How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

Last Updated on February 15, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The skateboard’s history is a rich one, full of innovation, but also of intrigue. The old types of skateboards were very similar to scooters.

These devices appeared in the early 1900s. The first type had a dent in the deck and a rod was mounted in the dent, that had a handlebar at its bottom. This is how they could control the direction. We can say that those skateboards resembled more to our childhood tricycles.

Before going through a skate shop or starting to look online for a skateboard you must have a budget in mind, and depending on that budget you should choose one.

If you are a beginner, always choose a skateboard deck with a smaller number, but not too small. Gradually, you should choose and try other larger decks. The advantage of a smaller deck is that it’s lighter, spins faster, and is more helpful to do tricks.

You must decide what you want it for, because if you just want to scroll with it then you should buy a cheap one. In case you want to put it under tests and try tricks on it, then opt for a professional one, complete, already assembled, or one that it’s custom made. So how much does a good skateboard cost?

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

  • A complete set usually costs anywhere from $50 for basic models to $200 for more expensive skateboards.
  • A custom-made skateboard usually costs anywhere from $90 to $500.

Here are some prices for complete skateboards depending on the brand:

complete skateboard cost

The usual skateboard will be priced between $20 and $300, depending on some factors like the purchase location, its brand, and overall quality. You will also pay differently if you’re more interested in the actual brand or the materials and their durability are more important for you.

Types of Skateboards

You will need different types of skateboards depending on how you plan to use them and your skating preferences. This also means that the type of skateboard will influence your overall budget needs.

Below you will find the different categories of skateboards, with approximate costs for each.

Blank Skateboards

A black skateboard works great for professionals because it will bring you a lot of value for the money. They are made as simple as possible and will enable you to skate with ease.

These boards will have no complicated graphics or designs and will come mostly in one solid color.

Skateboards with blank decks range from $55 to $120.

Street Skateboards

These are lightweight boards that are used mainly by skaters that want to do all kinds of slides, grinds, and tricks in an urban environment.

They are made to be easy to use, with small wheels and popsicle stick-shaped decks. If you want to see one of these, all you have to do is go to your local park.

Street skateboards cost around $70 to $200.

Classic Skateboards

Classic skateboards are those made as an all-around option. They can fit all kinds of skating styles, although they aren’t all that great for skating. Depending on their capabilities, they can fit into one or more additional subcategories.

Decent skateboards in this category are priced between $60 to $400.

Kids Skateboards

Exactly as you’d expect, these types of skateboards are generally used by kids. They have additional safety features for the safe skating of children and are usually cheaper than other types.

Kids’ skateboards cost between $20 to $65.

Beginner Skateboards

This is a skateboard that a beginner would need if they want to enjoy the fun of skateboarding without paying too much. Although this isn’t considered the best type, it should be enough to meet the expectation of the beginner and even average skater.

Average skateboards are priced between $40 and $90.

Professional Skateboards

These are the types that will be used during competitions, so you are most likely to find them in skating tournaments. You will probably learn to ride them easier, as they have a quality deck, although the price will surely reflect their quality.

Quality skateboards in this category will usually cost $100 to $250.

Longboard Skateboards

The longboards are great for cruising on long distances and can give you enough acceleration when you’re going downhill.

These skateboards have a really stable deck platform and are ideal for learners. They do come with some limited capabilities, as you’ll have a really hard time performing any tricks on them.

Longboard skateboard equipment falls between $60 to $500.

Factors Affecting Skateboard Costs

Although there are several factors that will influence the cost of skateboards, the most important one is their type. But let’s go over the most important factors to consider:

Buying Location

This shouldn’t be a surprise for you, but the location from where you’re buying your skate tool will influence the price you’ll pay. Keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always translate into better, as some shops might be more expensive only because they are more popular in a certain area.


Although quality will influence the final price, just because something is expensive it doesn’t mean it is better when it comes to skateboards. Our research has shown us that there are some cheap skateboards that will last longer than the most popular ones, and it isn’t really a surprise, as this happens a lot in retail.

