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social signal cost

Social Signals are slowly becoming an important part of internet marketing. More and more businesses start to realize the importance of social media promotion.

What Exactly Are Social Signals?

Social signals are direct links from well-known social networks to your websites, created by normal users. Among the most important social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linked In, and so on. The users will create the backlinks by sharing your content or pictures, or tweeting and liking your content.

When someone shares your content, it will instantly be shown to all of his friends, followers, and connections on that particular social network.

Why are Social Signals Important?

Social Signals hold great power in ranking your websites. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing give great importance to normal user feedback, so each positive signal coming from a different user will give you a small boost in rankings.

If you have natural social signals, they will be stronger than most of your backlinks, because it’s pretty easy to create a backlink to your website, but it`s a lot harder to fake likes, tweets or shares from hundreds of different accounts.

Having a decent number of social signals will also help your website become viral because more and more people will read about it on social networks and if you have compelling content, they will most likely share it with their friends.

Typical Costs

If you’re looking to acquire social signals, be sure you know what you buy. There are a lot of websites all around the internet selling Facebook likes or Twitter tweets for just a few pennies. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make a good deal, because those signals will be created from spammy accounts, with no activity, with the help of bots, which will raise a red flag for search engines looking to crawl and rank your content.

There are a few websites offering professional packages of social signals, that only use aged and active accounts to share your content, will drip feed the signals, and make sure they build only natural-looking signals.

The most known website that offers professional social signals for cheap is Social Complexity. They offer packages for as low as $47, but you could spend even less if you find a coupon. Search on Google to get to their Pricing page.

Can I Build Social Signals Myself?

social signalsIf you know how, you could build the social signals yourself, but it will take most of your time. To gain authority from them, your social signals need to be from different aged and active accounts, which means you should build hundreds of new accounts and be active on all of them for a few months before sharing your content. This is why you should hire professionals that take care of all this work for you and make sure your signals aren’t marked as spammy.

What Types Of Websites Can Benefit From Social Signals?

All websites will show nice results when you boost them with some social signals. New websites get a little authority and some traffic from social networks, while older ones will get the necessary boost to move up a few positions in search engines.

Should The Average Working Joe Buy Social Signals For His Website?

If you’re looking for a clean, white-hat method to push your website in search engines or simply need some natural traffic from other traffic streams, then buying social signals is the right thing to do.



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