The Cost of a Mac

Mac Cost

If you’re tired of Windows or you’ve always been a fan of iOS and Apple, then you definitely need a Mac. However, choosing a computer from Apple can be quite difficult because of – surprise! – the many options. Too many options to choose from can upset you, as well as the imperceptible differences for an inexperienced in terms of technical characteristics.

Apple has always been associated with exceptional execution quality and top software experience. This is also true for its laptops, considered by many to be premium devices. When you buy a Macbook you have the guarantee of a quality product, which you can easily rely on for years. Starting with the materials used and the operating system and ending with the warranty and post-warranty services, everything is absolutely flawless in the case of Apple laptops.

How much does a Mac cost?

The Mac Mini is Apple’s cheapest computer. The best thing is that it is more accessible than the rest of Apple computers, but to achieve it they had to remove all the additional features, which include a screen, keyboard, and mouse. You could say that the Mac Mini is a tower running OS X. The entry model is priced at $649 and would offer performance similar to the new MacBook or MacBook Air, while the highest model is priced at $1,049 and would have a similar performance as the MacBook Pro. Of all the models, only the most expensive has a Fusion Drive, which is a hybrid hard drive that joins a standard drive with an SSD.

Office MacMac Mini is a good option for those who already have one or more accessories available because if we already have a screen, keyboard, and mouse, we can use OS X for only $649. In addition, its small size makes it a good option for those who also want to use it as a multimedia center or set-top box.

iMacs are Apple desktop computers. As fixed computers, they offer superior performance to any Apple laptop or Mac Mini, so it should be the option if what you want is outstanding performance without having to buy more peripherals. The entry-level iMac is 24 inches with a price of $1,249. The processor is similar to that of the MacBook Air but has a better graphics card, the RAM is expandable up to 16 GB for $180 more, and the storage SSD can be also extended to 1 TB for $360 more.

The best thing about the iMac is that you can add extra features. The most expensive model is a 27-inch iMac with a 5K retina display with 8 GB of RAM expandable to 32 GB, at a price of $1,699. It can be improved by adding the i9 processor, 128 GB RAM, 8 TB storage (SSD), Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics card, and both Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2, which would make the computer very good, but it would bring the price to $7,138.

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As its name suggests, this computer should be intended only for those who go to work with it and want higher performance than the iMac offers. Like the Mac Mini, the Mac Pro is just a tower, and you need to add all its peripherals, including your mouse, screen, and keyboard. Mac Pro is a beast that has an input model with an Intel Xeon W processor, 12 GB RAM, and a Flash storage memory (SSD) of 256 GB, whose price is $5,599. Like the iMac, the Mac Pro can be upgraded by including a 28-core processor, 768 GB of RAM, 8 TB of flash memory (SSD), two Radeon Pro W6900X graphics cards, Magic Trackpad 2, and Magic Keyboard, which would give you a supercomputer that would have a price of $23,389.

MacBook Air is the cheapest laptop from Apple, with an entry model with a 13-inch screen and 256 GB SSD storage at a price of $899. It has more ports than the MacBook but also has a heavier weight and a slightly thinner design. The most expensive model has a 13-inch screen, 512 GB SSD storage, and is priced at $1,149.

For a computer that includes the word “Pro” in its name, we could say that the MacBook Pro is the best Apple laptop. It is available in 13, 14, and 16-inch models, which is always appreciated when working a few hours a day in front of the computer. The input model is the 13-inch screen and 256 GB SSD storage, at a price of $1,199, while the price for the 14-inch models starts at $1,849 and for the 16-inch model at $2,299.

What are the extra costs?

In order to have software to run both Windows and OS X on a Mac be prepared to spend around $90.

The Mac Pro desktop unit has no monitor included and the Mac mini comes without a monitor, mouse, or keyboard. The price of an LCD Apple monitor is anywhere between $700 and $4,600, while a mouse and keyboard would set you back around $250.

If you travel a lot you might need an extra MacBook battery, that costs anywhere between $140 and $220.

During transport, you will need a carrying case for your MacBook and it costs anywhere between $50 and $200.

Important things to consider

With all the essential applications pre-installed, the laptop can be turned on for the first time, and after quickly entering user data and selecting some basic settings, you can immediately start working on your new Macbook Air or Pro.

You will not have to install drivers, go through updates or look for a lot of programs for basic activities. Everything will come pre-installed and prepared in such a way that you can enjoy your laptop from the first moment you open it.

How can I save money?

You can save some money by purchasing the accessories, such as a keyboard and mouse, or even a monitor, from other brands, which are cheaper.

Educators and students are getting discounts if buying directly from the Apple Store.

Also, Apple offers discounts for employees and government agencies.

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