Santa Costume Cost

If you want to enchant the little ones for the winter holidays, it is good to find out in advance how much a Santa costume costs. You can find bargain price offers to embody the generous old man who is expected with a quiver full of gifts for good children. For example, you can find a complete Santa costume at prices starting from $10.

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching, so caring parents and grandparents alike want to know where to find a Santa costume. Many of them do not want to spend a fortune to enter the role of the old man who, as if by magic, gives gifts to good children from all over the world, in one night.

Prices for Santa’s costume start at $10. The set includes a pair of pants, a coat, a belt, a beard with a mustache, and a hat. Those who want to get into the character’s skin have different accessories available, but the prices increase depending on the quality of the products.

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For example, a flared belly costs $30, a Santa hat made of satin cotton and white fur costs $25, and a set that includes a beard and a Santa wig is sold for $40, according to the offer from one online store. At the same time, you could consider buying a pair of boots specific to the costume that costs almost $70. Those are the minimum prices.

If you want to opt for a complete Santa Claus costume, which has a cape of almost 1.5 meters long, beard, wig, glasses, white gloves, but also a bell, be prepared to take $200 out of your pocket.

Santa Claus CostumeThough, if you are not looking like Santa you are not going to be Santa so it is extremely important to nail the look, and the red suit is just the first step, which should look regal and snowy. The price for a good quality one varies from $800 to $1200 and because the children can be sloppy the majority of Santa may need more than one suit.

The next step in creating the perfect look is the boots, as well as a thick leather belt and buckle, which costs between $250 and $400. The secret is customization so many Santa to be will also buy pouches or magic keys. Only one button can cost between $6 and $75.

The area also further costs besides the actual suit and accessories. There are the day-to-day expenses like dry cleaning, which can cost $50 to $150 each time. Plus the necessary personal grooming, such as beard bleaching to get your facial hair that archetypal silvery-white, which can get out of your pocket about $100 to $200 per season. It is a must also trimming nose and ear hair.

If you find the investment a bit large, you can rent a Santa costume for a day. The costume, which includes the suit, belt, hat, and gift bag, costs $35.

Also, if you are not into dressing up as Santa in order to make your children a surprise you have the possibility to rent a professional Santa, but it can cost between $150 and $300 an hour, depending on location, services, and quality. For instance, their travel time will make a huge difference in cost. If you’re scheduling a performer during the holiday season – the busiest time of the year – and they are 100 miles away, you’ll likely pay more. For example, their travel time will make a big difference in cost. If you’re renting a performer during the holiday season, which is the busiest time of the year and they are more than 100 miles away, you’ll probably pay more.

After all, the most important accessory needed to be Santa, though, is one that can’t be bought. It is all about having the warm and loving heart of Santa.

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