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snow removal with a snow blower

Winter offers wonderful landscapes. When it’s snowing peacefully, especially during holidays, children are making snowmen, are sledding, but it’s also very exhausting to keep cleaning the driveway of snow and to break the hidden ice from under the snow. To avoid all the hard work you can buy power equipment or you can hire someone to do the work for you.

  • Medium rate prices can run from $25 to $75 an hour;
  • Contract prices can run from $30 to $45 and more per storm;
  • Costs for snowblowers start from $100 – $500.

Typical costs:

If you want a snow blower, also known as a snow thrower, the prices start from $100 and can reach $500 for an electric shovel or a snowblower for light snow (usually for less than 4 inches deep). Snowthrowers with a single-stage gas for moderate natural conditions, like heavy snow, up to 7 inches deep cost around $350 to $800. Snowblowers with two-stage gas for a tough job and large area are perfect if you want to clear a 28 – 30 inches wide path, but it may cost from $1000 to $3500 or more.
If you want to hire a worker, expect to pay around $25 – $75 per hour, but you can’t impose a certain time limit because it all depends on the conditions he’s working in and the area type and size. It takes more time and generally costs more to clear sidewalks and walkways than plowing driveways.
Plowing a standard driveway, meaning an average length with a garage for 2 cars, can cost you from $30 to $45 per storm if you sign a contract with a company, but it may vary depending on location. Depending on the slope, length, and conditions, gravel and steep driveways cost around $50 – $65. It could cost you more if you hire per storm or only on an emergency basis.

Additional costs:

snow removal services

When you close a contract you should be careful because some companies set a limit to the number of plows per season, charging for any additional visits at a higher rate. Another point you should take into account is if the sanding and salting are included in the main contract, to avoid extra fees.

In Wisconsin, USA, to reduce costs, authorities along with the citizens decided to use an experimental program of road snow removal, which involves spreading grated cheese.
According to the New York Times, the main ingredients are taken from the cheese products industry – a business niche that lately, simply “exploded” in this state.
Cheese leftovers are mixed with industrial salt which results in a substance that is spread as a spray-on road.
This idea comes after the authorities have tried other strange materials, including beet sugar juice and various ingredients used to make beer. All these because of the high costs of road snow removal operations that reach up to $10 million per year for trucks full of salt.
In this case, the salt has already been bought by cheese producers and normally would have got to the offcut processing equipment, eventually.
As for the cheese varieties thrown on the road, provolone and mozzarella are said to be the best when it comes to the water/salt proportion from their composition.

Should the average working Joe use snow removal services?

If you`re on a tight budget the best idea would be to get a shovel and clear the driveway yourself. This will be your cheapest option. If you don`t have time to do it yourself, you should try to take advantage of professional snow removal services, because high quantities of snow on driveways can become a safety hazard.

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