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Although renting a temporary fence can help you greatly, especially when you’re hosting an event, during a demolition project, or around a construction project of any kind, this possibility is still unknown to many. By renting temporary fencing you can ensure the safety of all things and people inside a perimeter, maintain privacy and security, and even control crowds that plan to either enter or leave a premise.

The cost of permanent fencing will depend on several factors, but out of them, proper installation will be pretty costly and will require some time-consuming steps that will secure the fence in its place. This isn’t the case while renting a temporary space. Rental is also the best option when you only need to enclose an area for a period of time and will have to dispose of it when you are done.

Preparing the site

Before calling a fence rental company you should first survey the site. Whether it is an event or a construction project, determine exactly what would the pedestrian flow look like. Ask yourself what area you will want to keep hidden from the public eye. This will give you a good idea of exactly where you want the fence placed and how big it should be.

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A few factors, like the length and height, any additional equipment needed along with the fence, like skates or posts, and the period of time you will need the fence for, will affect the average cost of a section of fence. You should plan on spending anywhere between $800 and $1,200 to rent a temporary fence for a month while getting a barricade-type fence for a day will set you back anywhere between $720-$1,420.

But why would renting a temporary barricade set you back this much for just one day? Below you will find a list of expenses you will have to take into account when renting a 10-panel fence.

Item Cost Quantity Line Cost
Accessories needed to use rented temporary fencing: sandbags, clamps, locks, gates, shade cloth. $160-$500 per rental 1 $160-$500
Barricade fencing $13 per panel per day 10 $130
Labor Cost $120 per rental 1 $120
Material Cost $30-$65 per panel per day 10 $300-$650
Total Cost $323-$698 per panel per day 10 $710-$1,400

When renting a fence for a longer period of time, if you aren’t looking for barricade-style fences, you can get a chain-link fence for considerably less. Below you will find the cost of 10 panels rented for a period of one month.

Item Cost per panel Quantity Line Cost
Base for panel $30 each per month 10 $300
6’x12’ panel $27 per panel per month 10 $270
Accessories needed to use rented temporary fencing: sandbags, clamps, locks, gates, shade cloth. $150-$500 per rental 1 $150-$500
Labor Cost $130 per rental 1 $130
Material Cost $64-$99 per panel per month 10 $640-$990
Total Cost $74-$109 per panel per month 10 $740-$1,090

Other considerations and expected costs

Temporary FencingYou should know that rental companies will advertise either delivery or the set up of the temporary fencing and these are very different one from the other. This means that at some point you might be charged either for the installation or for the delivery of the fence to your location.

Considering that the fencing can end up injuring someone or damaging goods if it falls, getting insurance for it would be a pretty good idea. It will help you avoid any financial issues associated with damages leaving you liable.

Depending on the actual rental period, you might be charged by the day or by the fixed window. This will help rental companies keep costs under control. This means that you will rent a fence on a rate by day for weekend events, or on a per month rate for longer projects.

DIY installation

When renting something from a specialized company, you should leave the installation to its professionals to avoid any improper installation or damage to the fence or the area where it is placed. If you allow them to come and set it up, then break it down into pieces and take it away with their own vehicle, you will be sure that everything will go as planned and you won’t have another stress factor while hosting an event or starting a construction project.

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