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The Cost of a Toucan

Toco Toucan Bird Cost

Toucans are vibrant tree-dwelling birds coming from the Ramphastidae family species.

What makes the toucan especially distinct is its big, large bill, which also can be found in a range of colors.

Due to their spirited, caring very affectionate nature, birds in the toucan family have actually become incredibly popular amongst bird owners who have a passion for exotic pets.

Just how much does a family pet toucan cost?

The expenses will depend upon the kind of toucan, the breeder, age, quality, gender, its hereditary history, and geographical birthplace. Usually, from what we could find, the expenses can vary anywhere from as low as $1,200 to more than $8,500 for a weaned young toucan from a trustworthy breeder. Bear in mind that these birds are very uncommon pets due to the low demand, high costs, and exceptionally delicate diet plan. This bird, as compared to most pet birds, can be daunting to any family pet owner, even those who consider themselves experienced.

Check the list below for price quotes for specific toucans:

Type Of Toucan and its Average Reported Rate
Channel Billed Toucan – $7,900.
Collared Aracari – $1,200.
Emerald Toucanet – $1,800.
Green Aracari – $3,200 for a pair to reproduce.
Keel Billed – $4,900.
Swainson’s Toucan – $3,300 to $5,800.
Toco Toucan – $7,000 to $11,500.
White-Throated or Red-billed Toucan – $6,500.

While we are writing this article, for instance, Hoobly, an online classified advertisements site, has around 25+ active listings, with costs varying from $1,300 to $3,900 or more.

Also read our articles about the cost of other exotic birds like the penguin, the peacock, and the cockatiel.

AdventuresInToucanland mentions that toucans are rather costly, with prices that can typically reach around $10,000.

Popular toucan birds as family pets

  • Channel Billed
  • Chestnut-Mandible
  • Emerald Toucanet
  • Keel-Billed
  • Toco
  • White-Throated or Red-billed

What is going to be included in the sale package?

A respectable breeder will typically offer their toucans already completely weaned. Aside from this, they must also add some sort of health warranty, registration documentation, and a health checkup by a certified veterinarian. All packages will differ, so it is usually a great idea to have what you’re getting in a written contract before buying.

What are the additional expenses?

Just like with any other type of pet, the food needs to be taken into consideration. Toucans, while in captivity, mostly consume fruit like papayas, bananas, and grapes; nevertheless, professionals advise not to give them citrus fruits. The reason behind this is that toucans are susceptible to getting hemochromatosis or “iron storage illness.” The build-up of high, harmful levels of iron in the bird’s liver might result in health problems or even death. Aside from fruits, they also consume eggs, lizards, bugs, and even very small birds. In captivity, a lot of owners will give them bugs as a dietary supplement. According to AdventuresinToucanland, they need to be fed fresh fruit two times a day and they typically eat exotic fruits which are very hard to find.

If shipped by plane or on the ground, the expenses can be anywhere between $200 and $400. Remember that you might need to have the bird delivered as reliable breeders are very few in the United States.

A larger-than-average birdcage is very much recommended due to their high energy and the space they require in order to move from one spot to another. Depending upon the cage type and additions, this can quickly raise the cost to more than a thousand dollars. Inside this cage, there should be perches, toys, which will have to be changed frequently, and a water/food bowl to optimize its comfort while in captivity. If compared to a parrot, toucans will require a lot more space while in captivity.

Veterinary care needs to be taken into consideration too. Whether it’s a regular check-up or an unforeseen health issue, the expenses can add up pretty fast.

Being hard to train, you might have to hire an expert instructor to aid you to tame the bird. Being more active than parrots, toucans, if not trained correctly, can be rather wild, which can trigger a lot of frustration for the usual bird owner.

Tips to keep in mind

Toucan with Colored BeakToucans considerably differ in size, based on the types, and the weight can vary from just 4 ounces to as much as one and a half pounds.

Many toucans will have bodies that will be short with a rounded tail, and the tail will typically be around half of its body size. The neck will be very short and thick, and the base of the head will be vibrantly colored. The tongue is narrow and frayed on each size. Sizes can vary from 18 to 21 inches long.

The typical life expectancy while in captivity is somewhere around 20 to 25 years as long as it is free of any illnesses.

Toucans are usually pretty friendly and affectionate. They have actually been seen to snuggle, rest on your shoulder, and will enjoy being scratched.

Unlike many other birds, toucans will not squeal or shriek. The Red Bill is known to have the loudest scream of all toucans.

Do not think about clipping your toucan’s wings. Due to their big beaks, toucans can not climb on things; instead, these birds fly from one point of their cage to another.

Toucans, generally, are tolerant of most weather conditions and temperature modifications. Nevertheless, try to let them out in their outside aviary throughout the warmer months of spring, summer season, and fall. In the winter season, it is best to keep them inside with a controlled comfy temperature level.

Other illnesses toucans are susceptible to will include intestinal infections triggered by E. coli and salmonella, and parasites such as roundworms, capillaria, and proventricular worms.

Toucans won’t be able to bite with too much force considering that their beak muscles are weaker when compared to other birds. Unlike other birds, they tend to be less aggressive and the pressure of their beak, even if they do give their best to bite, will be light-weight.

A toucan can be kept with other birds in the same area; nevertheless, they can’t be kept in the very same cage. They can be housed with other toucans, though.

According to specialists, the very best time to adopt a toucan is throughout the summer season. This is the usual breeding season, which lasts from April till September.

Can you have a toucan as a home pet? From what we could find online, it looks like most states will allow you to own a toucan as a legal family pet; nevertheless, to be safe, talk with your regional state wildlife department to be sure before spending a lot of money.

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