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How much does a toucan cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Toucan is part of the Ramphastidae family and is a very colorful tree-dwelling bird. The toucan is a rather unique bird due to its very large, almost oversized bill, that is known to feature a multitude of colors.

A lot of birds from the Toucan family have ended up in the homes of pet owners over time, even though they are considered exotic animals, as they have a very playful and affectionate nature.  But how much does a toucan bird cost?

How much does a pet toucan cost?

Based on our research, the average toucan bird cost ranges somewhere between $1,100 and more than $10,000 at a reputable breeder, for a weaned younger Toucan. This cost of a toucan will be influenced by factors such as the particular type of toucan, its gender, quality, age, and the breeder that sells it, as well as its geographical location.

Also read our articles about the cost of other exotic birds like the penguin, the peacock, and the cockatiel.

The bad news is that these birds have a very sensitive diet and have really high prices. They are also very rare pets, and this is because of the very low demand. Most pet owners, and even experienced ones, are intimidated by this bird compared to other types of pet birds.

The table below will give you prices for some particular toucan types:

Type of Toucan Average Price Reported
White Throated (Red billed) Toucan $6,900
Swainson’s Toucan $3,450 to $6,325
Toco Toucan $8,625 to $12,075
Channel Billed Toucan $8,625
Collared Aracari $1,150
Emerald Toucanet $1,725
Keel Billed $5,175
Green Aracari $3,220 for a breeding pair

According to AdventuresInToucanland.com, most toucans are expensive, requiring an initial cost of at least $10,000.

Browsing on Hoobly, on the other hand, which is one of the most popular online classified ad websites, you will find about 30 active listings that are priced somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

Popular toucans as pets

  • White Throated (Red billed)
  • Toco
  • Keel Billed
  • Emerald Toucanet
  • Chestnut-Mandibled
  • Channel Billed

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

Most reputable breeders choose to sell their toucans fully weaned. And that’s not all. a lot of them will also include things like health certification from a licensed vet, registration paperwork, or a type of health guarantee. Of course, inclusions will vary from one breeder to another, so it’s always a good idea to talk about what you’re getting a set everything on paper before you make the purchase.

What are the extra costs?

Food is something you must consider, as in the case of any other type of pet. When it comes to Toucans, especially ones kept in captivity, their main food consists of grapes, bananas, and papayas, although experts still advise against citrus fruits. And this is because Toucans are known to develop hemochromatosis, an illness also known as the “iron storage disease.”

When this happens, it leads to an accumulation of high, even toxic levels of iron in the liver of the bird, leading to a severe illness or even death. They don’t eat just fruits. Their diet can also consist of small birds, insects, lizards, or different types of eggs. When raising a Toucan in captivity, owners will easily find insects in pet shops to give them as a nutritional supplement.

VCA Hospitals has an interesting article going into detail about what Toucan birds eat. Other blog posts and forum threads talk about these birds eating exotic fruits that are pretty hard to find. They will need to be fed twice a day with fresh fruit.

You will also have to pay a shipping fee if you have the bird shipped via air travel or even if it is sent by ground. Expect a shipping cost of $200 to $400, depending on the distance between you and the breeder. Also keep in mind that breeders that have a Toucan for sale are pretty scarce in the US, which is why you will most likely have to have the bird shipped from pretty far away.

You will have to get a bird cage that is larger than average because these pets are full of energy so they need a lot of room to move around. And a big toucan cage will usually cost quite a lot, with the price reaching even $1,000, depending on the cage setup and the additions it comes with.

You should add toys and perches inside the cage and these will have to be replaced pretty often. You will maximize comfort by adding water and food bowls. Toucans require a lot more space than a parrot while being in a cage.

Veterinary care is also something you should consider. This involves everything from routine visits to surprise illnesses, and the costs can surely add up.

Some owners have also stated that there is no way of training this bird as it is very tough to train, which is why you need a professional trainer that knows how to tame it. And it’s not like you can leave it untrained, as they are more hyper than parrots, so they will get really wild if they aren’t trained properly, leading to a lot of frustration for bird owners.

Tips to keep in mind

Toucan with Colored BeakToucans have different sizes depending on their species, as well as their weight, as they can be as light as four ounces or as heavy as a half pound.

The toucan bodies are short and come with rounded tails. The tail will often take more than half of the bird’s body size. The base of the head is usually colored very brightly, while the neck is thick and short. It has a narrow tongue that is frayed in both sizes. Expect a size between 18 and 21 inches long.

Expect an average lifespan between 20 and 25 years while the bird is in captivity, as long as it doesn’t have to deal with any severe disease.

Toucans are often affectionate and friendly. Most birds will just love to sit on your shoulder and cuddle. They love to be scratched and loved.

Toucans won’t scream or shriek, unlike other birds. The loudest call out of all toucans comes from the Red Bill.

Your toucan’s wings should never be clipped. Toucans have a really hard time climbing due to their beaks being so large. And so, they will want to fly inside their cage, from one part to another.

Toucans will usually have no problems tolerating temperature changes and weather in general. Even so, you should take them to their outdoor aviary during warmer months, so between spring and summer, and maybe in the warmer months of fall, while in the winter, it should be kept indoors where you can keep the temperature to comfortable levels.

Toucans are prone to parasites like proventricular worms, roundworms, or capillaria, and gastrointestinal infections like salmonella and E. coli.

As they have weak beak muscles compared to other types of birds, toucans can’t bite as hard as you might think. They are also less aggressive than other birds and even if they try to bite, they will have a more lightweight pressure in their beak.

Although you can keep a bird with other birds in the same room, keeping them in the same cage will be a mistake. Multiple toucans, however, can be kept in the same cage.

Can you actually own a toucan as a pet in your state? Based on our research, most states have no issue with allowing people to adopt a toucan as a legal pet. Even so, before buying any exotic pet, make sure you talk with your local state wildlife department just to confirm.

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