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Singorama 2.0 Cost and Comprehensive Review

Singorama Cost and Review

Singorama Review OfficialWe didn’t have a great first impression of this item at first, due to the fact that we believed the name was pretty ridiculous. However, after an extensive and comprehensive assessment of this course, we need to give it the credit it should have received.

The owner Melanie Alexander is a very known and successful Australian pop singer from the 90’s band Girlfriend that has actually sold Platinum records at that time when mp3 was not yet something people knew about.

As a vocalist, Melanie has actually been there, done that, in the real-life of expert singing. When picking singing coaches, the most essential thing is to try to find out is if the instructor can really sing. If not, you should move on.

If so, the next issue you should have would be – Can Melanie teach? After taking a close look at this program, I will tell you the most significant strengths and weak points of this program, so you can decide if it’s for you.

Singorama 2.0 Review Summary

  • Item: Singorama 2.0
  • Description: Singorama 2.0 is a full online singing course created by the Australian Singer/Vocal Coach Melanie Alexander and partners to offer vocalists a well-round training for singing.
  • Cost: $97 AUD (approx. $68 USD).
  • Best for: Starting to Intermediate level vocalists.
  • Item Ranking: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Singorama 2.0 – The Remarkable Training Platform

After acquiring the course, we instantly logged on to the training website to have a look at what’s in fact in it.

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The first time we visited, we were welcomed with a greeting video by Melanie with a big smile, which is quite nice and refreshing to take a look at for a start.

Nevertheless, what comes below is a little bit of a turn-off. I have actually seen much better website design of other singing courses than this:

We rapidly found out that this singing course is entirely audio-based. Every lesson and exercise is an audio mp3 file, which seems to be a bit weak on the surface.

However, after we started listening to the 28 lessons in the Starting module, we were really impressed by the quality of the teaching with each mp3 lesson and exercise.

The Top Quality Audio Lessons and Trainings.

In this visual-based web age, Singorama 2.0 is bold enough to make this training program completely based upon top-quality mp3 lessons and pieces of training.

As we were going through the lessons, we were captivated by the vocal delivery of the instructor going through the complex singing principles in an easy-to-understand way.

The audio recording quality of the mp3 lessons is exceptional – really calming to the ears to listen to.

It’s sad that we aren’t allowed to reveal the audibly here. You will have to experience it first-hand by downloading them from the official website.

You can easily download every audio mp3 file and listen to it while going to work, which is precisely what our team members did for a couple of weeks. It sounds terrific.

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The Full Bundle for Singing Training

The lessons and training cover everything from warm-ups, breathing, extending the singing range, reinforcing the voice, to the professional singing phase, and pursuing a singing profession.

In addition to the comprehensive audio lessons and very professionally explained exercises, the program also offers you original Singorama training ebooks for novices and advanced singers further discussing all of the principles taught in the program.

Do not be tricked by the simple design of the Singorama training platform. The simpleness of it is the charm of the whole training course. You will never lose your way or feel overloaded while training on the website.

If you want to find out the best technique, you listen to the lessons inside the Getting Started category. If you wish to start executing, you go to the Vocal Exercise module. It’s as easy as that.

Bonus Modules and Software

In addition to the essential lessons and singing practices, the program offers a number of really cool functions in the bonus modules that will give you ebooks, tools, and applications, such as the Mini Recording Studio that you can utilize to record yourself as you sing, and playback to hear what you will have to work on.

Another terrific application that they offer free of charge as part of the bonus is Perfect Your Pitch which you can utilize to practice your pitch precision.

Another cool thing is that Singorama gives you original tunes in different tracks of the vocals, music, and complete mix for the trainees to discover, learn and practice.

Reputable Low Price for a Full Vocal Training Program!

Singorama 2.0 is a really complete vocal program with the most inexpensive cost on the internet at the time of this writing.

The cost used to be $97, which is already really inexpensive. Now, it’s almost unbelievable that they reduced it to $67.

They also have a 60-day money-back warranty. From an expert perspective, the cost is too low for the value it comes with.

You must take advantage of it today before they raise the cost.

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The Weak points of Singorama 2.0

In order for this review to be unbiased, well balanced, and legitimate, we have to provide to you the weak points of this program along with the positive aspects, and there are quite a few.

Initially, our greatest grievance about this program is that the singing exercises and training are all shown by a female trainer for the trainees to practice along.

That’s fantastic for female trainees. What about the male vocalists? They do have different ranges to focus on.

Second, from our experience, the singing exercises do not cover a big enough range in the vocalist’s voice. As a result, advanced singers are not challenged enough vocally.

Third, the singing exercises are not directly or plainly connected to the audio lessons. They are each in a separate module – Starting and Bonus Vocal Exercises (It is hard for us to understand why the singing exercises are in a bonus module).

When you practice the singing exercises, you do not actually know which lessons the exercises are for. You need to make the connections yourself. That’s pretty weak!

Lastly, the Advantages And Disadvantages!

Every training program has its strengths and weak points, and now we will go give you a contrast for you to understand whether this program is for you or not.


  • The training platform is basic and user-friendly.
  • Audio lessons and training are of first-rate mp3 recordings. Easy to listen to.
  • A lot of thorough and substantial directions.
  • Covers every essential element of singing from basic training to singing on stage.
  • Extremely comprehensive bonus modules with applications, tools, and ebooks.
  • Great for newbies and intermediate-level singers.
  • Developed by a genuine professional singer, Melanie Alexander.
  • Extremely budget-friendly with a 60-day refund warranty


  • A poor design for the training website.
  • Singing exercises and training are tailored more towards female trainees.
  • The connection between the Audio Lessons (Getting Started) and Singing Exercises is weak.
  • Singing exercises do not cover a big enough range to challenge the trainees.
  • Directions might be too basic and simple for sophisticated trainees.

Conclusion on Singorama 2.0

Singorama 2.0 is a really complete training program for singing that covers pretty much everything from important vocal technique to stage singing and a lot of other issues.

The huge quantity of content that it supplies makes it an extremely great training program for starting to intermediate singers.

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The best strength might also be its greatest weak point. If you’re an innovative vocalist seeking to further improve your abilities in a specialized area, this program might not be for you.

In conclusion, if you’re just starting or have some singing experience, this vocalist’s course is the perfect program for you. The directions are given in an extremely clear and in-depth way. The audio mp3 files are of the best quality. Really easy for you to listen to.

You will not feel overwhelmed by the training program, instead, you have a great deal of fun finding out exactly what you need to do to sing. That’s the most vital part – taking pleasure in singing!

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