Snoop Dogg Net Worth
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Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth

Last Updated on January 9, 2024
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Rightly considered one of the most successful artists of all time, Snoop Dogg is also an extremely controversial character, his life and career being a continuous alternation of lights and shadows.

What is Snoop Dogg’s net worth?

Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous rappers in the world, but also one of the richest. The American artist has amassed a colossal fortune throughout his career. Along with fame and sold albums, came mountains of money for Snoop Dogg. At the moment, his fortune is estimated at $150 million, having several luxury properties and around 25 cars, most of them collectible. He is also involved in several businesses, both in the online environment and in the cultivation of weed for medicinal purposes.

Salary Highlights

Below you will find information on how much Snoop Dogg earned from 2007 to 2021:

  • 2007: $17,000,000
  • 2008: $16,000,000
  • 2009: $11,000,000
  • 2010: $15,000,000
  • 2011: $14,000,000
  • 2012: $9,000,000
  • 2013: $10,000,000
  • 2014: $10,000,000
  • 2015: $10,000,000
  • 2016: $13,000,000
  • 2017: $17,000,000
  • 2018: $15,000,000
  • 2019: $15,000,000
  • 2020: $8,000,000
  • 2021: $9,000,000

Total: $189,000,000

Early Life

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., was born on October 20, 1971, in a modest family in Long Beach, California. Childhood was quite difficult for the famous rapper, who did not have the protection and advice of his father, who left his family shortly after the birth of Snoop Dogg.

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From an early age, the artist began to sing, and in the sixth grade, he started on the path that would bring him fame. He sang rap at school, and his colleagues appreciated his talent very much.

“When I sang rap at school, I gathered so many people that the principal thought a fight had started. That made me think I had a gift. My songs interested people and that gave me confidence in myself” declared Snoop Dogg. As a teenager, he sold newspapers and candy to help his family, but he did not stay away from problems, despite the fact that his mother always advised him in this regard. In 1989 he was arrested for possession of cocaine, and for the next three years, he was in and out of prison.


Everything changed for Snoop Dogg in 1993, when Dr. Dre listened to a tape signed by Snoop Dogg, and the two began a collaboration. Snoop’s career has seen a dizzying rise, and his debut album, “Doggystyle” sold 800 thousand copies in its first week. Since then, Snoop Dogg has sold over 35 million albums worldwide and has become an idol for many aspiring rappers.

Doggystyle was certified quadruple platinum in 1994 and spawned several hit singles, including “What’s My Name?” and “Gin & Juice”.

“Da game is to be sold, not to be told” is his album released with the help of the record company No Limit Records, followed by the album “No Limit Top Doggpe” which he released in 1999. Later he releases a new album entitled “Paid tha cost to be da boss”, made in collaboration with Capitol Records, an album that helped him a lot in his career as a rapper.

His 2000 tour, titled “Up in Smoke”, where he performed alongside Dr. Dre and Eminem, was the most successful rap tour of all time.

In parallel with music, Snoop Dogg developed his career as an actor, over time being cast in numerous films.

One of his videos (Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle), made in 2001, was used in the adult industry.

Personal Life

Snoop Dogg BiographySnoop Dogg married his high school sweetheart, Shante Taylor, on June 12, 1997. On May 21, 2004, he filed for divorce from Taylor, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple renewed their wedding vows on January 12, 2008.

They have three children together: son Cordé – born on August 21, 1994; son Cordell – born on February 21, 1997, who gave up football to pursue a career as a filmmaker and daughter Cori – born on June 22, 1999.

Snoop Dogg also has a son from a relationship with Laurie Holmond, Julian Corrie Broadus – born in 1998.

A radical change in his life occurred in 2010, when, after a visit to Jamaica, he converted to Rastafarianism, a religious movement that recognizes a former emperor of Ethiopia as the incarnation of God.

Later, on the advice of a priest, he changed his name from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion. “You are the light; you are the lion!” that priest would have told him. However, the American soon returned to his first nickname.

Real estate

Snoop Dogg owns a four-bedroom, 3,808-square-foot, house in Diamond Bar, California for which he paid $720,000. In 1994, he bought a house with $660,000, but in 2000 moved out of it. Also, in 2007 he sold his eight-bedroom, 6,527 square foot Mediterranean-style home from Claremont, California for $1.83 million.

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