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Roll Off Dumpster Rental Cost

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Cost

A roll off dumpster is a container that you can rent for a certain amount of time and then have it rolled away when your business or project has concluded. The price will depend on the size, length of the rental period, weight capacity, as well as other factors specific to each customer’s needs.

How much does it cost to rent a roll off dumpster?

Renting a roll off dumpster for anywhere from three to four days can cost you somewhere between $280 and $700, based on the capacity (a normal capacity will be between 10-40 cubic yards) and other factors that we already mentioned above. Because of the many factors that will have to be taken into account, itțs pretty hard to calculate the exact price.

Size Average PRICE
10 yard $350
15 yard $400
20 yard $450
30 yard $500
40 yard $550

When renting a dumpster, you’ll need to answer several questions before the company can provide an accurate price. First off, they will want to know how much garbage is going into it; are there any hazardous materials? Second of all, what type of items, in particular, do you plan on throwing out? What’s your location and when do you need it? You will also be asked for how long do you intend to use their rental service.

Websites like the one from Hometown Dumpster Rental created informative guides, telling us what we should look out for when renting a dumpster. Inside their guide, they say the largest factor, when receiving a quote, will be the fees to dump at a local landfill. If, for example, the local landfill charges $55 per ton, then this cost will be passed onto the company you hire and can’t be negotiated.

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Any additional expenses to expect?

Due to the fact that there are a number of different fees associated with trash disposal, it can be hard to know exactly how much you will have to pay without getting an itemized bill. Some companies may include landfill tonnage fees and fuel/environmental surcharges in addition to your regular price for service. Be sure to ask about all the costs before committing.

You may need to get a permit from your local building and/or zoning department before renting a dumpster, so it’s important you check with them first. If they say yes, just do everything that is asked and pay the fees when due.

Extending a roll-off dumpster for too long can cost you more in the end. If you go over the number of days on your contract, most companies will charge an additional $10 per day – and prices might be higher depending on the company you are renting from.

The landfill charges by the ton. If you go over your set capacity of how many tons a dumpster can hold, then that will incur an additional cost of around $30-$100 per ton (2,000 pounds). Your original quote for disposal or recycling includes how many tons are allowed in each container.

How much you pay for your dumpster rental is dependent on the type of waste material, as well. For example, green wastes will cost less than other non-toxic household items because they are biodegradable and easier to dispose of. However toxic or infectious materials may have an additional charge due to their difficulty in disposal; some companies might even demand more money if hazardous substances such as old tires, computer parts with Freon inside them, or dangerous chemicals like paint thinner were disposed of within the trash bin instead.

Fuel surcharges could be applied if the company has to drive outside its delivery zone.

Important things to consider

Rolloff ContainersA roll up dumpster is the most convenient way to get rid of your garbage. It’s basically a metal container on wheels that will be delivered by truck and rolled onto the site when you’re ready to use it.

There are a variety of sizes available when it comes to these dumpsters, including 10, 15, 20, and 30 yards. Every single one should have rear-opening doors that range from four feet high all the way up to eight feet.

Dumpsters can be a pain to move but they also have more weight than you might think. The long-term damage that they could potentially cause to the asphalt or concrete is immense so it’s worth investing in some pieces of wood for an easy workaround. Find 2×4 pieces of wood and place one under each foot, then take your time when moving this heavy object around.

You should always ask about the size of a dumpster before you rent it. This will affect how much money you have to pay, so make sure that your rental is large enough for what needs disposed of. If not, you will have to double-up on cost and just rent it twice.

Any way to spend less?

When you’re looking for a dumpster rental company, be sure to get quotes from several different companies. Prices can vary across the country, so it’s important that you find out as much information about each one before booking with them. When getting a quote and price estimate always make sure of what is included in your quote – are things like mileage charges or fuel surcharges going to come into play? And if they do include such fees, how high will those costs actually be once all calculations have been made? Additionally, keep an eye on customer reviews online when researching reputable businesses; which would YOU rather use: A new business without any feedback but low prices ($200) OR someone who has thousands of five-star ratings with costs of around $250?

You might want to talk with your neighbors and let them know you’re renting a dumpster. You’ll be able to see if they also need to use these services to throw some big items and you might be able to split the costs with them.

If you have the opportunity to donate or sell some of your items, do it! In a lot of cases this may not be possible, but when it is possible donating and giving away enough of the goods that you call trash but are still usable, can significantly reduce costs.

Avoid online brokerage sites, as they will give you an inflated price. If your city has a dumpster rental service available to residents only, go for that instead, as it usually is a lot cheaper.

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