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The Cost of Airrosti

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Airrosti, which means Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries, is known to be a safe and extremely reliable alternative to surgical treatment, discomfort management, and long-lasting chiropractic treatment programs and can aid you properly identify and deal with the source of pain or discomfort and injuries at one of its several centers throughout the United States.

A lot of clients, according to the site, report total injury resolution in just 3.2, with 99% of their clients declaring they would report the center to loved ones.

Just how much does Airrosti cost?

The prices of Airrosti, from what we could find while doing our research online, would significantly depend upon your insurance coverage if you had one, and the center you went to. With insurance coverage, co-pays per session might be just $10, while those who had to pay out of their pocket reported paying $200 or even more per session. As the typical client will have to pay the equivalent of a minimum of 3 treatment sessions to see any results, we would recommend you prepare a budget of at least $600 for 3 sessions if you do not want to make use of your medical insurance plan.

According to the business’s main Frequently Asked Questions section, they do accept a broad variety of providers and are actively working to develop relationships with brand-new insurance providers, so with all of this being stated, it’s a great idea to talk with your insurance provider to understand what you would be charged if you were to book a consultation. To see if they accept your insurance coverage, we suggest you go to the main insurance coverage confirmation page situated on their site. The company, at this time, will not deal with Medicare insurance plans.

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On one Yelp review for the Houston, Texas area, one member declared that they paid over $200 for each of her 3 sessions, which took the final expense to $600. This was also similar to what other reviewers said in terms of prices for that geographical location.

One article from a not-so-known blog stated that someone only had to pay $10 per visit plus another $40 for “The Stick” bringing her overall price for 5 sessions to $90.

What is Airrosti?

Airrosti is a health center that uses and also trains service providers who focus on offering high quality, result-based musculoskeletal treatment, according to their Frequently Asked Questions section. Their main focus, while working individually with each client, is to help in reducing healing times, while avoiding unneeded expenses related to surgeries, medications, and imaging.

Airrosti LogoThroughout each visit, active recovery and rehab are carried out, following an extremely targeted manual treatment, which is created to aid bringing back function in the targeted body part to assist in fixing any injuries to the soft tissue. The term “active recovery”, once again, as the Frequently Asked Questions section on the main site states, describes a tailored program created by the company that includes workouts and stretches to target the particular injury. These workouts, when done properly, can aid to accelerate your healing duration, and if done while at home in a regular manner, then it might help to improve your flexibility, range of movement, and even help prevent any future injuries from happening after the treatment.

As the business will only concentrate on manual adjustment, making it a non-invasive and natural procedure, the company does not supply medications and/or steroid shots.

What to expect from it

Each treatment session will take around one hour, with each session particularly accommodated to your treatment strategy. Throughout the very first treatment session, your provider will carry out a medical evaluation to assess your condition, identify the reason for the discomfort and utilize a hands-on technique to provide a soft tissue/joint mobilization. Active rehabilitation will then be utilized to accelerate your healing and help avoid any future injuries. To find out more detailed information regarding what you should expect, the health center provides several videos on its site.

Tips to keep in mind

The company does claim that if they are not able to offer you any help or you end up thinking that you do not want to look for help from their health center, then at any point in time, you can ask them to reimburse any cash that has actually been charged prior to the start of the first session.

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