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After several years in which only smaller companies based their business on smartwatches, now, major technology companies decided it is time to make their entrance on the market. After Samsung (Galaxy Gear Smart Watch) and Qualcomm (Toq Smart Watch) presented their first intelligent watches, Sony has returned on the market with the latest product (Sony SmartWatch 2), Google and Apple also launched their own versions of the smartwatch.

When everyone was focusing on the development of smartwatches, someone thought to make a tool to measure time, from a ring. Gusztav Szikszai, a 26 years old Hungarian, thought to those that don’t want to wear a wristwatch nor to check their mobile phone in order to find out what time it is.

When did it appear and how much does the Ring Clock cost?

The Ring Clock was launched in 2014 and costs about 295 dollars. It comes in several colors and sizes for each finger.

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The ring is just three millimeters thick and looks the same as many other jewelry pieces, just a little wider. The clock is made of three other rings that rotate independently around the ring main. The first ring, somewhat wider, displays the hour, the center ring displays the minutes and the thinner one displays the seconds.

To find out the exact time, the user must move the ring on the finger and immediately the figures corresponding to hour, minute, and seconds get lightened because of the LED lights. The light can be orange or blue.

When the user twists the rings, the watch displays the exact time, with accuracy, for 15 seconds by using blue or orange LED lights.Ring Watch Look
Currently, the ring must be charged with a wireless power pad that comes with the ring, but, in the future, the inventor plans to use kinetic energy power.

Here are some technical features:

  • It has a 3 years battery lifetime and the replacement service can be done only in the factory.
  • It has an ultra-thin rechargeable lithium polymer battery of 8mAh.
  • The battery charges in a maximum of 2 hours and it is not recommended to charge the Ring Clock continuously for days, because that would ruin the battery.
  • In normal use, meaning 50 activations per day, the Ring Clock’s battery lasts 1 week, or 2 hours if you use it constantly.
  • After you rotate it, the lightening time is about 15 seconds and 5 seconds in case of a low battery.
  • The light is a safe ultra-thin LED, that may be orange or blue.
  • It is water-resistant; it has been tested for bathing, showering, swimming, and even fishing.
  • The charger is a wireless power pad with a universal 110-240 AC DC USB plug.
  • The time can be set by pressing the buttons from the charger pad.
  • The Ring Clock’s body material is made of 316L surgical stainless steel
  • You have a 1-year warranty.
  • The Ring Clock has 14 mm,0.551 in, width; 3-3.5 mm, 0.118-0.134 in, thickness; 16,9-23,8mm, 0.666-0.938 in, inside diameter.
  • You can find the Ring Clock available in 2 LED colors, blue and orange, and in 18 different sizes.

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Should the average working Joe get a ring clock?

Its price isn’t one you should ignore. At $295, this ring watch is a pretty expensive gadget. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. Especially if you work in an environment where you can’t or aren’t allowed to wear a phone or wristwatch. Before you get a ring watch, be sure to check that buying it won’t risk your financial security.

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