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Last Updated on November 11, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Do you want to make the most out of your terrace and at the same time be protected from the sun? How about installing an awning to shade your balcony or patio?

Adjustable and retractable, the patio awning offers real protection from the sun all year round. It allows you to adjust the intensity of the sun, filters UV rays, and avoids overexposure to the sun on the patio furniture. And above all, it allows you to optimize the thermal performance of your home. In summer, it helps to keep the interior cool for longer, while in autumn, it protects you from the low rays of the sun. Ultimately, it allows you to enjoy the outside of your home late into the evening, protecting you from the nighttime humidity and allows you to create a unique atmosphere using connected equipment.

How Much Does a Retractable Awning Cost?

When talking about the costs of a retractable awning, you should know that there are two categories that come at different prices: motorized and non-motorized awnings. For instance, you will have to pay around $2,400 for a motorized 12’ awning, installed by a local professional, while a non-motorized 12’ awning will cost you around $830 when installed by a local professional, as well.

In the case of the motorized awning, the price estimate mentioned above will not include the electrical expenses which may be necessary in order to provide the system with electricity. You may be able to save some money on the installation costs if you purchase your awning and install it yourself. However, this is not a simple job and you will need some help to finish it.

The price estimates will include the cost of a mid-range retractable awning, the installation supplies, professional installation, and the cleaning after the installation.

Here are the costs for 8’ to 12’ awnings:

  • typical cost average – $830 to $2,400
  • DIY cost average – $440
  • Contractor-installed cost average – $1,600

Retractable awnings – short presentation

Retractable awnings are a modern shading system used by the most demanding homeowners or restaurants. They are made from the best quality materials, resistant both to weather conditions and to the harmful action of the sun’s rays, keeping their properties intact for a long time. Once installed, a retractable awning can serve you for many years, protecting you from the sun, but at the same time giving the place where it is used a bohemian and relaxed look.

As for the range of colors, the awnings can be of countless kinds, depending on the user’s preferences.

As for the drive mode, on the other hand, you have a choice between manual and motorized systems, equipped with an electric motor. When talking about resistance, both alternatives are equally good, but when it comes to the practical side, we have to admit that the motorized ones have some advantages.

Factors affecting the cost of retractable awning

Serviceability and warranty

Retractable Awning ExampleAs with the majority of the products, awnings come with different warranties for the mechanical parts and the fabric covering. For instance, the costs of a lifetime warranty on everything will be higher than five years on the material of the awning, and a ten-year warranty on the mechanical part.


The most popular retractable awning size would be anywhere between 8 and 14 feet wide with a seven-foot projection out from the home. The largest awnings have a projection of 10 to 11 feet and are around 20 feet wide.


Motorized awnings come with feature options such as wind sensors, timers, and other sensors.

Manual vs Motorized

Manual awnings are cheaper but have fewer moving parts that could fail. On the other hand, motorized patio awnings are more expensive, but offer more benefits.


Laminated material is cheaper than woven cloth awnings.

Frame type

Awnings that have frames with a metal front panel come with a higher quality structural support for heavy weather, but their price is $320 to $550 more.

Retail cost of retractable deck and patio awnings

Below you will find the retail prices of the awnings themselves.

Awning costs by type

  1. RV-style manual awnings – $680 to $2,250, installed
  2. Motorized retractable awnings – $2,580 to $5,150
  3. Manual retractable awnings – $210 to $3,900

Awning costs by size

Below you will find the average prices of both motorized and manual awnings.

  • 6-inch awnings: $220 to $700
  • 8-inch awnings: $310 to $1,200
  • 10-inch awnings: $350 to $1,340
  • 12-inch awnings: $500 to $1,690
  • 14-inch awnings: $790 to $2,350
  • 16-inch awnings: $1,170 to $2,990
  • 18-inch awnings: $1,650 to $3,900
  • 20-inch awnings: $1,980 to $4,430
  • 22-inch awnings: $2,500 to $4,750
  • 24-inch awnings: $3,240 to $5,700

Installation, Inspection, and Permits costs

You will not need a permit for installing retractable awnings, so these costs will be zero.

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In case you want to install a motorized awning, you will need an electric source and an inspection may be required. Be prepared to spend anywhere between $85 and $270 on it.

Installation time

A crew will need three to five hours to install a retractable awning.

Cost of installation labor

In general, the installation comes at a fixed cost based on the type and size of the retractable awning.

A two-person crew will be able to install an awning up to around 14 feet wide and you will have to pay them $260 to $420.

A three-person crew will be able to install awnings that are wider than 14 feet and you will have to pay them $360 to $570.

Cost of awning accessories

  • Aluminum awning hood: $410 to $560
  • Awning cleaning kit with brush and cleaner: $90 to $120
  • Vinyl awning cover: $110 to $150
  • Wall-mounted wireless switch: $80 to $120
  • Wireless wind sensor: $230 to $290
  • Side curtains: $130 to $320
  • LED light set: $85 to $140

Hire a pro of DIY?

If you choose to purchase a retractable awning online, the seller will provide you with a guide that contains all the installation instructions. Due to the awning’s size, most of the manufacturers recommend a crew of two to three people. Also, sellers provide professional installation through a network of independent installers.

However, even if you have limited DIY experience in installing retractable awnings, you can perform this job pretty easily.

How to use the awnings?

As we said above, retractable awnings can be operated manually or automatically depending on the system chosen in their case. So, when the sun is giving you trouble, all you have to do is pull up the awning and enjoy the shade.

The motorized system is of course easier to use than the manual one. But that doesn’t mean a manual awning will give you a headache to operate, and if you’re the romantic and dreamy type of person, you might find the experience of closing and opening a manual awning even more enjoyable.

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