How Much Does a Sports Clips Haircut Cost?

Last Updated on February 27, 2024
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Sports Clips is one of the most popular men’s haircut chains in the United States. With over 1,800 locations across the country, Sports Clips provides an affordable, consistent grooming experience for men and boys.

But how much does a basic Sports Clips haircut actually cost? And what other services and packages are available that affect the total price? This article will break down the costs, packages, and value you can expect at your local Sports Clips.

How Much Does a Sports Clips Haircut Cost?

The starting price for a standard men’s haircut at Sports Clips is $19. This covers the basic haircut service without any add-ons. The stylist will consult with you on the style you want, cut and style your hair, and finish up with a head massage and shampoo. For this base price, you can expect a solid, reliable haircut experience.

Some important points about the basic Sports Clips haircut:

  • It takes around 15-20 minutes from start to finish.
  • This is the price for adult men. Kids and seniors get discounted rates.
  • The cut includes a shampoo, head massage, and styling.
  • You can request a specific Sports Clips stylist.
  • Prices may vary slightly by location but are generally consistent.

So if you just need a standard men’s trim without frills, your local Sports Clips will charge around $19 before discounts or other services.

Curl Centric provides a breakdown of Sport Clips haircut prices:

  • Varsity haircut: $18 to $21
  • Jr. Varsity haircut: $14 to $17
  • Sr. Varsity haircut: $14 to $17
  • Buzzcut: $15
  • Detailed cut: $28 to $31
  • Beard detailing: $5
  • Bang trim: $5
  • Neck trim: Free
  • MVP: $24 to $26
  • Triple Play: $21 to $24
  • Double MVP: $29 to $31
  • Triple MVP: $34 to $36

Exploring the MVP Haircut Experience

The MVP haircut package is Sports Clips’ premium service. It includes all the basics plus a few indulgent upgrades for the ultimate experience.

An MVP haircut includes:

  • The standard haircut.
  • A relaxing hot towel treatment.
  • An invigorating neck and shoulder massage.
  • A Legendary Finish shampoo for a refreshed scalp.

The MVP package takes the service up a notch both in terms of pampering and precision haircutting. The cost for the full MVP treatment is $24. So you’re looking at around a $5 upcharge compared to a basic cut. For many guys, the hot towel, massage, and special shampoo justify the extra cost for a little luxury.

Additional Grooming Services and Costs

Besides the standard and MVP haircuts, Sports Clips offers a range of male grooming services with additional costs:

  • Beard trim: $6
  • Buzz cut: $14
  • Shampoo: $3
  • Hair color: $10
  • Scalp treatment: $5
  • Shave: $8

These services can be added onto your haircut or purchased separately. So you may pay $19 for a haircut plus $6 for a beard trim and $5 for a scalp treatment. This flexibility lets you customize your grooming experience.

Sports Clips also offers haircare products like pomades, gels, and creams. These range from around $8 to $35 depending on the brand and size.

Package Deals and Memberships

If you think you’ll want frequent haircuts and add-on services, Sports Clips offers memberships and package deals that can save some money:

  • A 6-month MVP Package with 3 haircuts per month costs $209 (savings of $17 per month).
  • The Varsity MVP plan for students is $99 for 4 months including 4 MVP haircuts.
  • The Triple Play package includes one haircut, beard trim, and shave for $46 (a $10 savings).

There are often limited-time offers too, like “First Haircut Free” for new students or $5 off summer cuts.

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So while occasional haircuts cost $19 to $24 each, memberships over several months can reduce the per-visit rate.

Saving Money With Discounts

Sports Clips provides discounts to appeal to a wide customer base:

  • Kids (10 and under) get MVP cuts for $17 instead of $24.
  • Seniors (60+) get haircuts for $15.
  • Active and retired military get $2 off with ID.
  • Special rates are offered for fire, police, nurses, and teachers.

On top of discounts, joining the MVP Rewards program (free to join) provides $2 off each visit. Points can add up to bigger discounts.

So the total cost will depend on any discounts or rewards you qualify for. The standard prices may come down by $2 to $5+ per visit.

How Prices Can Vary by Location

As a franchise business, pricing at individual Sports Clips locations may vary slightly. Each franchisee sets prices independently, so one shop might charge $21 for a standard cut while another charges $18. But in general, expect pricing to align closely with the $19 average.

Higher-cost urban areas may see somewhat higher standard pricing. Suburban and rural shops are more likely to hit the $19 target price point.

So while the Sports Clips chain aims for consistent national pricing, check with your local salon for exact rates. The variation is usually only a few dollars in either direction.

The Cost of Booking Appointments

Sport Clips Salon For Men PriceOne advantage of Sports Clips is you can book appointments online or via mobile app at no extra charge. You don’t have to pay more to guarantee your spot. Just book your preferred time and date and show up.

Of course, walk-ins are always welcome too, though waits are more likely during peak hours. For consistent pricing and no booking fees, schedule ahead through their website or app.

Reviews Show Value for Money

According to customer reviews, Sports Clips provides solid value for money. The consistent experience, convenient booking, and discount opportunities satisfy most regular patrons.

Many reviews mention skilled stylists and quality haircuts at affordable rates. MVP upgrades like hot towel service and massages also get positive feedback for enhancing the experience.

Negative critiques usually cite overly long waits during busy times. But overall, Sports Clips earns strong reviews for convenient, affordable grooming for men and boys. The costs align with the budget-friendly yet enjoyable service.

Final Words

At the end of the day, Sports Clips offers exceptional value for guys seeking an affordable, reliable haircut. The starting price of $19 for a standard men’s cut is tough to beat. MVP upgrades, discounts, memberships, and convenient booking all enhance the positive experience.

While prices may fluctuate slightly between franchises, guys nationwide can count on Sports Clips for excellent service at reasonable prices. Considering the expertise and consistency, Sports Clips haircuts deliver outstanding cost-effectiveness for millions of men.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you tip for a haircut at Sports Clips?

The standard tip amount for a haircut at Sports Clips is 15-20% of the total cost of services. For a $19 basic haircut, you would tip around $3-$4. For an MVP haircut costing $24, tip $4-$5.

You can adjust the percentage up for great service or down if you were unsatisfied. Tips at Sports Clips work just like any other salon – aim for 15-20% unless the stylist really exceeds or fails expectations.

What is an MVP haircut at Sport Clips?

An MVP haircut at Sports Clips is the premium grooming package. It includes all the components of a standard haircut (shampoo, cut, style, massage) plus these upgrades:

  • Hot towel service to relax neck and face
  • An invigorating neck and shoulder massage
  • Legendary Finish shampoo for a refreshed scalp

The MVP treatment aims to enhance the grooming experience with relaxing indulgences. It costs around $5 more than a basic haircut, priced at $24 total. The hot towel, massage, and shampoo justify the cost for many clients seeking a little extra pampering.

Can Sport Clips do a fade?

Yes, the barbers and stylists at Sports Clips are trained to perform fades. This is a very common modern hairstyle that involves smoothly tapering the hair from longer on top to close-cropped near the neck and ears.

It’s a go-to look for many male clients. Sports Clips stylists can execute a variety of fades such as high, mid, low, drop, and taper fades. Their expertise with short sides and back men’s hairstyles makes Sports Clips a reliable option for fades.

The signature MVP service also includes a neck trim for an extra sharp finish.

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