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How Much Does a Bobsled Cost?

Bobsled Cost

Bobsled is a sled that is utilized in the sport of bobsledding. Also referred to as bobsleighing, bobsledding is among the most well-known winter season sports. This sport is performed in two-man or four-man groups utilizing a big, gravity-powered bobsled, which will go downhill following a pre-made track.

How much does an Olympic bobsled cost?

Basic sleds that can be used by people outside of the Olympic games will usually be pretty affordable, with prices between $1,500 and $6,000. These will only work if you are buying your first bobsled and have no intention of using it in an official race.

If you want to buy an Olympic bobsled then you will have to pay between $30,000 and $100,000. The huge difference is made by the general design of the sled. Interestingly enough, according to official sources, the United States Olympic team used bobsleds at the 2010 Winter Olympics Games that had prices of over $50,000 each. So if Olympic teams have used sleds worth $50,000 in 2010, then you surely understand that prices have gotten a lot higher in the last 13 years.

You can also find bobsled listings on TeamUSA.org for anywhere between $600 and $4,000. But as you’d expect, these are rates for secondhand Olympic-sized bobsleds that were reconditioned.

As a way of increasing participation and access of smaller countries in competitions, the women’s monobob was added to competitions. This type of sled will only cost $15,000 and will require just one athlete to run.

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You can also consider experiencing the adrenaline rush that is brought by bobsledding without investing a big sum of money in a professional sled. To do this, just go to a ski resort that offers bobsled rides. You can find bobsled rides in Park City, Utah, for example, for prices of around $150 – $200 per person. Lake Placid, on the other hand, has locations that offer rides for around $100 per person.

What are the additional costs?

USA BobsledOf course, as with most sports, it will be very unsafe to try bobsledding without the right protective equipment. This is why safety equipment and especially a safety helmet should be part of your budgeting. Basic equipment will cost at least $100 to $250, although prices can easily reach $1,000 for professional wearables.

The bobsled is a vehicle, which means that it also requires maintenance not only to run properly but to be safe as well. An example of needed maintenance is polishing before it is used, to get a lot more efficiency and speed. Of course, speed is most important during competitions.

You might also have to consider the cost of bobsledding lessons with a professional trainer or at a ski resort, especially if you want to try bobsledding at a competitive level.

There are also places where you can’t just take your bobsled and start riding. Some bobsled tracks require that you pass a course before you can enjoy the sport. These courses aren’t as cheap as you might think either.

Most serious competitions will also have an entry fee that you will have to pay before participating.

If you have your own bobsleigh, moving it with you wherever you go might be tricky due to its size. So you will have to figure out a way of transporting it to the track. A trailer of some kind would work great for this.

Tips to keep in mind

There is quite a risk in bobsledding. You should always use the proper safety gear, including a crash helmet, whenever on the tracks. Injuries and even deaths can happen given that it is a really fast-paced sport. If possible, try to talk to a skilled sledder before getting into the sport.

How can you save some money?

If you just wish to do bobsleighing for fun (and not to participate in any competitions), think about renting a bobsled instead of purchasing one. You could also go to a ski resort that offers these kinds of rides.

Instead of buying a new one, try going for a refurbished one instead to cut the cost down.

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