Roloff Farm Wedding Cost

Roloff Farm Wedding Cost

The Roloff Farm pumpkin spot is among the popular wedding event settings in Helvetia, Oregon. It tends to get loaded with fans of the television program “Little People, Big World” that airs on the TLC cable television network. Each location of this place produces a special event background, from a gorgeous homey backyard setting to a fairy tale wonderland, or, if needed, even the traditional outdoor location that is complete with a crystal chandelier and a gazebo.

Just how much does a Roloff farm wedding event cost?

According to some reports online, even though some of them not 100% verified, the rental charge for a wedding event at the Roloff Farm will cost about $2,500 ~, plus tax for the wedding event and reception. The farm is limited with bookings and is not very public about the prices. This will not include catering and any additional bonus such as food and drink expenses. The price of catering and beverage, as the farm does not provide this alternative, will significantly depend on the professional you work with for the occasion.

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On the website WeddingChicks, somebody did get wed at Roloff Farms, noting she paid only $500 for the location due to the fact that it was recorded on tv and made into a show. However, This charge would be $2,500 if you didn’t have it broadcasted. When all the expenses were factored in, such as the catering, leasings, alcohol, and Do It Yourself designs, she had actually paid somewhere closer to $20,000.

Roloff farm wedding event summary

Roloff farm rustic weddingIn addition to the land, there are sheds and restored barns, all of which will be provided as an event site or location alternative. The Roloff Farm was broadened with the purchase of an 80-acre property right next to the farm in 2010. Whether you are looking for a basic or extravagant, formal, or fun wedding event, this place in Oregon uses flexible indoor and outdoor areas for all the wedding events. Erica, the bride that made her wedding public on WeddingChicks, that we talked about earlier, opted for the barn.

What are the additional expenses?

The cake, photography, alcohol, and designs all have to be considered inside the budget, aside from the place rental charge and food and drink cost.

Tips to remember:

The Roloff Farm is a relatively popular pumpkin farm. It is situated in Helvetia, Oregon, only 3 miles from the Helvetia Roadway exit and HIghway 26. It is owned by Amy and Matt Roloff, who in 1990 purchased a fixer-upper farmhouse on 34 acres in Helvetia. Roloff worked to establish Roloff Farm, which now includes pumpkins, a three-story treehouse, a pirate ship on a lake, a regulation soccer field, a volleyball court, a full-size Middle ages castle, underground tunnels, and a mine shaft.

On an older post that currently is unavailable, someone did experience a wedding event here first hand. Inside her article, she published photos and discussed her positive experience, making it seem like a very pleasant place to visit. In the end, it all comes down to what you imagine your wedding will look like. If a very nice pumpkin farm with a lot of activities is what you are looking for, then the Roloff farm will be perfect for you.

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    In my opinion, Amy should have maintained her house and share of the property and then did a bed and breakfast. She has a cooking show and lives to bake. There would be no shortage of bookings.


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