Storage Container Rental Cost

Storage Container Rentals Cost

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For the realization of a sustainable project, with the best administration costs, the use of the container rental service can be a great solution. Enjoy the quality of containers for rent, regardless of whether they are office containers, storage containers, or site organization containers.

Your office and home are spaces for work, rest, or relaxation, not for storing things that you only need seasonally or not at all, but that you are not ready to give or sell yet. You can keep them clean, airy, and orderly in a storage container.

Storage containers are the ideal solution if you need easy-to-install storage facilities.

How Much Do Storage Container Rentals Cost?

In general, depending on the type of container, you will have to pay anywhere between $60 and $550 per month to rent a storage container. This price range will not include the cost of delivery, which will be anywhere between $110 and $520.

Who do we recommend renting storage containers to?

  • Customers who want to store their belongings safely
  • Customers who need storage space that can be installed quickly

The cost of storage container rental for businesses

Storage containers designed for businesses that are 20-foot to 40-foot tall cost anywhere between $60 and $310 per month. On the other hand, the rental of containers that have been insulated, refrigerated, or modified would be anywhere between $130 and $520 per month. Also, delivery fees depend on how close you are to the dealer.

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Businesses that need to rent a storage container for a longer period of time might reduce their monthly costs if they commit to an extended lease. For instance, if you sign an 18- or 24-month rental agreement the savings will be considerable.

However, in case you are planning to keep the storage unit for more than two years, you might think about buying one. For such a long period of time, the cost of buying a storage container is similar to the cost of renting.

If you need a storage container for a very short period of time, some dealers offer daily rental rates which are anywhere between $5 and $12. Though, pickup and delivery fees will still be available.

The cost of storage container rentals for home

Be prepared to pay anywhere between $220 and $320 per month for a container, without pickup and delivery fees, which vary depending on your proximity to the dealer. The majority of the dealers will charge you the one-month rate even though you will need the container only for a few days.

Also, you need to take into consideration the transportation costs, if you are renting the storage container for a move. Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars or less on transportation, if you are moving across town. But if you are moving across the country, you could spend thousands of dollars.

There are several sizes of portable storage containers for consumers, but the most popular are 16-inch containers which hold three or four rooms of furniture, and 12-foot-tall containers which can hold one or two rooms. In general, the smallest available size is 7-foot.

Important things to consider

Ten foot single door storage containerDealers provide you with a portfolio of storage containers from which you can choose several technical specifications, not just the size, depending on what you want to store, the period, and the need for equipment. Made of materials resistant to wear, weather and pressure, they are ideal for anyone who wants safety and quality at favorable prices, without having to purchase the product.

Storage containers can be quickly moved from one place to another using a transport platform.

The great advantage of these containers when you rent/purchase them is the ease of placement in any place or locality in the country in areas with different landscapes. On request, anti-burglary or fire-resistant doors can be installed.

Types of modular containers, storage, monoblock, or whatever you need can be accessorized with everything you want. Made of double-folded galvanized sheet metal, they have a water drainage channel through which moisture and rust are avoided. The PVC joinery placed on the windows and doors increases the thermal and sound insulation of the space.

Inside, they can be equipped with all the uses. In addition to the complete electrical and sanitary installation, you can benefit from a lot of accessories such as floors with high traffic resistance, air conditioning, PVC carpentry, space for storing goods, etc. The walls can be covered with plasterboard, wood, or brick. At the same time, they can be stacked up to 4 floors and can be provided with internal or external stairs.

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