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Sharon Laday’s Net Worth

Sharon Laday is an American angel investor and entrepreneur, who reached the public’s attention after she appeared in a Mr. Lewis TitkTok video. Mr. Lewis is a popular TikToker who asks random people about their net worth. In the TikTok video, Laday said that she makes around $50 million per year and owns stocks in Versace. This sum of money is much more than the net worth of celebrities like Tina Louise, Nikki Reed, or John Schneider.

In this article, we are going to talk about Sharon Laday’s childhood, teenage years, net worth, career, and private life.

What is Sharon Laday’s net worth?

Currently, Sharon Laday has a net worth of $19 million. She started working in 1996 and since then had different jobs and amassed this fortune.

Over time, Sharon Laday was a mentor, board member, and co-leader for various start-ups. To get an idea, in the USA, a startup mentor earns around $5,000 per month and $64,000 per year.

Also, Sharon was a co-leader of two different companies. She made around $10,000 per month and $120,000 per year as a business co-leader.

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As a member of the Board of Directors in various organizations, Sharon Laday earns $80,000 per year and $6,000 per month. Moreover, as an angel investor, Sharon makes $16,000 per month and $200,000 annually.

At this moment, Sharon Laday works as a Senior Director for the ServiceNow company.

Childhood and teenage years

Sharon Laday was born in Huston, Texas, in the United States, on June 1, 1974, into a Christian family. Though, there is no other public information about her family background, parents, brothers, or sisters.

Sharon attended the courses at Texas A&M University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After that, she attended the Columbia Business School, where she earned an MBA.


Sharon is very active in her professional life. She started her career in 1996 by working as an Operating System Engineer II & III at Sprint company.

Between 1998 and 1999, she worked as a Data Management Product Expert for the Electra enterprise.

Between October 1999 and July 2001, Sharon was hired at Datalink company as Enterprise Data Systems Engineer.

Her main duties at these jobs involved the implementation of high-availability/disaster recovery infrastructure and leading the technical side.

In 2001, after she left her job at Datalink, Sharon was an intern at Cisco Systems for four months. After a few years, Sharon sold her networking business called Andiamo Systems to Cisco Systems.

She collaborated with Veritas Technologies LLC between June 2003 and March 2004. Sharon was the Financial Services Vertical Marketing Manager of this company.

Sharon Laday was promoted to Senior Marketing Manager at Dell EMC in 2007. Also, she worked for Wimba Inc. as Director of Corporate Strategy & Development between 2007 and 2013.

For six years, Sharon worked on different transactions, such as conducting market analysis and partnering. Also, she worked for more than two years for The College Board. This is an American non-profit organization that has the mission to facilitate access to higher education.

Laday was the organizer and co-leader of the New York EdTech Meetup between 2011 and 2014. Also, since 2010 Sharon is a board trustee at Helene Fuld College of Nursing in New York.

Sharon Laday CloseupBetween April 2013 and January 2016, Sharon Laday was the Vice President of Macmillan New Ventures. In this period of time, she created growth strategies for new submarkets and oversaw international strategic alliances.

Similar to Elon Musk, Sharon Laday developed third-party go-to-market strategies for eight portfolio companies and had partnerships with portfolio CEOs.

She worked for the Marinda Management LLC in New York as a SaaS Startup Consultant between 2016 and January 2017. After she left this company, Laday was hired by IBM as a Blockchain Ecosystem Leader. Her main tasks included the negotiation of joint sales and partner contracts. Also, in order to increase Blockchain adoption, Sharon made a collaboration agreement and entered the go-to-market ecosystem with fifty businesses.

In July 2020 Sharon Laday left IBM and started working for Metaprise Solutions, Inc. as a Growth Product Management Consultant until April 2021. After that, she started to work full-time as a Senior Director and Partner Enablement offering at ServiceNow.

Starting with February 2022, as an angel investor at Golden Seeds, Sharon invested in various startups. Some of the startups Sharon invested in include the storage networking company Andiamo Systems, which was bought by Cisco Systems, and the EdTech company Wimba, which was purchased by Blackboard Inc.

Also, she is a mentor at OneValley and an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc and Five Pearl Organization. Moreover, Sharon Laday is a is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at many summits.

Currently, Sharon Laday is the President of the Sigma Nu Zeta Chapter, among other positions she holds at other companies and organizations.

Private life

As Sharon Laday is not very active on social media, we couldn’t find a lot about her private life. For instance, she has only six posts on LinkedIn and four tweets on her Twitter account. It seems that she is more focused on making money than making her personal life public. Also, it is assumed that Sharon is single at this moment.

According to the Mr. Lewis TikTok clip, Sharon has houses in Los Angeles and New Hampton, where she spends her winter and summer.

Final words

The angel investor and entrepreneur, Sharon Laday has dozens of years of experience in the blockchain industry. Also, she has a lot of knowledge regarding enterprise infrastructure solutions and educational technologies.

She is a real role model for all women around the world, from whom we can learn that it is possible to achieve success and keep a private profile at the same time.

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