The Cost of a Trampoline

Trampoline Cost

If you want to encourage your children to spend their free time actively in the fresh air, a garden trampoline is a fantastic idea. There is probably no need to explain what the trampoline is to anyone, as it has been enjoying a huge amount of interest lately. This strong, durable, and elastic invention, usually circular in shape, is great for children and adults to stay fit in a fun way.

How much does a trampoline cost?

Be prepared to pay for a trampoline anywhere between $250 and $950, with an average price of $450. One of the most important factors that influence the price of a trampoline is its size. Most of the trampolines have a diameter of 15 feet and come at an average cost of $450. Expect to pay $850 or even more for a trampoline with a diameter large than 15 feet.

The cost of a trampoline by size

As we already mentioned, size is a great cost determinant. The smallest trampolines you can get are 8 feet and can reach costs of $320, with an average cost of $250. These trampolines are ideal for one or two small children, under four years old.

On the other hand, trampolines with a diameter of 12 feet, which are recommended for older children, cost around $350, while the price of a 15 feet trampoline is around $420.

The cost of a trampoline by brand

You can find different brands of trampolines on the market and some of the most popular are Vuly, Skywalker, Springfree, and Skybound. Here are the average prices for each brand:

  • Vuly: $590
  • Skywalker: $340
  • Springfree: $1,550
  • Skybound: $500

Of all these brands, Springfree was voted as the safest on the market. Also, Vuly is considered safe and of great quality. Though, Springfree trampolines come at the highest price. For instance, 13-foot trampolines cost around $2,400.

The cost of a trampoline by style

Trampolines come in different shapes and each style has its own distinctive qualities that make it suitable for a particular use.

A round trampoline is currently the most popular model chosen by users when looking for a “toy” for the home fun. In general, it is considered to be safer than the rectangular one because the jump is not as intense and the configuration of the circular spring pushes the jumper toward the middle of the mattress, significantly reducing possible injuries.

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On the other hand, a rectangular trampoline is used by professionals, gymnasts, and trampoline jumpers for competitive purposes. The rectangular shape offers a stronger jump and gives the jumper the height and length necessary for an acrobatic activity. It is more expensive than a round one and takes up more space.

An octagonal trampoline is quite similar to a circular one, but it has a larger surface for jumping. Its price is higher than any of the ones mentioned above.

What are the additional costs?

You will need some accessories for your trampoline so you can really enjoy it. The most popular accessory you will need is a ladder. Also, you may want a volleyball net or a basketball hoop.

Another important accessory, but not as fun, is a replacement jumping mat that cost around $110.

Why buy a trampoline for your children?

A trampoline helps the child to:

  • spend quality time with family and friends in nature
  • improve their balance and coordination
  • strengthen his bones
  • improve their physical resistance
  • be better positioned in space
  • strengthen their muscles
  • improve their power of concentration
  • strengthen the muscles of the heart

Besides the multiple health benefits, another big plus is the fact that the trampoline can be used in all seasons. Some thicker socks are enough for the fun to begin even in winter.

How to choose a quality trampoline?

Trampoline in GardenTo be sure that you will buy a good trampoline, first of all, you must not treat it like any other toy. It is important to consider aspects such as safety, dimensions, and material so that you can make a wise choice. We hope that these tips and recommendations on how to choose a trampoline will help you:

  1. The maximum weight allowed – choose an outdoor trampoline that can successfully support the weight of the person who will use it. If you know that it will be used by several people at the same time (such as in the case of a family with 2 or more children), then opt for a model that can support their weight.
  2. The material of the frame – the frame of the trampoline provides support and keeps it fixed, so the material from which it is made has a significant role in its resistance and durability. Galvanized steel is the best choice; it is resistant to rust, stable, and durable.
  3. Safety net – the safety of the family must come first and a safety net surrounding the trampoline is necessary. This will not allow the jumper to fall off the trampoline, or injure himself by hitting the frame or springs. Regardless of whether it will be used by an adult or a child, the safety net should not be missing when buying the best trampoline.
  4. Durable springs – the springs are what give the trampoline that jumping effect, but they can endanger the safety of the little gymnast if they are of poor quality. They can break, get destroyed, or rust, not being resistant to long wear, that’s why we recommend you choose a trampoline with durable springs, preferably galvanized ones.
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