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Individual self-makeup course: the best investment you can make is the investment in you!

Makeup has been part of a woman’s life since antiquity. Over time, it has evolved both in technique and in the products used, reaching today the most elaborate formulas: transfer-resistant, moisturizing, mattifying, illuminating, or with sun protection factor, all these qualities being found in the foundations, lipstick, powder, etc. At an individual self-makeup course, you can learn how to make-up yourself in record time and, perhaps most importantly, how to enhance your natural beauty.

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In a society where time is no longer waiting for us, and everything happens in a hurry, a society in which women are in high demand both at work and at home, free time must be carefully measured, so that sometimes they have to put on makeup at a traffic light.

For this type of woman, chic, but always busy, there have been designed individual self-makeup courses that helps you to be fast in your beauty ritual, to achieve a correct makeup, resistant all day, natural and to highlight what you have more beautiful but, at the same time, to hide your flaws.

If you want to have an easier morning routine, in such a course you will learn how to do “cleaning in the makeup kit”, giving up inappropriate products, maybe even expired (but which is not easy to give up because you invested a lot of money, didn’t you?) colors or textures that don’t match our skin type or eye color. After that, you will complete the kit with beauty items that will ease your work, such as a necessary kit of makeup brushes or some professional “star” products!

The makeup steps you go through are:

  1. Applying the makeup base (primer, foundation, foundation optimizer, as appropriate);
  2. Eyebrow make-up (both with the illuminator pencil method and with the help of eyeshadow and concealer);
  3. Eye make-up (progressive make-up);
  4. Corrector application;
  5. Applying the powder;
  6. Cheek make-up and cheekbones;
  7. Applying the products for the lips;
  8. Applying the mascara.

The curriculum for basic course contains:

  • color theory and its importance in makeup;
  • correcting facial imperfections using color theory;
  • skin types;
  • the right choice of makeup products and utensils;
  • correct application of the makeup base;
  • day makeup;
  • corrective makeup based on lights and shadows;
  • finding the type of makeup that best suits your eye shape;
  • transforming daytime makeup into evening makeup;
  • evening/occasion makeup;
  • applying false eyelashes.

The specialized course involves theory and practice on one of the makeup styles below:

  • day makeup;
  • smokey eyes makeup;
  • classic evening makeup (banana);
  • Italian evening makeup (Sophia Loren style);
  • 1950s makeup (Marilyn Monroe style);
  • Arabic makeup;
  • corrector makeup.

Self Makeup Red LipsPeople who participate in the specialized course must initially go through a basic course.

Generally, the practice is done with the client’s products (it is useful to be able to learn how to use them correctly) if they exist. In addition to them, all the necessary products and utensils are available.

Keep in mind that all information is personalized and is taught according to the physiognomy, skin type, and clothing style of the student. No general information is provided.

The price for a course varies depending on the number of students present at a session. The price for an individual, the basic self-makeup course is $160 (course duration 2 days, 2 hours/day), while you will pay $200 for a basic group make-up course (minimum 2 people, $100/person – course duration 2 days, 2 hours/day).

Should you attend such a course? Definitely yes, if you want:

  • to be able to make your own professional make-up;
  • to understand how to combine colors to get sensational effects;
  • to learn how to realize your make-up according to your features;
  • to learn how to highlight your strengths and hide your small imperfections.

In conclusion, the main objective of this individual makeup course is to facilitate individual makeup, achieving a durable, beautiful, and correct makeup, respecting the basic principles of makeup techniques developed by professionals.

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