SCiO Cost

SCiO Cost

SCiO is a very interesting device whose story started on Kickstarter, a well-known platform for various new projects. They needed about $200,000 to launch the project but managed to raise over 2 million dollars, being placed at a time in the top 5 projects funded on Kickstarter. SCiO is a cool idea that will help you eat healthy and more, so here are some things about it.

SCiO sensor was developed by an Israeli company named Start-up Consumer Physics. This sensor primarily consists of a network of spectrometers working with an infrared sensor. Hold the small sensor beside various foods, and it will analyze the information such as the ingredients, their maturity, the fat content or the calories, and then the data will be sent into a cloud. After an evaluation of less than a second, the information will be downloaded on the application from your phone, compatible with Android and iOS.

SCiO is a pocket molecular sensor wherewith you can scan food, medicine, and much more. It’s a device so small that you can put it on the key chain. The battery lasts for about a week and can be charged with a MicroUSB cable (like a phone charger).

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How much does SCiO cost?

SCiO’s price starts from $249 and for a complete package and licenses, it can go up to $449.

SCiO recognizes even the pills’ ingredients. With this device, the patient can find out if the pills are 100% as written on the package, or if there are only the so-called placebos. But there are also other things that can be analyzed by the sensor like the water content of a plant or the body fat percentage.

Analyzing food, liquids, and medicines is very well managed by SCiO, and the complete analysis reaches the user quickly.

Now, there are many developers that took possession of the SCiO development kits. Those from SCiO said on Kickstarter that the application compatible with the device was already created. Basically, SCiO will synchronize with your phone application and you will receive real-time information about what scan, like vegetables, fruits, medicines, and other materials or physical elements.

You can find out many details about the organic elements from a material or food. The functionality also applies to meds. Imagine that you can see the substances within certain pills. Basically, the usage scenarios and development opportunities are multiple. The important thing is to get as many developers as possible involved in this project.

The device can already be pre-ordered in various forms like developer kits, sets for education, enterprise solutions, and standard devices for end-users.

The cheapest version costs $249, but if you put a pre-order now you get all the developed applications and a 2 years license for free. Price does not include shipping costs or the charges specific to each country. However, you will not be charged until dispatch. The first units will be delivered in July 2016.Scanning with SCiO

Do you want to know how sweet a melon is before you buy it? Scan it!
Do you want to know how fresh some vegetables are? Scan them!
Do you want to know how many calories contains a shake? Scan it!
Right, it’s that simple!

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Should the average working Joe get SCiO?

This is a device especially important if you’re trying a new treatment and you fear that you aren’t getting what you pay for, or if you have a child and you want to make sure you only give him healthy food. It’s a great gadget that could someday change your life. Although this isn’t an expensive product, as for everything else, before buying it, be sure that getting it won’t put you over the edge financially.

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