The Cost of AirStone

Airstone Cost

When you’re looking for a way to make your home feel more luxurious but don’t want the hassle of dealing with power tools, AirStone is an excellent option. The material weighs less than 75 percent of actual stone so it’s lighter and easier to install. Plus, from afar people will never know that there isn’t any real stonework installed on your walls.

AirStone offers a cost-effective solution to those seeking the look of natural stone in their home. AirStone is fireproof, non-combustible, and meets ASTM E84 standards for safety so you can rest assured your home will be safe when using this material as backsplash, fireplace surround, etc.

How much does AirStone cost per box?

If your project is small, you may be able to spend around $50 for every eight square feet of the surface. The price of the materials and installation varies depending on how much surface space there is that needs covering so make sure you know what size it will cover before selecting a material or calculating box quantities.

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For example, on Lowes.com, for $60 you could purchase 8 square feet worth of AirStone.

You can install a stone backsplash yourself, but if you have some money to spend, then hiring professionals could be the way to go. For a professional contractor to install a fireplace surround or backsplash for you it will only cost about $200-$300, and you will save a lot of time, especially if you have never applied AirStone by yourself before.

SimpleKierste goes through the installation process of Airstone in her simple, easy-to-follow blog post. Based on her review, this product is available for purchase on Amazon and covers up to 16 square feet per box for a total cost of $50. Needing about two full boxes for her renovation, she ended up spending $100 on this product alone.

AirStone details

Airstone CornerstoneAirstone comes in three different colors and each color has a unique story. The Autumn Mountain is the most common of all Airstones, as it resembles a brown-creamish tone that many people seem to be drawn to. Vineyard Blend appears more like an array of earthy tones with potential for diverse variations such as creating new patterns or mixing them together into one seamless texture. Spring Creek offers you an assortment of gray shades ranging from light grays to dark grays that can best suit any type of mood or decor style.

In addition to the different colors, there are also different types of stone that can be used for your project, like the cornerstones, flat ones, and the ones with a natural edge. Cornerstones will work great when two-sided walls need a finished product or if you want a single wall with an edge to look more natural. These flat stones will have the same smooth, polished feel as natural stone. Coming in both two and four inches in height, these pieces are available in lengths of four to 12 inches so you can create a custom layout that suits your needs best.

The AirStone containers are measured by the number of square feet or linear feet of material in the box. There will also be a brochure in the package that will specify what is and isn’t covered under warranty, even going so far as to state what happens if any cracks are caused by mishandling during shipment.

Any extra expenses to consider?

A bucket of adhesive will be needed, and you can expect to spend around $15-$20. Lowes recommends buying a premium construction adhesive that is applied with a caulk tool for best results. If you buy the special product designed specifically for AirStone flooring, it’ll cover about 30 square feet of space.

If you really want to change the colors, then it’s a good idea for you to paint them. You should know that there are some items needed such as a caulk tool, rags/gloves, and putty tool if doing the installation on your own.

Important tips to keep in mind

Never apply this material to wood surfaces, wallpapered walls, floors, and ceilings. Keep in mind that it works best on concrete, brick, stucco, ceramic tile, stone tiles cement board, or drywall.

The installation process can be a daunting task. Luckily, Lowe’s has tutorial videos that show the step-by-step installation and how to make it easier for you. These videos also have tips on adding final touches like grout color or making sure all edges are sealed with a waterproof sealant so your new wall looks as natural as possible. This is one product only found at Lowe’s stores.

AirStone is a revolutionary new product that will not need the user to have any power tools. The installation process only requires adhesive which can be mixed on-site and then pressed against the wall surface.

How can you spend less?

This product is designed for those who are looking to save money and do the job on their own but want it done right. Remember that AirStone isn’t real stone so if you’re looking at a backsplash or fireplace made of actual stone, be prepared to shell out more cash because installation can cost significantly more than with this type of material.

AirStone is already saving you money when you buy it, but it also saves other people’s money. For example, because the product is so lightweight, shipping costs are lower than they would be for heavier materials. AirStone has an important environmental impact as well–it reduces both greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. It is also made almost entirely out of recycled materials which is great for the environment as well.

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