How Much Does a Spiral Staircase Cost?

Last Updated on September 12, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The spiral staircase is a practical and beautiful option for every house with two or more floors, for mezzanine apartments, duplexes, and so on.

Combining high style and practices, contemporary design or rustic materials, modern and luxurious, or modest and understated look, this type of staircase is a magnificent choice for every home, regardless of its specific style.

Another very important advantage is that a spiral staircase can be integrated into any room, small or spacious, without unnecessarily reducing too many square centimeters of usable area.

But in addition to being super functional, it lends itself more to beautiful decor styles. The spiral staircase finds its application in extravagant galleries, ultra-luxurious houses, and modest houses – and above all, it is preferred by people who love elegance and style.

How much does a spiral staircase cost?

There are several factors that will affect the cost of a spiral staircase itself, without including the cost of installation, such as the company you choose, the basic framework, the diameter/size of the staircase, and the material it is made of.

You could pay only around $650 for a simple staircase, or you can spend more than $52,000 for a staircase made by hand by an experienced craftsman. Though, the cost of most spiral staircases for a residential setting would be anywhere between $1,200 and more than $11,000 for a prefabricated setup.

When talking about the installation costs, these will be greatly influenced by your installation setup. Are you purchasing a pre-fabricated kit? Does the contractor have to remove the old stairs?

Some other factors would include the complexity of the job, the professional you hire, the size of the steps that will be installed, and the place where you are living. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $850 and $2,000 only for the labor.

As every job is unique, you should contact multiple contractors, tell them what you need to do, and ask for a price offer. Most of them are more than happy to offer you a free quote.

In the table below you will find the average costs of different spiral staircase installation projects.

Center Balusters (These are the spindles between the handrails)
  • $120-$350 for single, double, or even triple bars of premium quality
  • $20-$25 for basic single bird cage bars
  • $500-$1,100
Add Treads to Base (the stair you can walk on)
  • $250-$900 per stair (it will depend on the material used and its diameter)
The Base
  • $2,200-$4,500 for wood
  • $650-$2,7500 for steel

For example, Goddard Spiral Stairs company charges anywhere between $700 and $2,300 for their staircase base, which measures eight and a half feet, from floor to floor and comes in a standard black color.

Obviously, this price range is available only for the base and does not include the extra features you have to respect as required by the local building code. This may include center baluster options which are anywhere between $18 and more than $20 per step, the code-size treads that are anywhere between $220 and $750 per stair, depending on material and diameter, or handrail options which would be anywhere between $60 and more than $1,100.

However, the all-wood option includes the basic framework that comes with the handrails with up to 11 rises for code stairs and 10 treads, the base poll, the non-code oak treads, and the oak balusters.

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You can purchase a pre-fabricated kit from Lowe’s for $1,850 to $3,700, but this will not include the professional installation. Also, the online retailer, Fontanotshop, offers a large variety of spiral staircases with prices starting at $1,600 and going up to $3,500.

You would have to install both of these kits just like any other furniture kit.

Cost Factors


You can enhance the appearance of your spiral staircases by adding extra features such as risers that can close off an open space on each step, extra balusters, and spindles.

Some of these may be required by the local code, but others are added only for aesthetic reasons. The more customizations and features you would like to add, the more you will have to pay.

For example, if there is already an old stairs setup, expect to spend another $550 to more than $1,600, depending on the complexity of the job.


The costs of the spiral staircase will be greatly influenced by the size and level of customization you want. If you choose the smallest-sized spiral staircase, which is in general a little more than three feet to around three and a half feet, then you will have to pay the lowest price.

On the other hand, if you choose a larger-than-average diameter, like six feet wide, and a premium material like carbon steel, you will need to spend more than $21,000. This is also the case for height, as the spiral staircases for three-story houses are more expensive than for those with only two floors.


The treads are practically the steps you will walk on as you go up to the spiral staircase and their price will be affected by the material they are made of and the diameter. As the base of the staircase, the larger the stairs are, the more you will have to spend. The costs would be anywhere between $250 and $700.

Raw materials

In general, you will find a wood, iron, or steel spiral staircase frame. If you want to add a powder coating finish, you will need to pay an additional cost. But most homeowners consider that this coating finish is necessary as it will work as a barrier against the weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

The majority of the pre-fabricated staircases will come with railings. Though all spiral staircase kits and retailers are different. In case you need railings for your staircases, you will find them made of different materials and the most common one is wood.

Types of spiral staircases

There are many variations of spiral staircases in terms of materials, finishes, and footprint. For example, metal models are very fashionable and give the room, open or dark, a luxurious, modern, and elegant look.

On the other hand, the wooden models give the house an organic look due to the natural material used to make them. They are also perfect on a white background and in combination with colorful decorative objects.

Wooden staircase

Wooden stairs mainly enjoy the advantage of a much faster installation, compared to other solutions. Also, being a natural material, wood is also more affordable in terms of acquisition cost.

This type of spiral staircase offers the same advantages and disadvantages as the traditional wooden staircase, namely a traditional, authentic aesthetic, with warm shades and various patterns.

Spiral staircase made of concrete

Concrete StaircaseConcrete is one of the least expensive materials for making a spiral staircase. In addition to the low cost, the spiral concrete staircase has several advantages. Among them, concrete is a very safe material, being both resistant in terms of mechanical stress and fireproof. Often, concrete stairs are used to make emergency exits.

Glass spiral staircase

If you want a modern style, then glass spiral stairs are the right option. Keep in mind that glass will have to be associated with another material, such as concrete or metal, which is only used to create steps.

In addition, although many people might be tempted to believe that glass is a less durable material, it is worth mentioning that only safety glass is used in making this type of ladder. It has a high degree of elasticity and can successfully withstand very strong shocks.

Metal spiral staircase

The star of the spiral staircase materials is, of course, metal. Metal in all its forms, from iron to aluminum, is ideal for making light and airy structures. Metal stairs require little maintenance, often requiring painting, if necessary. These materials work best for outdoor spiral staircases.

Moreover, in addition to the variety in terms of alloys, the metal is very versatile and can be modeled in countless styles. Thus, the ladder can take a customized shape, depending on your own requirements.

Important things to consider

Usually, it is recommended to turn to a specialist to perform the work of spiral staircase installation, being a rather meticulous task that requires experience. The total cost of making spiral stairs is very varied and depends on a lot of factors. Therefore, we recommend that you turn to a specialist for a concrete offer for your project.

The spiral staircase is economical in many ways. First of all, whether we are talking about a prefabricated staircase or a custom one, given the compact size, the realization costs are lower compared to other models.

Secondly, the installation is generally much easier, which reduces labor costs.

Third, depending on the material from which it is built, it can have an increased lifespan, and maintenance costs can be minimal.

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