing a wig. Those who have a more oval face can thus choose any type of length or hairstyle. Those who have a rounder face should choose a wig with more volume at the top and with long hair on the sides to give the impression of an elongated face.

Tips for saving money

Synthetic hair wigs are more affordable than natural hair wigs. If a synthetic hair wig costs a minimum of $100, the price of a natural Remy hair wig starts from $800.

Final words

You can find quality natural hair wigs at specialized stores, but also on the Internet. The prices are advantageous, these being, in most cases, the proof of the quality of the wigs. Too cheap a wig, clearly not quality.

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