Doing some window shopping will surely give you the opportunity to buy very affordable skateboards that still have awesome features that are found on pricer boards. Of course, there are also pricier options that will be worth every penny you pay for them, just make sure you’re buying your money’s worth.


Each type of skateboard will come with its individual characteristics, which will also affect its functionality and maneuverability in different conditions. The board you choose should be based on its purpose and your particular skill set.

So, for example, are you thinking about participating in tournaments? If this is the case, then you surely need a professional skateboard, which means you’ll spend more than your average board.


The price tag will be influenced by the popularity of the brand behind the board as well. Popular high-quality Skateboard brands will usually sell more expensive boards than less-known companies.

Most of the pricier boards will come with a better design and quality, although that’s not always the case. You should always assess the quality of the board instead of putting all your faith in the brand name.

What do you need for a custom-made skateboard?

  • Deck
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Bearings

The deck should be chosen depending on the skateboarder’s shoe number and height. If you go to a skateboard shop you should know that they also offer buying advice, so before getting something you should make sure you understand what you’re paying for.

Skate board decks cost

The trucks are an important aspect of choosing the components. Their width should preferably be equal to the width of the plate or as close as possible.

Skateboard trucks cost

The wheels can be small and large (51-55mm and 56-60mm) and depending on the material they are made of they can be hard or soft. Soft wheels fit easily on ramps, slippery areas, and potholes. The hard wheels are recommended for hard asphalt without holes, generally for the urban area. The high ones help for higher speed.

Skateboard wheels cost

The main principle in choosing the bearings is their quality. It’s one of two, either you buy good bearings, which are more expensive, or you buy the cheaper ones, which are less qualitative.

Skateboard bearings cost

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t choose to buy a board just because it’s cool or it looks cool, your safety is above all.
  • Try to wear at least long pants, because you will fall a lot.

Things to Know About Skateboards

Before you start to produce your own skateboard, here are a few tips to get the creative juices flowing.

Get Solid Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are made to protect the wheels and bearing and are mounted on the underside of the skateboard. This is a critical accessory when you are building your own skateboard.

Depending on your style of skating, the skateboard truck can come in many different qualities, sizes, or brands. The truck itself should be chosen so that it fits your boat both in terms of quality and size.

Don’t Overspend on Bearings

Spending too much on bearings is a pretty bad idea, as more expensive ones are made mainly for longboards and cruiser boards. Getting average-priced bearings and taking good care of them should be enough for them to last a few years.

Get the Right Wheels

New Skateboard Wheels can be bought in several different sizes, and you can personalize your board with wheels according to your preferences and needs. The size of the wheels will influence the way you skate and your position on the board.

Experts say that bigger wheels are better for vert skating or cruising as they will make you ride faster. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, will be better for street skating or performing all kinds of tricks. Regardless of their size, wheels cost pretty much the same.

Basic Griptape Should be Enough

Using proper grip tape can make your skating experience better or worse. First off, try to stick to basic grip tape, which shouldn’t cost more than $10. More expensive ones will be between $15 and $20 and will differ in color or have a graphic design.

Pick the Right Hardware

It might be tricky to know exactly what the right nuts and bolts are for you, which is why you should play it safe and get on-inch-long bolts. Beginner skateboarders should consider getting colored bolts to have a way of differentiating between the nose and tail, as this is one of the more annoying issues.

Should the average working Joe buy a complete skateboard?

The full price of a skateboard isn’t one that will affect your budget too much, especially if you don’t need a professional one and only plan to use it for fun. Using a skateboard will also enhance your leg muscles. This is why getting a skateboard won’t be a bad idea. But be sure to always use a helmet and any other means of protecting yourself when riding a skateboard, to be sure you keep yourself away from any danger.

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  1. Patrick Rayne
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    I really want one but am not a professional cause i have never rode one but i think its better than skate shoes ain’t it ???

    • qSign
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      If you never rode one, then it’s best to start with a cheaper model. Skateboards are different than skate shoes, but necessarily better. It all comes down to trying both and picking one sport that you like more.

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    I really want to buy new and better scateboard bc the last one broke and i want to put my skills to test i live in Europe, budget 100 €.


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