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If you’re looking for a job but you have a hard time finding something right for you, you should think about hiring a professional to write a cover letter or resume, that will make you stand out. If you need more complex services, then you can pay someone to post your ad on online job finding websites or do job interview coaching with you.

How much should resume services cost?

A professional will usually charge you for a resume anywhere from $50 to $400, depending on several factors like the type of resume and the type of firm you want to get hired by. Adding a thank you letter and a cover created for particular employers will add anywhere from $200 to $700 to the final cost. Adding a cover letter to the package can cost around $50.
There are some high-end firms that charge around $2,500, if not more, for their full package, which will include salary negotiation coaching, in-depth research about the employers, and interview consultation.

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If you have limited funds, there are firms that offer basic editing of an already written resume by you or questionnaires already created by firms.
Some a little more expensive services include consultation by e-mail, phone or even in person.
Even if some services might seem overpriced, they are worth the money. For example, a professional writer knows the latest trends in hiring and resume building and is able to create a personalized resume that is built around the client and covers the needs of the hiring company.
Be sure you know exactly what you’re looking for because services vary from creating an entirely new resume from scratch to modifying the one you already have.
Some categories of people receive free assistance in resume writing when applying for jobs. These are academics, experienced workers, students, and people that move from the military to a private firm. If you’re looking to get hired in the federal government, then you should first check to see if knowledge, skills, and abilities statements are required along with your resume.

You might have to pay for some additional services

One of the most common services needed along the resume is the editing or creation of a cover letter.
Expect to pay around $35 to $50 for follow-up letters or thank-you letters, on top of the price of the actual resume.

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Are there any discounts available?

  • Build your own resumeSome big firms offer discounts to either returning customers or to new ones, depending on their promotional offers, so be sure to check for coupons or vouchers before buying.
  • Some websites offer free automated scripts that will build you a resume after you complete a survey, but they might not be reliable, as they only have a fixed number of questions and the form can’t be edited for specific jobs.
  • If you’re still in school and trying to get hired, it might be a great idea to ask your teachers for help, as they might have courses to help you build your own resume.
  • Some companies offer a thank-you letter or cover letter as a free bonus when you buy one of their resume packages.

Should the average working Joe buy resume services?

If you’re having a hard time finding a job, then the resume you send might be part of the problem. If you don’t have funds to build resumes tailored for each company you try to work with, then at least get a professional to build you a general resume that you can send to any firm.

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