How Much Does Roloff Farm Wedding Venue Cost?

Last Updated on January 26, 2024
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Roloff Farms has long been one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Helvetia, Oregon. The charming farm setting and connection to the famous Roloff family on “Little People, Big World” draws couples from around the country.

But with its rising popularity come questions about cost and whether Roloff Farms fits your budget. This article provides an in-depth look at Roloff Farms wedding packages, pricing structure, and tips for planning a dream farm wedding.

How Much Does a Roloff Farm Wedding Venue Cost?

Roloff Farms offers all-inclusive wedding packages to simplify planning. Packages provide use of the grounds, tables/chairs, lighting, and more. The overall cost depends on your selected wedding date and package.

The Basic Package

The Basic Package provides a simple farm wedding for 50 guests on Mondays-Thursdays. It includes:

  • Garden ceremony and outdoor reception site
  • Folding chairs and cocktail tables
  • Bridal suite access
  • Parking attendants
  • Staff for set up/clean up

Cost: $7,000

The Classic Package

The Classic Package serves 75 guests on Fridays & Sundays. It includes:

  • Indoor ceremony in the barn
  • Outdoor tented reception
  • Tables, chairs, linens, and farmhouse centerpieces
  • Bridal suite access
  • Parking attendants
  • Staff for set up/clean up

Cost: $12,000

The Luxe Package

The Luxe Package is for 100 guests on Saturdays. It includes:

  • Ceremony in the garden
  • Barn reception with chandeliers
  • Luxe furnishings and décor
  • Bridal suite access
  • Parking attendants
  • Staff for set up/clean up

Cost: $17,000

Distractify has an article that discusses the history of wedding services offered at Roloff Farms, mentioning that in 2020, couples could have the venue for two-hour blocks of time with 25 guests at a cost of $850. However, it is stated that the farm is no longer offering this service.

The article also provides insights into the cost of getting married at Roloff Farms based on past experiences, indicating that it could range from $500 to $2,500, depending on the circumstances.

WeddingChicks features a real wedding at Roloff Farms and provides details about the wedding budget, including the venue cost, which was $500 due to it being featured on TV. The article also mentions that the overall cost of the wedding was approximately $20,000.

Overview of Roloff Farms Wedding Venue

Set on 34 acres in Helvetia, Oregon, Roloff Farms provides a quaint, rustic wedding venue unlike any other. The working farm features barns, silos, gardens, and old growth timber, creating a relaxing countryside setting.

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As seen on “Little People, Big World,” from TLC, the farm is owned by Matt and Amy Roloff. They opened the grounds for weddings and events in 2007. Roloff Farms now hosts over 100 weddings per year.

The venue includes indoor and outdoor sites for both the ceremony and reception. Popular spots are the barn reception hall, ceremony garden, and wedding tent. Roloff Farms provides a charming backdrop for any farm-style wedding.

Factors Influencing Roloff Farms Wedding Costs

Roloff Farms wedding costs depend on your selected package, date, and extras. Here are key factors determining your total budget:

Date and Season

Peak wedding season at Roloff Farms runs May through October. Saturday dates in summer and fall are most expensive. Winter wedding rates are lower.

Guest Count

Pricing is based on guest counts of 50, 75, or 100. Extra guests can be added for a per-person fee.


Add-ons like catering, luxury rentals, and wedding coordination add to your overall cost.

Budgeting and Planning Your Roloff Farms Wedding

Roloff Farm Rustic WeddingWhen planning your Roloff Farms wedding, follow these tips for maximizing value:

  • Book on an off-peak date to save on rates
  • Select a package to fit your vision and guest count
  • Get price estimates for all additional rentals early
  • Hire a coordinator familiar with the venue
  • Compare with other Portland farm venues on pricing

As one of the most exclusive venues in Oregon, Roloff Farms commands a premium price. But couples report it was worth the investment for a unique, elegant farm wedding.

How Roloff Farms Compares to Similar Venues

Roloff Farms is on the high end for Portland-area wedding venue rates but offers added value:

  • Most inclusive wedding packages in the region
  • Unique on-site photo ops and celebrity connection
  • All-inclusive flat rates, not hourly rental fees
  • Top amenities like bridal suite, décor, staffing

For comparison, similar Portland luxury barn venues average:

  • Ceremony and reception: $8,000 – $15,000
  • Ceremony only: $3,500 – $7,000
  • Reception only: $6,000 – $12,000

Overall, Roloff Farms delivers outstanding service, amenities, and memories worth the price for many couples.

Real Couples Describe Getting Married At Roloff Farms

Here are first-hand reviews from brides on the value of a Roloff Farms wedding:

“It was an investment, but worth every penny for the idyllic pumpkin farm setting.” – Sarah M.

“Our photos are unbelievable! We will treasure the memories.” – Theresa D.

“The staff attended to every detail. Well worth the money.” – Natalie R.

Many couples agree that while Roloff Farms stretches their initial wedding budget, the venue delivers lasting memories and professional service that validate the cost.

Conclusion and Final Tips for Booking Roloff Farms

Roloff Farms offers engaged couples beautifu wedding ceremonies and receptions surrounded by rustic farm beauty. While pricing reaches the higher end, its packages simplify planning while including top amenities, décor, and service.

Booking this exclusive Portland-area venue requires proper budgeting and expectations. But Roloff Farms’ unique setting and charm provide dream weddings that many describe as worth the investment.

When selecting your special venue, weigh the value of exceptional service, convenience and setting against the overall cost. For many, Roloff Farms’ allure and memories make it a sound wedding investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest wedding package at Roloff Farms?

The most affordable package at Roloff Farms is their Basic Package starting at $7,000. This provides a simple farm wedding for 50 guests on weekdays.

What is included in Roloff Farms wedding packages?

Packages include use of the grounds, ceremony and reception sites, tables/chairs, lighting, parking staff, and coordination. Upgrades like catering, rentals, and décor cost extra.

How much does it cost per guest at Roloff Farms weddings?

With packages based on set guest counts, per-person pricing ranges between $140-$200 per head. Adding extra guests is around $150/person.

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